EoG + Emperor + Limitless?


Hi @SaintSovereign I have switched to EoG + Limitless + Sanguine in the ratio EoG:Limitless:Sanguine = 3:1:1.

Before this I was running Emperor + Limitless (2:1) which was working very well for me. Gave me a sense of confidence and helped me push myself.

Since EoG is more aligned with my goals I switched. I had left questions about EoG and Emperor while you were away and @DarkPhilosopher was nice enough to respond to my queries. I created my new stack (EoG:Limitless:Sanguine = 3:1:1) based on the feedback.

I recently came across this post of yours.

I would love to bring back Emperor in my stack. I have had close to 4 months of subliminal exposure : 5-8 hours initially, and 10-20 hours on an average in the last 2 months.

So, will you recommend that I create a stack with EoG, Emperor, and Limitless ?

Please let me know.

Thank you.


@SaintSovereign Can you please have a look at my query above.Thanks.


Whoops – I actually started this post the other day and never actually hit send, haha.

An EoG + Emperor + Limitless stack could be helpful depending on what your actual goals are. With a stack like this, SOMETHING is going to get less exposure and thus deliver less results. If you can get 8 hours in, do:

3 EoG
3 Emperor
2 Limitless

Adjust as necessary according to your goals. If you’re engaging in something creative – like product creation, do 2x Emperor, 2x Limitless for awhile and see how that goes.



Thank you very much @SaintSovereign.
This makes sense. So, if some month I have a lot of learning to do, then more loops of Limitless.

But this also means I will have to double the time period of exposure to EoG Stage i.e., from 1 month to 2 months, isn’t it ?



It depends on your personal development. If you have hang ups about making money and the such, yes. If you discover that many of your money related issues have faded away, feel free to move on. You can always go back and run ST1 again if you need to.

Remember, with our 4 stage sets, it’s more a toolkit that allows you to choose what you need to attack. It doesn’t necessarily require sequential use. The only thing we don’t recommend is jumping straight to ST4. That’s where things end up going bad.


could you elaborate on how will it be bad to jump straight into st4 ?


Thank you @SaintSovereign.
These pointers certainly help. I have a suggestion. With the multi-stage subs, perhaps a checklist of “hangups” can be included for a self-assessment to test if we have “passed” that stage. It will make our success more “measurable” and give us a sense of accomplishment of having overcome the mental roadblocks.
Just a thought for your consideration.

Thanks again.
Cheers !


Doesn’t Emperor already have the full Limitless module inside of it?


Yes but since emperor is massive sub you will get less exposure than emperor+limitless


So the entire Limitless, Ascended Mogul, Sex Mastery and more is Emperor? Then how is it only 30 bucks if these programs themselves add up to more then 100?


We’ve had people refund (which we then had to blacklist) four stagers like Khan because they jumped straight to ST4, had a terrible experience and then became afraid of using subliminals forever. Others can handle ST4 just fine, or will “feel” nothing consciously. Everyone’s different. I can’t jump to the last stage of a sub like Khan, for example. It’ll throw me off for days.


I think you shouldnt have refunds for anything tbh. You cant even verify if people are lying


Emperor released after this programs. I think Emperor has SM v1 for example. SM2 got released afterwards but you can verify from other posts. I dont know how the prices are calculated


Then what is the difference between Emperer V1, V2, V3?


I dont know


V3 is better than all of 'em. Only thing that’s really important. Just tech upgrades.


Thanks once more for the verification.