Foundation V2 - A Boundary Pushing Journal -- Genesis, The Revelation of Mind, The Ecstasy of Gold, Physical Shifting, Romance, and Adventure


The spirit of Subclub is iteration and innovation, which calls for a new journal.

My first iteration of this journal – Foundation - Emperor, Wanted, Daredevil - A Boundary Pushing Journal – documented several major life shifts. The healing of my irrational and pervasive fear of life, my first solo vacation, my first successes with one-night stands and an extreme expansion of my seduction abilities, the deepening of my spirituality, career growth, financial growth, and more. It became too large, too rough and heavy to keep up with. So it’s time for a new journal. My path is the same, hence, this will be a continuation of the previous journal and the unifying concept is the same: to build my foundation.

I will be using several programs during my time with this journal, they include:

Genesis, The Revelation of Mind, The Aesthete (my current physical shifting and romance custom), The Ecstasy of Gold, Khan Black (possibly), and Adonis (a new concept custom subliminal). This list isn’t exhaustive either. I will essentially use whatever program/programs, that make sense to further my goals. I’ll change the stacks based on a little bit of good sense, and a little bit of intuitive guidance.


My core goals are pretty simple, keep growing in the areas most important to me: romance/social life, physical health and beauty, and career.

The more actionable and specific goals include:

  • Earn more than 100K in net income by the end of the year
  • Start a business (see above)
  • Cut down below 10% body fat and stay there
  • Increase general health and wellbeing
  • Level up romantically AGAIN–have even more encounters with even more interesting and beautiful partners.
  • Level up socially AGAIN–make even more connections, do even more cool stuff.
  • Possibly get a girlfriend that is more beautiful and amazing than any woman I’ve ever been with thus far. I’ve grown enough that I would make a pretty great partner.
  • Work less, earn more, improve work/life balance, and manifest the time to spend more time with my hobbies–research into spirituality and writing.
  • Improve in other ways that I can’t yet foresee.


There is no concrete plan moving forward, I’ll be flexible and adaptable because that’s what life demands, but you can expect to see a structure in my stacks:

A support subliminal + a primary program + a secondary romance & physical shifting custom. That’s the system that I’ve fallen into and developed over the last year or more of experimentation and it works for me. So for my first stack it looks like this:

  • The Revelation of Mind (support)
  • Genesis (primary)
  • The Aesthete (secondary, romance & physical shifting)

Structure - Primary, Secondary, Support

What qualifies as a support title vs a primary program is completely subjective to the user, and is simply a matter of what your PRIMARY goals are. I could run the exact same stack, but make RoM my primary subliminal, if my primary goals were that of RoM. Make sense? Primary and support is just a matter of your own mindset with the subliminals, you don’t need to do anything special, and your intention will guide the subliminal process automatically. When I start EoG (soon, a cycle or two) EoG will be my primary subliminal, but it could be a support subliminal for someone else, it’s all up to you.

Same logic applies to a secondary subliminal. It’s only secondary because your intention makes it so. Romance and Physical shifting used to be my primary subliminal, but it’s no longer my primary goal–as a result of intention–even though my stacks still follow the same logic that they have for over a year.

In short, run a stack with three titles, and your primary, support, and secondary titles are a result of your conscious intention and guidance, you don’t need to do anything fancy with your listening schedule, it happens automatically.





7/2/2023: Day 1 - Stack 1 - Cycle 1 - Genesis, RoM, The Aesthete

Let’s go boys. A note on the title of this entry, this is my third cycle with the above stack, the first two were documented in V1 of the Foundation journal, linked in the intro. I’ve also been on RoM for…4 cycles now? Something like that. I digress. It honestly doesn’t matter anyway, the only reason I’m going to be making comments like this and tracking time is for the sake of YOUR experience as a reader to help you orient yourself in this crap. Time is completely subjective. The number of cycles, dates, all that crap, is pretty irrelevant–it’s just data that makes it easier to follow along, helps give perspective for comparison, and makes this more interesting to read.

I’m probably only going to do this final cycle with this stack before shifting in to stage two of the plan.

