Fat Burn and Muscle Gain

Hi all… I was wondering about your experiences regarding SC products and your results when it comes to fat loss and muscle gain.
What product(s) gave you the best results? Can you share a little bit of your experience here?

We dont have a thread devoted specifically to this matter, so I decided to create one.

  • Spartan
  • Emperor Fitness
  • Emperor
  • Wanted
  • Beast Within
  • Beast Unleashed
  • Boxing Mastery
  • Muay Thai Mastery

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Im currently using Spartan with good results, 7 months since I started and Im already 8 kg thinner. Of course Im taking good care of what I eat and I practice Kick Boxing 3 times per week.


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Also it was Wanted the Sub that gave me the realization that I would never feel completely good about myself, unless I took good care of my body and started to workout. Then I changed to Spartan and started building my exercise routine and changing my eating habits.


WANTED gave me a less bloated stomach but I didn’t get any weight loss from it. But I must admit I didn’t really take any action or dieting while I was on it.

I have used EF and that gave me loads of motivation to switch my diet and I had the longest streak of OMAD fasting while going through ST1 and ST2 of this multistager. If I remember right, I also did the Carnivore diet while running EF. Or right after it.

I haven’t used Spartan in a long time but am sure the mental attitude it gives is useful for exercise motivation. It’s light and powerful.

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Yes the mental attitude from Spartan is awesome and it was the one thing I needed most at the time.

For me Wanted helped me make the decision of working out so I could look sexier… it made it ok with me to persuit the goal of Sexiness.
With Spartan is more about Health and Power. Getting Stronger.

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I do swimming every day and since 1 month I do intermittent fasting. I fast for 16 hours and in the last hour before I can eat I go swimming.
I dropped from 92 kg to 80 kg in 1 month.

The journey continues





The only thing I do is this.

I eat sprouts and raw food.( not every day but a couple of days per week)
I take 150mg DIM befor I start the fast and do sport 1 hour before I break the fast.

Thats it


I had to google DIM, it looks interesting.


Same. I’m taking a bunch of stuff and exercising like crazy (for me, anyway) and while I’ve seen MASSIVE increases in my strength and endurance, my fat loss is moving at a glacial pace compared to that. :sweat_smile:

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I feel like I reach a phase in which fat loss is getting too slow and I need to adjust some things.


Gentlemen try DIM and watch your fat melting

Which one do you recommend? There are so many brands on the market.

Just an example

I have this one.
I only take the halve (150 Mg) as the last thing I eat


The whole point is that plastic contains phytoestrogen, meat has estrogen to.

With DIM your body stops the uptake of phyto/estrogen and goes back into burning mode.

With estrogen your body goes in storage of fat mode.

I have manboobs and look like a pig.
In 2 months I don’t have these pigtits anymore.
I allready lost 25% of manboobs in one month


Ist so easy


Well theres a tendency for Emperor Fitness… I wish more people give their feedback.
@Invictus I know you have experience in this, would you share some?

Im looking for a vendor here… for now it seems I have to buy it in the US and ship it.

I’m journaling my Emperor Fitness results right now:

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Thanks !! I will read it.

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