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Thanks :heartpulse: . Quantum limitless is the title that made me decide to buy alot of subliminals here . Not emperor or Ascension or Mogul . Quantum limitless also encouraged me on buying my second multistage sub (alchemist) . And I will add QL to my coming customs . It’s awesome sub . Soon if possible I will write a detailed review on my one year journey with QL.


Looking forward to it, bro!


Regeneration and this book must go together … Easing regeneration journey . Actually the other books of those writers are a highly valuable tools for self awareness . Don’t be tricked that they are written for writers . It will help all who are interested in personal development and advancement.

The Emotional Wound Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Psychological Trauma

This quote is a reminder for me … as I did rich this night and I started crying for the first 30 minutes is the norm with rich . Happens regularly with rich … a lot of things to be released and it is. I am progressing toward the man I dreamt to be.


beautiful sid, thank you for sharing and sharing about your own personal experience.

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Hey , buddies @raphael , @Malkuth @Psiklou @aaa

Quantum Limitless review

  • this is a late review that could be written a year ago when I finished using the sub . So sorry for being late .
  • excuse my excitement language and biases toward that sub . I can’t hold myself loving it.i did run QL for over 10 months
  • writing this review now is not hard job for me because while using QL I was documenting my life and experience like crazy.
  • I bought QL sub at the end of 2019 , started from stage 1 . From my first loop
  • my brain was tingling and me feeling good feeling. I was listening while sleep . And a recurring dream is ((me driving a car up a bridge that having the form of Infinity .and this was in ending no exit just driving this bridge of Infinity )) first night I was just aware of me getting up a bridge , lately the dream gets clearer and with more refined details ((like properties with 40 to 80 levels around the Infinity bridge In one area and other areas are gardens and stars ))later ((I see the exit lane I take it and it lead me to a metro station from the future really a futuristic scenes where I used the metro )) on of interesting and F*** beautifully dreams execuse the Language but I am really thrilled just by remembering it (( I take the exit lane and it lead me to a place near the pyramids where I take a modest transportation but this modest transportation transformed to a space craft that showed me the space and cosmos to the beginning of time and brought me back to the pyramids)) ((the scenary and feeling while entering the earth spehere was exhilarating and the feeling while on the journey is really indescribable)) remembering the Contact movie hero “Ellie” “they should send a poet not a scientist” this dream was really pleasing intense beautiful feeling filled my body to hours after waking up .
  • while using QL stage 1 , I was anticipating to sleep just for the sake of its exlirating dreams.

  • stage 2 specifically encouraged me to care for my body passionately . I was crazy in doing pushups ,Sun salutations yoga and finished 900 rounds if it . And I Increased my pushups from 8 to 35 at one time .
  • also I started to listening to audio lecture . My main mode of learning is reading . So using Audio to learn was new to me .
  • here started to listen to songs from different languages and find it’s lyrics and try to say it . I did this because QL was nudging me to learn languages this is smth I love but if the days are 72 hours instead of 24 I will be fluent in at least other 4 languages . So to satisfy my appetite for language learning I listened to songs in Spanish,German, Chinese , Japanese,Hindu ,arabic while reading the lyrics this is an awesome experience with me.

  • While starting stage 3 lockdowns started world wide and most of my business deals where cancelled.
    What to be busy about , I started to produce my first app idea I was anticipating started to look at different freelancers learning the basics about programming what is different comparing to each other . The cooperation to produce the app took around 9 months . I build contacts with people on those industry . A lot of choices needed to be take throughout the building process my attentiveness waste sharp and receiving compliment from people about the complexity of my way of thinking and my great analytical abilities.

  • In stage 4 my intuition was very very very high on the dreams for example (( I dreamt about my sister having a miscarriage while pregnant )) at the time of dream she wasn’t pregnant she get pregnant after 1 month and have a miscarriage within 3weeks . usually when I dream any dreams have a negative experiences I direct my attention to bless people who are involved and to have their highest good reality.

General results (here I tell mostly the end results but the process differ greatly in " interest, attentiveness,learning, building my methods to achieve those goals" )

  • while using QL no fap was easy and I continued this for more than 8 months . QL helped In (being genuinely interested in learning the core things to stop one of them was once I wakeup I go and look at the sky.
  • learning learning learning I was already an avid reader before QL I read books on multiple subjects on every thing I am already intellectual by nature . My kindle was full books and quotes on it … QL Inspired me to do commenting on those quotes on a journal paper I printed all the quotes . And I set by hours on my office just commenting , speculating , thinking different about those quote , answering questions like "what situation this Quote might be helpful?!"and answering it “who from my friends might like and benefit from this Quote?!” And so on multitude of questions and answering them .
  • applying any self help book technique or way of thinking was very easy .
  • for my business I write plans, scenarios , documenting every interaction . This year I was documenting every mundane and big things . I was documenting on my Google calendar,physical journalling , audio journalling (I filled 3 giga ) my audio journalling all the time while waking at the end of the day this waking usually lasts between 1hour and half to 3 hours ) this is a purely QL result yes I love waking but I never did it consistently like I did this year nor with this long time of walking, and experimented with video journalling.
  • in the I year I filled over 12 physical journal where the one usually is 365 pages because it was those where the agendas of 2020 .
  • playing football skills increased greatly the story ( before that match I didn’t play football for over 4 years , a relative called me to play with his friends I put 1 goal (first time play as a forward /mostly I am a GK ) receiving ball ,moving wz ball while looking up to see the field not looking down on the ball, created 4 through passes and two goals come up from those passes ) I was older than those youth vital people who play regularly. But my skill level was impressive to me and my relative who knows that I play only as a GK … this is a pure result from QL stage 2
    very important realisation as I write this review now
    My mind started to produce ideas and concepts about progressive in certain endeavours and deals . And developing my body the same ideas bombarding while using QL …why this happened ??! It’s because while writing I attuned myself to this type of reality .
    ** This phenomenon of attaining myself to the energy field of a definite reality , happens with me when I remember my times using Mogul and all the progress I was having . I started to move and do Act differently … (energy fields ) matter

Yeah I am going to start QL :slight_smile:

I wonder what they put on these subs :rofl:

I read that on another review of QL, how it helped someone design the best diet for him.