Stage two is probably going to be:

RoM (support)
EoG (primary)
Adonis (romance and physical shifting)

Here’s the v1 concept for Adonis, I’m going to play with the modules I after I finish this post. Just looking at the original concept, I’m going to cut BDLM, and just use Male Enhancement…I think…Idk. My junk is already above average and growing it more would be cool, but I gotta be realistic, BDLM is probably just a space-wasting recon bomb in the custom that’s already gonna be potentially tough to run. Like…I’m already at around 17cm, do I really need more? The better question is this, do I even care enough that it makes sense to have it in my custom?

I think I just answered my own question. If you have to ask yourself, the answer is generally no.

Life Stuff


I’m on the hunt for investors as I write this, and I’m refining the business plan and pitch. I have a very good feeling about my project. I’ve already talked to an entrepreneur friend and they told me that my concept and pitch is a winner. Their advice was to ask for more because the offer that I’m making investors is actually pretty damn generous. They also told me not to give a damn if I get a no, because pretty much anybody that says no isn’t the kind of business partner I would be looking for anyway.

I’ve run the numbers for revenue and with a competent partner, 1 mil in revenue in the first year is completely doable. I haven’t run a cost analysis yet, but costs should be rather low. Long story short, a net income (the money that I take home for myself and don’t reinvest into the business) of around 150k in my first year is very possible. All I need is an investor that sees the ridiculous value that I would be offering them.

Just did a quick calculation, and my labor costs (for non-me staff) should only be around 50k in the first year…Yeah, I could make my partner a lot of money. The hunt shall continue.


Got two “friends” in my life right now, both are cool, it’s ethical, it’s pretty easy and flowing. But I do think I want a little bit more. Just sex can get boring–even if the sex is good, and it’s great.

Health & Beauty

My health is the weak spot in my life. Pretty common for type A personalities like me. I want to get moving on Adonis because I think it will help me strengthen my overall health

Haven’t been getting enough sleep.

Have been drinking.

Have been smoking.

It’s not an ideal scenario, but awareness is the first step to change. I accept that the only reason why my health has taken a hit is because it just hasn’t been a priority.


7/4/2023: Day 3- Stack 1 - Cycle 1 - The Aesthete

In my last journal, I mentioned the ANGER that kept welling up within me as I approached washout. It’s emotional transmutation scripting. That anger, that burning rage, is exactly what gave me the idea and confidence to start a business. Also, the sales page mentions starting a business more than once, Genesis is working its magic.

Updates on the Changing Self

I noticed a distinct and total transformation of the way that I behave and feel around my family, suggesting that I’ve changed more than I knew.

Full Update

Yesterday I visited my family for the first time in months. Physically, I felt like absolute garbage, because I’ve been chronically sleep-deprived and not really dealing with it. But I noticed that I have shifted and shifted in a big way. Normally family brings up behaviors, memories, and attitudes like nothing else. Being around family, many times we “revert back” to a version of ourselves that we don’t like. Not the case last night. I didn’t “revert” I actually transcended to a newer better version in the moment.

The old me would have quietly stood around, miserable and annoyed, and waited until I had been there long enough that I could leave and get back to my life. It’s like I would actively resist enjoying myself around them.

The new me cracked a beer and started dancing with my nephews to liven the place up. As I write this, I now realize that last night was the first time that I’ve actually acted like a good uncle in my life. I was making them laugh, playing around, and having fun.

Later that night, as I was trying to drift off to sleep, my mind began to race. For the first time since having the idea to start a business, I started to feel a twinge of doubt and fear. It’s tough to put into words, but it was almost as if I could shift between different versions of myself and the different perspectives they held. From one perspective, I was nervous and doubtful–an older version of me–and from another I didn’t give a damn and saw no reason to just do it–the newer version of me. These two versions were tugging on each other in other areas too: women, friends, and self. I could see the new version of me seemingly in conversation with the old version of me. And I, the observer, felt like I needed to choose one. I chose the new version, the one I’ve begun to build with Genesis and RoM.

