First Year Of Focus Wealth 2021

this is my first journal using custom subs and ultimas,
the plan is to use my 2 main customs with 1 ultima (BLU ultima then a wealth focus ultima both for 6 months an in that exact order) for the entire year wont be using anything else so once i begin this will be it.
This is my current builds:

Main sub # 1 for game design: (Game Design Q)

Quantum limitless st4 core
Minds eye
Ultimate artist
Index gate
Ultimate music producer
Ultimate writer
Inner voice
Natural winner
New beginnings
Blue skies
Eye of the storm
Dream traveler
Deep sleep

Main sub #2 for wealth generating: (Wealth Magnet Q)
Ecstasy of gold st4 core
Emporor: house of medici
Debt annihilator
Financial success reality shifter
Wealth limit destroyer
Secret source
Unrelenting wealth motivation and energy
Instant business tactician
Secreats of akasha
Virtue series: temperance
Stress displacement
Negativity displacement
Stop porn and masturbation
Positive Being Attractor - Wealth

Current Ultima : Beyond Limitless Ultima ( this will be replaced with a custom version later on)

will be following the recommendation posted but for the first 6 month in this year will be running more loop on day 5 of Game Design Q

Change over some of my goals to make it more simple and focus so i can get them done =

Release 3 mobile games and 1 console game
(will be using 2 different game engine which will make mobile game development easier)

( using videos courses, YouTube, analysis games, books (animation, artist, coding, game design, music, storytelling)

Master Techniques (edit 14.1.2021)
( Deep work also use all techniques outlined in the book, special speed reading technique, visual, audio, kinesthetics tech for problem solving, S.C.R.A.M.P.E.R for creativity)


Woke up ecited to start the day with my courses
1x beyond limitless
2x Game design Q
2x Wealth magnet Q
(Will put 2 or more hours between after listening to each but will listen my major subs back to back)

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Quick update only two days in and i got a job from a friend to make a extra money without much work so secret source i guess

Also will be taking multivitamins + ginko extract capsules

Been looking at was i can improve my schdule will post or edit first entry to show daily schedule soon


Congrats, @NinjaFox!!!

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I start by saying that day off are really incredible, by the end of each day off I get new benefits I can see the change in my behavior and thinking, I would recommend that no skip these. Now start by list the modules with the review, then put my notes that I notice but wont put any module link to it and finally I guess then ill put the review for anyone on nofap or suffering with porn addiction

Inner voice : I’ve never had a problem with self talk but I wanted to have this so I can remain positive during the year as I developed my games, this module help me stay positive no matter what was happening I calmly think out the situation

Natural winner : when ever I make some kind of mistake with the way I structure the week or when think don’t work out the way I want it ive found myself thinking well how can I improve this, was that the best way of doing this, then a flood of ideas come at me with the best way to change these and not have them repeat

New Beginning : I notice that only after running these subs that I had this fear of the unknown when it came to my career about how I was going to make and yes even though I formulated a plan and started to executed on it the fear was still there. I can now say that am more excited and secure in my future endeavors as a game designer. Am not saying the fear is complete gone but am learning how to deal with it as the days come and g0. I also question when certain this happen to me during the day with me saying is it because of the way I raised, something I experience or is it just that how thing are in life sometime.

Solitude : it been easier to work on things when am completely alone and not feel like I need to seek out entertainment, started some courses that ive been putting off and am making major progress on them.

Eye of the storm : this is really nice, some of the habits that ive always told myself that I need to get rid off are slowly fading away. Ive been able to start two new habits as of recently, just by telling myself that this is what I wanted and now Is the best time to do so

Dream traveler : my dream have been vivid and ive been remembering them also have to start journaling my dreams I know this will help. Been reading a book on lucid dreaming hoping it helps since I want to make the most out of all module.

Deep sleep : my sleep has been more restful and more peaceful. I go to bed early. I do take the occasional nap during the day which ive never been a fan off but before using this module it was because I went to bed late and it would be a long nap now however even if I did go to bed late my naps are usual shorter and sometimes I don’t even sleep while still be functional and no performance dips

Secret source : I got a small job out of no way which is nice since am a full time indie and don’t have a constant income coming in at the moment so this will work for now till the game comes out. Don’t have to do much but the pay is very nice.

Financial success reality shifter: Before I had so crazy idea on what the success of my game can be but now it is a bit more relaxed and I don’t think that they are crazy are impossible to achieve I feel like with the way am thinking now I can do it an achieve my goals

Unrelenting wealth motivation: This make me want to do the work to get to where I need to be even on day when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. If am feeling tired it still gets me to do what little work I can.

