Expand beyond measure

here I will write and notice the tiny details of improvement according to my time .using

emperor house of Medici

my main purpose of using this is to build momentum toward launching my 2 apps the first one already started and is in the programming phase, and I am on my way to arrange with a marketing agency for the app.

my focus using those programs is simple to feed my mind with positivity and high vibrations and expand my slide or comfort zone (a concept from Vadim Zeland)Transurfing I really recommend his books to all it’s very valuable. I am a firm believer in taking smart actions. and not busyness for the sake of busyness.

wish you all the best and thanks for subclup for that opportunity


Unending serendipitous meetings happened in the past days. That led to good friendships.

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Any more updates?

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Yes, any more updates?

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thanks for asking about the progress guys . wish you all the best .

  • I stopped starkQ because I get afraid because it creates really challenges(problems) in front of you. again this didn’t happen with mogul as I am not new to sub-club. nor with quantum limitless. with mogul, everything goes smoothly quantum limitless also. I stopped it and everything turns good again. I launched the app and in the process of launching the advertisement. I use R.I.C.H and mogul now.

what I know or my interpretation is that (stark is completely different self-image or there is space between my version of self-image today and the one starkq work to create)


Once you’ve built solid foundations internally and your life circumstances are more favorable you could try to run it again. Maybe running Dragon Reborn could help you too. Or just running Stark along with Sanguine. For now, enjoy your ride. I like Mogul a lot too and was considering using it along with my current stack but I need Stark for its social unlocking.

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There smth with R.I.C.h
It makes me desire richness by looking at what all I need I already desire so that’s why I bought the sub .
I don’t see desire as a high energy thing . It’s frustrating one . And thats what I feel listening to R.i.c.h now days . Definitely it’s working on the beliefs more intensely comparing to Mogul I notice this.
Also listening to the sub there is smth energetic to it and I really feel it and like it .
I bought rich for its manifestation script solely. I will not judge it by now . Maybe after releasing all what no longer serves me regarding negative beliefs I can see results .

There smth with R.I.C.h
It makes me desire richness by looking at what all I need I already desire so that’s why I bought the sub

RICH has also been nudging me to find ways for more money/income. Especially as of late with Solace Ver and RICH v2. (I run RICH v2 now along with other subs).

Just wondering if you are running RICH v2? It is out now.

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I still run v1. But sure I will try v2.

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Smth is dawning on me

  • fear is not a feeling it’s a set of behaviour and mindsets that keeps me in a comfort zone.
  • fear comes when I work to breakthrough those behaviours.
  • preparing the social media pages for app adv.
  • launched the play store adv.
  • playing Mogul and rich
  • with rich I meet new people doing things out of my league new different circles (the latest one is actor, ) I am friendly and lovin’ and appreciating for them. But not taking those meetings to build friendships.
  • Ian an a vid reader but my reading declined alot . And it’s good sign . Reading happens in the mind only. Now my focus on experiencing more in life (movement,dancing,riding :horse_racing:)
  • I plan to take course on hourseriding , I can afford it and I never did this before.
  • I love to speak and say my opinion about politics but it always deprives me of energy and makes me angry. I really face a tough time not speak about my opinions to people. so I journal them in an offline one.

  • a lot of dedication toward succeeding in my business.

  • started the planning for the next app.

  • prepared a new workspace for it (includes desktop computer without internet, and play quantum limitless stage 2, while developing it)

  • play store ad, didn’t have any impression till now, and the marketer is working to solve this. i use a freelancing site for most of my work.

  • I did my breathing exercise and yoga routine today reorienting myself to care for my health after 4 months of working tirelessly on the app.

  • a lot of doubt / old traumas appear remembering my childhood and I think it’s due to rich (I now use rich v2) and I wait for the solace perfected version (I used solace only once)

  • with such amount of dedication, seriousness is high )

  • my eating habits is not good but at the moment I am not in the mode nor the time for arranging it . (with mogul there is always that aspect of caring toward your health )

  • I get back to my walking routine where I walk for 2 hours at night, holding my e-book with me and read and think about what I read, its more of a creative enhancing routine with good weather turn always to be a pleasant routine.

  • before sleeping or when i feel satisfied i imagine the final scene where people congratulate me for the success of the app and me giving thanks and appreciation for people that supported me. (before starting the app i write this scene and daily before the sleep i read it )

  • get back to using mirror in speaking ( i look at my eyes and speak about everything my goals , what did i do, what i look forward to )

  • 5 days ago i receive a massage equipment i bought online and ohoh woow its very relaxing and helpful after tired day) it’s a good decision .

Wow dude! You are taking lots of action mate! Many pathways to success! Including the imaging as you go to sleep.

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thanks for your encouragement
I received 2 positive reviews on the app which is awesome because the play store ad
didn’t even start, it means people found it through the search.

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This is very interesting @SaintSovereign @Fire can you explain if the above statement ist somhow true. Please

  • As I use alchemist stage 1 sleepiness is what I feeel even after long time of sleeping. (My experience is that healing Happen this way)

  • Thoughts about practicing the courses I bought for the meridian opening

  • me doing the squats rebirthing breathing stage 1 . Breath holding. Walking. meditation is not my strongest skill but delving deeply into the silence is my greatest desire.

  • Alchemist stage 1 amplifies every other subliminal I use.