This also. It is funny in several QL reviews, it is said that QL was helping with intuition, well more than intuition but future prediction.

It is like you become so intelligent that you understand yourself way better. like the sales page says:

Reality is not as it seems…

And no one yet has truly seen the underlying mechanisms of reality…

Until now.

The moment where you will be able to see the cogs of the machine, the lines of reality that make up events, chance, situations, people.

Great review :slight_smile:


Brilliant review, @sid. Very inspiring. Have always wondered what QL is like from a personal user’s perspective and this was very useful in that regard.


Thanks bud :blue_heart:
After reading this i am going to buy QL too


One fun or funny thing that seems to have changed permanently since I’ve run Quantum Limitless is that I see many more connections in language and language usage. I’m constantly seeing new meanings in terms that I might have seen for years. They just pop into my head and are usually fun or interesting.


I have experienced this with QL a lot and yes I agree with you about the permanence aspect

It happens with me but in different topics while working on the app for example.
And it happens usually while doing my rebirthing practice I find chunks of thoughts Filled with genuine perspectives regarding the topic I am busy with. I stop my practice and start recording the inspiration . you know @Malkuth it reminds me with the channelling state for people like Darryl Anka and ester Hicks Or people who experiencing flow state!! What’s your opinion ?!


I think that’s a really good point.

There probably is some kind of common theme to these states.

And in the descriptive material for Quantum Limitless, Sub Club describes a Quantum Focus mode which also sounds similar to a kind of flow state.

By the way, rest in peace to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the innovative theorist who introduced the concept of Flow States. He just passed on about 2 weeks ago.


Oh I didn’t know . This is saddened me . I read his book around 4 years ago it was very valuable tool to me . Rest in peace :pray:

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I observed it happening in me in real-time today. And I agree with you. There’s a kind of alignment effect that happens. I was unable to find an image to convey what I mean. But it’s like a multi-sectioned tunnel where each section is moving independently. And then there are these movements in which every section is optimally aligned and synchronized, and then objects are able to pass easily through the tunnel.

I feel like that happens more with Quantum Limitless. The mind, the awareness, the environment come into alignment, and then ideas, observations, and insights are channeled or ‘downloaded’ into awareness, and it does occur in a flow-state.

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My wife will be quite sad to hear this news, Flow is one of her favorite books… she reads it at least once per year.


Yes. We lost one other giant of that field in the past 2 weeks as well: Dr. Aaron T. Beck, creator of Cognitive Therapy and directly/indirectly responsible for alleviating or completely removing the depression of large numbers of people.

David Burns, whose Feeling Good Handbook is still one of the most popular and effective resources for making the journey out of depression, was an early student of Dr. Beck. His spiritual ‘children’ and ‘grandchildren’ are numerous and are out here in the world right now continuing to help people.

You know, something just hit me.

The sadness we feel when a person passes on is a direct sign that we have received part of that person’s vision and mission and are carrying it into the world. What an interesting thing.

It’s like the sadness itself is a sign and an expression of the transmission we have received from that person.

I’ve never quite thought of it like this before.


I don’t want to get a head of myself . But must be noted

regneration + alchemist st 2 + and elixer are bringing me back before the traumatic event

What is happening :

  • blocked memories of my beautiful days are coming back to awareness. ( I mentioned this with paragon also )
  • irrational beliefs regarding my place in the world are fading
  • inferiority- superiority complex are easing bit by bit .
  • neutral blocked memories are back to my awareness ( my interpretation the survival state I am in because of that stress and event . Are fading and slowly diligently I am going back to a well-being state )
  • some of PTSD triggers doesn’t cause haovac on my system any more .
  • requiring irrational high standards from others are fading .

Synchronicity is the name of the game
Consistency is the name of the game

There is a topic was bringing worry to me on the past week …

  • i dealt wit it through Bashar technique released the negative emotion … and I was composing a scene where it’s solve out … .

  • I kept myself in alignment through guided meditations and breathe awareness setting .

  • kept the amalgam of " my world cares for me and everything is going as it should "

  • today I received a call of solving this issue. I am deeply thankful

  • regeneration is doing its work beautifully releasing trauma and relaxing me more …

  • on the 4 past nights : started dreaming about success achievement and my spirits are high within the dreams…

  • the vibes on my home is increasing beautifully and a alot of laughter and a sense of aliveness on the :house: .

  • regneration is a must ( I know the sub is strong when doubts float to my awareness is it possible that I can heal this / release this / achieve that )

  • regneration is working on my happiness Also how ( when I get the first sense of optimism genuine happiness ) negative thought arise about why not be happy / why it’s not a viable option for me now . And I like this awareness .


Oh no! Rest in peace :pray:


The relaxation effect :
Regaining my visualisation abilities beautifully . I now able to do slides and visualisation easily without trying hard.

Regneration/alchemist st2 / elixer