First Year Of Focus Wealth 2021


this is my first journal using custom subs and ultimas,
the plan is to use my 2 main customs with 1 ultima (BLU ultima then a wealth focus ultima both for 6 months an in that exact order) for the entire year wont be using anything else so once i begin this will be it.
This is my current builds:

Main sub # 1 for game design: (Game Design Q)

Quantum limitless st4 core
Minds eye
Ultimate artist
Index gate
Ultimate music producer
Ultimate writer
Inner voice
Natural winner
New beginnings
Blue skies
Eye of the storm
Dream traveler
Deep sleep

Main sub #2 for wealth generating: (Wealth Magnet Q)
Ecstasy of gold st4 core
Emporor: house of medici
Debt annihilator
Financial success reality shifter
Wealth limit destroyer
Secret source
Unrelenting wealth motivation and energy
Instant business tactician
Secreats of akasha
Virtue series: temperance
Stress displacement
Negativity displacement
Stop porn and masturbation
Positive Being Attractor - Wealth

Current Ultima : Beyond Limitless Ultima ( this will be replaced with a custom version later on)

will be following the recommendation posted but for the first 6 month in this year will be running more loop on day 5 of Game Design Q

Change over some of my goals to make it more simple and focus so i can get them done =

Release 3 mobile games and 1 console game
(will be using 2 different game engine which will make mobile game development easier)

( using videos courses, YouTube, analysis games, books (animation, artist, coding, game design, music, storytelling)

Master Techniques (edit 14.1.2021)
( Deep work also use all techniques outlined in the book, special speed reading technique, visual, audio, kinesthetics tech for problem solving, S.C.R.A.M.P.E.R for creativity)


Woke up ecited to start the day with my courses
1x beyond limitless
2x Game design Q
2x Wealth magnet Q
(Will put 2 or more hours between after listening to each but will listen my major subs back to back)


Quick update only two days in and i got a job from a friend to make a extra money without much work so secret source i guess

Also will be taking multivitamins + ginko extract capsules

Been looking at was i can improve my schdule will post or edit first entry to show daily schedule soon