Instant business tactician

Ive been getting new ideas on how I can market my game and how to expand it across platform. Been thinking about the running of my company and how I can get my company name out there so far the ideas are good, will be executing on these soon

Mosaic : I feel this is making the modules that are not directly related to wealth generating active along with those that are related. This make is so that I get benefits from module that I would say since they don’t have the same focus as the entire sub it show it self

Stress displacement : this keeps me really calm in situation, even when something that would normally stress me the hell out It just make the stress disappear almost instantly, very nice since I feel like later on when I have more projects to work on it will keep my calm which will allow me to keep my focus.

Negativity displacer : when I first ran my custom I notice myself thinking about pass relationships, past work plans that didn’t work and just negative thinking in general, I notice now that all of those disappear or lower in thing with in 2-5 seconds after it appears. They are not 100% gone I usual have to deal with them every once in awhile but for now this is a better fix than when thing use to bother me for the either day and I could get my mind to go back top working performance mode

So this part is for @mecharc or anyone interested in nofap and porn addiction in general, ill start by saying it is broken down into different part

Normal : just the usual review

Crazy : a little more in depth when it come to what I notice from testing

Stop porn and masturbation :

Normal : the feeling to look at porn has gone away, most of I would even notice the time going by with taking a look or thinking about it. I happen to get I glimpse at a scene on while looking on a on related site and nothing happen usual I would feel aroused but it was like looking at a normal video on YouTube I would recommend this module to anyone who wants to get rid of this habit for good

Crazy : so I decided that it would only make sense to do a test, I put aside some thing for a week where I would use that time to watch porn. The thing is most of the time I kept forgetting that I had set this time down but I got to test it out. I felt nothing most of the time, I watched about 10 movies and trailer each without even once feeling like I should masturbate no matter how extreme the scenes got and I teste out some scene. Somethings I notice this module is like a book I read with tip on getting over porn, at certain point I would get up an walk away while the scene being played, my attention would move away from it.

All in all It some powerful stuff, while reviewing this for the entire week my gf was sick so no sex which fell line quiet nicely for the test I didn’t relapse and stop watching after the 7 day mark since I decided to test it, I would recommend anyone test it out like this cause the day goes by without be feeling for porn plus it make me feel like I never use to watch to begin with

NOTES: these are some be thing I notice but didn’t put in the module for it

Ive been taking note which doing my courses much better and I realize that while doing so am coming up with better note taking ideas

My visual skills are improving there not that strong but it an improve in color and clarity

I find my mind to be really clear for the entire day no fog

Find it easier to switch task and get back to the pervious work

Last bit of notes:

am supplementing with gingklo extract + sleep well tea bag

I take 2-3 hour after running sub so if I run all 2 loops of my major sub then ill wait before running anything else, will be add 1 more loop on my beyond limitless ultima

If anyone have a module they want to know more about I keep a look out an write on it in my next review but I feel I will only be doing monthly updates


Holy moly! Bro I just skimmed through this, your review seems next level. I will read it carefully and give my detailed insight soon!

Thank you for tagging me in your nopomaq section.

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Neat review of the modules that clearly affected you, especially the No Porn and Masturbation module. Can personally confirm that it works too

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I decided to keep my updates shorter from now on

My dreams continue to be vivid and am able to remember them after waking up

Ive been learning keyboard shortcuts without even looking up what they do and remembering them

My touch typing skill have improve without practicing so I decided to start back practicing

My desire to stay on the internet has decrease to the point where am spending time drawing and learning code (using a pencil, kindle and paper)away from my laptop

Notice its been easier to start new habits and stop bad habits much faster and with ease

Been getting these feelings to create more by drawing, also notice that music has been keeping catching my attention more and more lately

This is a week by week breakdown in which I experimented and added some ultimas to my stack to boost and while keeping beyond limitless in my stack:

Week 1 I doubled my beyond limitless this resulted in anger and headache, cant say I noticed a huge jump in cognitive abilities, it also took awhile to go away during my rest days
went back to the normal schedule with beyond limitless being a booster this helped with the reconciliation and got me back on track in week 3

Week 2 Dreams: this gave me some vivid dreams that I something controlled but also I started to notice that during the middle of them that am able to control it and go where I want. One of my dreams was so vivid in fact I could see myself in the mirror very clearly and I was older also had me helping kid on a island that had some issues that I had around that age which I resolve for them, after that I was able to solve all the problems I was having in my game (50 new ideas, design, character and more)

Week 3 Diamond: I felt this one definitely was a change in the bed also my gf messaged me the next day telling me how much she missed me and cant wait to get home and it was the following day after I use it before bed. Apart from my girl I felt a lot fully down there lol

Note: during this week I started to run 3 loops of my major subs and I did 5 loop on day 5 which I find has gotten me even more results

Week 4 Rich + executive: I swap out beyond limitless with executive but keep rich for this entire week. Got some errands to run for some acquaintance and then got paid for running those errand which I didn’t ask to get paid for these

All together everything is improve in a way I like it will try an get a limitless executive custom by the end of march but am still waiting for another module park to make a rich custom



Perhaps there is inspiration in the above post for you.

