Fat Burn and Muscle Gain

If your estrogen is abnormally high, it will promote fat gain and retention, but there is a minimum healthy testosterone/estrogen balance required. It sounds like you may have had higher estrogen, and to be honest I might as well, or maybe I have a thyroid imbalance - one of these days I really need to go get my labs done to check actual numbers… I’ve had the reqs for a while now - and thus benefitted from an estrogen-blocking supplement.

This is a core component of many of the common pharmaceutical post-cycle therapy (PCT) products out there, such as clomid or nolvadex (also called tamoxifen, used to treat certain estrogen-related cancers).

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Works like a charm

The first couple of times you get an intense energy rush,so prepare to do a workout

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I’m definitely goin to look into DIM.


On emperor fitness or physical shifting with subs in general?

Since it kinda has been the main thing I focused on for over a year now with subclub :stuck_out_tongue:

So I could just give you a before and after :wink:

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Your experience with subs regarding fat burning and muscle gain. Which worked best for you… and if you have some tips and tricks you wanna share, they are welcome.

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Welp just bought DIM so let’s try this out and see how it goes


I’ll make sure estrogen is being tested in my lab reqs (and will ask my dr to add it if not). Overall, looks like an interesting supplement. Thanks for the suggestion @Dragon-Lesson , I’ll definitely check it out!


There’s a lot I can say, as I’ve basically went from “meh” to “woah” since starting with subclub.

Like I have my latest journal here, which basically has a pic of how I look nowadays, and it’s all been due to 2 things:

  • consistency with physical shifting subs,

  • consistently working out and taking action.

You see, the physical subs, specifically WANTED and EF, have extremely strong physical shifting tech, but it needs the resources to build upon, these resources include (and not limited to):

  • sleep
  • food
  • water
  • moderate to high intensity workouts
  • willpower
  • and lastly, dedication

If you perfect these (subjectively speaking), the sub will have the “space” for it to use and flourish.

It’s all there is to it, you just have to do it all consistently.


Yeah but carefully with PCT since I see people taking too much of them because they think Estrogen is bad then get low E2 levels and start having all sorts of problems. Boys and gals estrogen is essential to live low E2 levels is as bad as high E2 levels both come with high risks.

As for Thyroid Imbalance have you tried taking T3 with supervision/given by a doctor or your doctor wouldn’t prescribe it? Either way best thing to do would be to get your labs done to know what’s your thyroid levels who knows maybe you just have a nutrient deficiency which needs to be handle and is what is causing thyroid issues.


Yep. Anything I do re: hormones is under the supervision of my dr, and based on current lab results NOT speculation or “this bro on Reddit said…” :wink:

I used to have very low energy, and my hair was starting to thin on the front… I did test as low thyroid, but the med my dr put me on made me so lethargic I could barely move or stay awake… and given that my daughter was just a few weeks old at the time, that wasn’t acceptable so I stopped taking it. Hair has improved, and I’m full of energy now… but I do want to see current numbers just for an updated baseline.

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Good your already way smarter and educated then the reddit guys;)

Mhm I don’t think that’s T3 but I might be wrong. If anything T3 would give you more energy since it increase your thyroid. I use to think I had thyroid issues but I realized I had just had a bad lifestyle so improving it fixed it lol. Also I think this book would be a great read for you: https://www.amazon.ca/Head-Strong-Bulletproof-Activate-Faster/dp/0062652419/ref=sr_1_6?crid=I6D5JJORTMSP&keywords=dave+asprey&qid=1658177004&sprefix=dave+asprey%2Caps%2C65&sr=8-6

One thing that I think helped mewas eating grapes, brazilian nuts and using red LED (P.S with all honestly this is purely anecdotal I’m not 100% if it was these things that help or the change of lifestyle or both).

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Yep, got that one!

I recommend this one as a much more scientific approach to mitochondrial health in general, though the other one is a good primer:

Brazil nuts are good for selenium, though it depends 100% on the quality of soil that particular tree was grown in… that’s why I rely on supplements rather than depend on the nutritional crapshoot of food… Don’t think I just wash down pills with gallons of Soylent though, I just don’t like leaving stuff to chance. :upside_down_face:

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Same with me if you see my supplement routine you’d think it might be a bit too much lmaoo. Truly I just like optimizing my body as much as I can this comes in many factors like general health, cognition, T level, thyroid levels, etc but even with a good supplement routine it’s important to have a good diet as well because supplements can’t do everything for you but they can help.

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Home made Sprouts and Weathgrass



just wanted to add that body shifting is in Dragon Reborn’s listed objectives:

Body shifting — muscles, physical shifting, fat burning, increasing overall toughness

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Dude, if you could only see my supplement shelves… LOL.

Same. I aim to handle ~80% of my micronutrient needs through supplementation, knowing I’ll get roughly the rest (plus some overshoot sometimes, and some deficiencies other times) from food sources. I started out doing cyclical keto, but I feel SO much better on a higher protein diet (plus amping up my activity) so that’s what I’m experimenting with now. Still quite low carb, but not always keto level… today’s lunch was half a pound of shrimp, mixed with 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 cup diced tomato, 3tbsp of olive oil mayo, on romaine lettuce leaves. First meal of the day (aside from 2 BP coffees in the morning), as I’m on 18/6 IF right now.