I chalk this experience up to the interplay between RoM and Genesis. Genesis has completely altered my ability to connect with the deeper aspects of my mind. I think I was “watching” the reconciliation process happen. It makes sense, in the moments before sleep, the line between conscious and subconscious is thinner because the brain hasn’t shifted back into the beta state.

Stack Planning

These experiences have left me with a sense that I should probably run Genesis for a little bit longer, perhaps another two or three cycles following this cycle, bringing it up to a total of 5 or more cycles of Genesis. As always, I can’t forecast what changes will happen or how quickly, what I can say is that for now, I’m dedicated to Genesis. I also have a pretty distinct feeling that the more time I spend with Genesis, the more fruitful my run of EoG will be. Heaven only knows.

Time for Adonis.

So, I’m thinking…

Genesis (primary)
RoM (secondary)
Adonis (physical shifting and romance)

Adonis Update

After waking up this morning, given the events of yesterday, I think it’s time to build Adonis and I now know why–I’ve been on Wanted too long as my primary physical shifter, I need to shake shit up.

Actually, Wanted has really been my ONLY physical shifter. I think that if I shake it up, then I’ll start getting better physical shifting results, and when I return to Wanted later, I might be better able to make use of it.

But then again…ehh, I’m committed to The Aesthete for now, but Adonis is on the horizon.

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7/5/2023: Day 4 - Stack 1 - Cycle 1 - Rest

Time to make a change. Had a meeting. Went well, not as expected, but well. Some minor irritations. Moving forward.

7/6/2023: Day 5 - Stack 1 - Cycle 1 - Genesis RoM

Changing jobs. This is the first result that I’ve noticed in everyone that I’ve gotten to run subs. Just wanted to point it out.

Angry again, it’s not recon though. It seems to just be part of Genesis for me now. What is the anger doing? It’s inspiring boldness and a push for change.

I just need to be cautious with how I use the anger and I need to protect my relationships.

Not sure how much longer I can run Genesis though, it’s a bit over powering.

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7/6/2023: Day 5 - Stack 1 - Cycle 1 - Genesis RoM

Update…hmmm maybe Index Gate is the way…Index Gate, EoG, and physical shifting…


7/7/2023: Day 6 - Stack 1 - Cycle 1 - Rest

Spontaneous healing in many areas, will update more later.


Last night was strange, very strange. I tossed and turned all night long, frequently falling asleep and then waking back up. I had dream after dream. Most of them I’ve forgotten, but I do remember a few scenes in particular.

One scene involved me seeing my ex again. I tried to get away from her, but she noticed me before I escaped. She said hi and stood really, really close to me. She smelled me and said, “Why are you so beautiful?” The way she asked it was mournful, as if she wants me back, as if she was crushed that we were no longer together.

Another scene was me at work, and I came to the conclusion that I can just come into work for fun, one of the owners of the company seemed to agree with me. I felt a sudden release of pressure, as if the job really isn’t nearly as high stakes as it’s felt.

Another scene involved my car getting stolen. My car was stolen, then returned to me, when it returned, the car was breaking down. I drove it into a brothel (dream logic) and got out, seeing a friend of mine (in the dream, in real life I didn’t recognize her) and I stayed with her.

When I finally woke for the last time I felt good. Really good actually. I felt physically and emotionally better than I’ve felt in weeks, if not a few months. I felt free of so much.

I realized shortly after waking that I was out of cigarettes…but I didn’t care. Ordinarily, it would have caused a panic–the idea of not being able to smoke before work, mixed with the understanding that I wouldn’t be able to smoke at all until after I’d gotten off work typically causes me distress and this rarely happens because I always make sure I have cigarettes to avoid this.

This morning? I didn’t care, I was even excited at the prospect of starting my day and working a full shift without any cigarettes. So I did, I only just smoked for the first time an hour ago. Working without smokes was easy, it felt good too.

So here I am. Reborn in the space of a night. Something happened last night, my subconscious processed something (or many things) and boom, here I am. It’s difficult to describe exactly what’s changed, but it’s profound.