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ive ordered two new sub that have been using, the ultima for a month now and the main for two weeks now, been getting thing done and an hard at work on my game. also ive updated my previous two sub to QV2. The ultima has gotten me winning the lottery games much easier don’t know if there is a pattern to the games but my mind seems to make them up and i just put them together there are raining days and sunny but am good with all that, as for the main sub it has me completing books ive meant to read for the past year on varying subject related to video game development. All modules are there with a purpose behind feel free to comment and ask question, also i had been running the ultima as a major sub which lead to me winning a certain lottery constantly making over $24-300 dollar daily.

Plutus (v2 ultima)
RICH ultima Core
Fortune favorite
Current Invoker
Divine Will
Gratitude Embodiment

Jajanken (QV2 main sub)
Renaissance Man Q Core
Gaming Mastery XQ Core
Limitless Core
Technological Prodigy
Productivity Unleashed
Machine: Action
Machine: Rest
Khronos Key
I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
A/SPS: Organs
The Merger of Worlds
Direct Influencing Aura
Auric Overdriver
Pride Unbroken
Information Releaser

oh i just work out some details an decided that i will be changing my listening time up just to experiment till the new listening instruction come out
4 days on 3 day rest, will use day 4 like how the day 5 boosting was, will keep the same amount of loop as the recommended still and will update on this later down


This could be reco reconciliation but i change my mind today marks the first time am doing a three day rest. Tomorrow and for three days i will run 4 loop only for the each day (1 loop for ultima and main subs) but on my forth day will boost by running jajanken 2 loop and the rest as normal will do this till i see certain changes am looking for

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Nice! I’ve seen a few people running parallel stacks/customs for different aspects of a goal, I’m fascinated by that concept.

I love the idea of one stack for a specific goal (ie game design) and another for the success of your current and future ventures. :+1:t2:


thanks will try to keep everyone update on how my plans go

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Quick sidebar question re: game design… are you using an existing engine (Unreal, Unity, etc) or designing from scratch? I designed 2 games back in high school, but that was quite a while ago… no engines to build off, I did everything from scratch in C++ back then.

am using Unity
that quite impressive want to make my own engine at some point but this work out great

Unity looks super cool, I’ve not played with either one… just watched tutorials and checked out the marketplaces of models, scenes, etc.

My games weren’t too impressive, I created maps using the Starcraft editor (this was 1999, for context) and edited them in Photoshop. I traced over the maps to create collision maps, and had an enemy that would randomly appear on the map and then the player went into a fight scene which was little more than a mouse clicking whack-a-mole to get enough hits in. lol. Basically a 2D isometric tile game, with first person (still 2D) fight scenes.

The game had a whole plot about a space marine (Doom? what’s Doom? lol) landing on a planet to find a devastated colony, and discovering a swarm of hunter drones with cloaking devices that would sneak up on you and then decloak to attack. The object of the game was to get to a central computer to download the colony data (think like an airplane black box, for a community… it was an objective, a McGuffin basically) and then make it back to the pickup spot. I even hired a musician friend to write some MIDI music for the game.

Fun times.


still sounds really nice making game with a friend. am making MIDI music for my games, also want to try making a first person with a spin


Back on the grind today, look like ill have to generate some serious cash soon either by putting out my game or using fortune favorite since money is abit tight now. Also today i ran my ultima am giving myself a 2 hour window before running anything else

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This week was interesting i decided for my third day to run saguine as a booster then on my forth day as a major. The reconciliation has lessen my head feels light and i notice some modules activating that i dodnt before so to speak.
Will keep with 1 loop of each sub and add saguine on day 2 only to help with anything else

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Just came off a 30 day washout and i must say that i will be doing more washout for the rest of this year
most likely after every 2 months. I realize that a lot of module that i felt weren’t benefits were also even the sub that i ran for a short time still kick in. Today i start back my journey with more motivation and insight toward this year than ive had for some time.