  • On- First day using alchemist stage 1 I felt power flowing in my Veins.

  • Highest self-destruct behavior was with regeneration and elixer. But I learned from it. (I was using for 7loops per day ) yea too much :pensive:

  • With alchemist stage 1 I find myself happy or powerful I go with powerful this felling has a downside which is accepting party invitations speaking to people you stopped speaking to because now I feel powerful to respond and enter a communication man to man . The boundaries I have before released because I feel capable to respond .

  • As I watch my portfolio of investments I don’t feel fear when the prices get Lower. Fixing the car at the mechanic not feeling fear of not being able to solve the problem or dooms expectations. (This is a huge relief ) not fearing to lose smt

  • There is something very very very important to empaths or the people who are sponges to the emotions of people around them. Like me .
    Before using alchemist ; every encounter with intense negative emotion live with me literally in my body and feelings and my mind for a period start from 3 hours to 4 days depending on the intensity.
    After using alchemist this ended beautifully all I can say is that when I encounter those intense emotions on people/situations . I don’t feel this depletion I am grounded on my reality harmoniousously .

  • I used alchemist with regeneration and elixer
    Regeneration is overpowering alchemist or what I reached to conclusions later is that alchemist stage 1 amplify whatever subliminal I work with.

  • Using alchemist with wanted/primal seduction iron throne . And people get out of their way to appreciate me really those cold become intimate apprecting and recognising me . In ways they didn’t do before.

  • womens show intimacy to me and laugh for my funny comments (I never did funny comments except on stark🙃)-

  • I found a practice that I am on my way mastering which is loving kindness meditation. It comes to me intuitively as I using R.I.C.H and I am feeling the most anger for my financial situation. The word come out of my mouth “be well be at ease be kind to yourself” while butting my hand at my heart and tingling and chills reverberated throughout my body and cried for more than half an hour . I needed to cry and this build up of crying didn’t happen from long time ago . And it was very helpful to me.
    After that incident I loved reconciliation and I am excited for every coming reconciliation.
    What’s very important here related to alchemist is that since learning about meditation 12 years ago I never never focused on kindness never it’s like all my practice happening in the mind for the mind the heart was out of the equation and blocked this opening in the heart is beautiful to me and a leap forward.

  • I use alchemist for 3 months I guess most of the time at stage 1.

  • the app is not doing great as I wished but reached 1000 downloads. And sold around 7 times.

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Dream on alchemist stage 1

Used alchemist before sleep for 2 loops


I was in the middle of the city which is surrounded by high mountains completely . And the evil entity are coming to me with his fire .so I moved circularly in a very fast movement and made the sand going up in the air. The evil entity tried to come my way but can’t come as the power of the air was so strong and he kept smashing on the mountain.

End of dream.


  • before when I dream such dreams either i attack them physically (like on emperor) or try to escape on all cases I wakeup and those intense emotions of fear are hovering around my mind and stuck in my physce .

  • after alchemist have no feeling of fear . It was neutral feeling . I waked up at ease .

Another dream at the same night.

The same evil entity tried to attack me and I can’t escape because doors was closed. And he was close to me . I used my voice in authority powerful way saying "in the name of Jesus Christ get out " my friends come and open the door for me.

End of dream

Again no feelings of fear or stuckness of energy on my body. That usually happens after those encounters.

Question: the movement in circular way in the first dream is this a skill I should have learned to use it in the next dreams. Or its different skills (bodily,voice emotionally.) or those dreams show a progress being made .

In all cases this night increased my commitment to run alchemist for longer times.

Integration and conversation with the subconscious.

(The work of my subconscious)

(I imagine myself in a situation and speaking about my success and a journalist give me a question/way of looking at things then I start argue with him till I reach a settlement between our differences )

(Imagine my self talking to a women she asks me a question why you didn’t do …(achieve your goal) and I tell her why my reasons/exercises) and she continues in the conversation );this type of conversation I open my self more tell the real reasons my real fears and insecurities)

  • the above imaginations comes spontaneously to the mind. But I will try to install this way in my offline journal writing

  • I shared the above because this is the way subclup work with as I understand. The healer and the encourager.

  • Now reading "king, warrior, magician,lover " for Robert Moore and Douglas gellett. Which also focus on the integration of the different archetypes.

My listening is like

Day 1 : alchemist 2 to 3 loops before sleep
Day 1 : ascended Mogul 1 to 2 loops through the day .
Day 2 : alchemist 2 to 4 loops through the day
Day 2 : R.i.c.h ultima
Then repeat .

  • If I knew I have a certain social situation I play (primal seduction iron throne or other social sub )

  • Sometimes I remove ascended Mogul and play Mogul only .

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Excellent book :ok_hand:

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  • the manifestation skill that I use usually and successfully is the conversation imagination.

(I imagine I am speaking to someone and telling him my opinion or the best version of the desired outcome)

  • one week ago I imagined IAM in a business partnership with certain friend and speaking about how we succeeded in building the business.

(Today I was with him and the conversation spontaneously moved to creating a certain business that I dreamed about year ago ) and decided to be partners in it .

  • yesterday I started investing money on a dream project or my legacy (I will not gain profit from it ) but it will transform this world to a more harmonious way. ( I have this idea while USING stark 6 months Ago )

  • acting while doubtful of the path is a new skill or power I have .

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I am glad you are making progress!

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