For a year, I’ve been planning a water fast. This time, this time I think it will actually happen. There is a certain lightness, a certain confidence in my soul that I’ve arrived at a point, a point long sought after, and now that I’m here, now that I’ve crossed the invisible doorway, there is no returning from where I came.

Stack Update

Saint and Fire enabled Zip, so I think I’m going to build Adonis today. I’m ready to try the new physical shifting tech.

Most likely, we’re looking at this:


EoG is coming soon, but since DR:LD just dropped…can I really pass up the opportunity to stack the two? I already decided I want another cycle of Genesis anyway.

7/8/2023: Day 7 - Stack 1 - Cycle 1 - The Aesthete

Another interesting night with more interesting dreams. This time, the dreams were related to girls and love. It seems like I cleared more crap related to girls and love. The pattern was the same, waking and sleeping through out the night, having odd dreams, and waking periodically feeling good and free about certain concepts.

I’m going to wait on Adonis because things are only just now starting to become interesting with this stack and I still have more to see, much more.

This morning I had a realization that The Aesthete is fine, like totally fine as it is, and that I need to make it work for me. It’s wrong headed to plan a new physical shifting custom if I haven’t even given The Aesthete the full time and effort required to really make it work for me.

I did do some work on Adonis though, here’s the current version:

LotS Core
PS: Iron Throne Core
Height Inducer
Male Enhancement
Perfect Smell & Style
Ethereal Presence
Gorgeous Manifestor
Sexual Manifestation
Alexander’s Play
Seducer’s Gaze
Instant Spark
Earth Shaker Sexuality
Edge of Falling

Feels…closer to what I want and need. I took away BDLM core because I had a realization that I haven’t really taken action with Male Enhancement, if I just take action with that, I will probably get all that I want and need.

Is iron throne still a thing?

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Yup, still in q store

I know
but after ZP?

I must be missing something here :rofl:

I would assumed that there is no difference between Q core PS and PS iron throne and when you choose PS iron throne you got PS ZP core. That is my deduction.
The same applied to Elixir Q core. I specifically asked support if this is already Sanguine Elixir and they said Yes.


@praisetheurdtree I don’t want you to waste another 15 bucks. If you have licensed PS core. That would be enough.

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Fair, I’ll take that into account. I guess I’ve never gotten healing recon from PS standard anyway.

7/10/2023: Day 9 - Stack 1 - Cycle 1 - Genesis & RoM

More results, more questions about my stack.

Genesis is low recon, but it’s actually pretty damn intense. It pushes and pushes and pushes me forward and forward and forward.

I’ve wanted to quit more than once now, because, damn it’s just so forceful, but it’s good and it’s driving me forward.

I think I just need to stay on Genesis for another few cycles and wait until Saint and Fire stop dropping new products because for all I know, they’re gonna drop another perfect product right after I switch subliminals.

Hmm. I’m writing this while listening to RoM and I’ve just realized that writing while listening is pretty damn tough.


And NOW wanted black exists. Hmm, well, there’s my answer, I suppose.

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I kept waiting and waiting and now I see why. Y’all release a new Wanted, a more powerful one that uses Lots advancements.

Next stack:

Genesis, RoM Wanted Black.

Next Next stack

EoG, RoM, Wanted Black.

7/11/2023: Day 10 - Stack 1 - Cycle 1 - Rest

I suppose I’m just a little impatient to start my new stack. I have half a mind just to end this cycle now, take a washout, and get started with my new stack…

I won’t do that because the anger on Genesis has only JUST cleared, so I need to see what more will come of Genesis.

Now I’m thinking about the optimal strategy to easy into my new stack.

The stack will probably be Wanted Black, EoG, and RoM.

So I think next cycle I’ll rotate in Wanted Black and rotate out my custom…so

Genesis, Wanted Black, RoM.

Then the cycle after that, granted I want to keep Wanted Black will be.

Wanted Black, RoM EoG.

That’s the plan anyway, next cycle will be a test of Wanted Black to see if it’s even what I really want. If not, then I’ll probably build Adonis and cycle it in.

All I know is that I’m going to stick with RoM it’s the perfect balance of form and function–spirituality and results enhancement.