Emperor vs Stark for my new business goals


Hi all,

I plan to run either StarkQ or EmperorQ along with my customized healing module after finishing my dose of Ascended Mogul and Alchemist ST2.

I would like to seek your experiences and opinion about the differences between StarkQ and EmperorQ.

Even though I’ve previously run the test version of EmperorQ for a while, I wasn’t running it with some firm goals in mind and didn’t take much concrete action. In fact I lost interest in those goals - in the face of the Covid-19 crisis.

Right now my main goal is to master web design and development to a level sufficient for me to be a freelancer for 6 months. I would build up a solid portfolio within this period, set up a proper web design business and start rocking.

Both EmperorQ and StarkQ will have Limitless that will allow me pick up the technical skills as well as strategic thinking abilities easily. Apart from that, I will need to develop further my project management skills, negotiation skills, sales skills, business development skills, people management skills that will allow me to build a growing business.

Right now I am a solopreneur for my existing businesses which are dormant and I don’t really have the real experience in managing a growing a business with real employees. I want to be able to motivate them, train them and inspire them and keep my staff happy so that we will grow as a business together.

I note that StarkQ has fame in it. This may be important as it will help in promoting my business.

Zero to hero, which subliminal to use?

Why not run both?


That’s a difficult question as both of them will help you immensely

But I would go for StarkQ because since running it I feel like I am “foreseeing” the future. My subconscious shows me exactly what steps I need to take NOW to fulfill my goals in the future. Instead of waiting till the last point, I am finishing all my tasks before everyone else. Also, Emperor has Limitless whereas StarkQ has Quantum Limitless. You can definitely notice the difference in terms of productivity and learning capacity that are much stronger on Stark than on Emperor Q (test version)


Wouldn’t want to overload my brain…


Yes I would either go for one or the other. Especially in the beginning.

If you want to build something up for the future go for Stark, if you want to have fun and conquer life right now in the present go for Emperor


Because you’re always working with Neville’s ideas, specifically for you @King, I say you use StarkQ. It’s mechanism is far more synchronicities driven than Emperor (which is productivity driven).

This is incorrect. Components from QL, EF, and SM are present in both SQ and EQ.
Emperor was upgraded to QL from Ev4 onwards.

Stark is the first genuine challenger to Emperor in the subclub store. :smile:

The main difference, other than their Core motivation, is that
Emperor has Ascension & Mogul under the hood,
while Stark is built on top of Daredevil & EOG.


That is weird.

The productivity and learning component of StarkQ is much stronger. So if it is not the core scripting that is different, it must be the amount of scripting or added submodules.


Could you explain this more?


The Simonate Principle

These casual gems that you’ve somehow figured out and then casually drop in conversation.



@Simon Thank you.


In my experience, EmperorQ works great when you need to execute. E.g when you need to work for a certain amount of time to achieve a certain goal. If you need to work with people, to get that next promotion. It makes you extremely dominant, gives you a lot of energy, and first and foremost joy and pleasure from work itself. You will love working on your career with Emperor.

StarkQ is different. It will give you the motivation to work on YOU. This includes everything from learning a new language, finding a new workout out that burns the same amount of calories but is much more time-efficient, BUT also building a mega-company. You will start becoming aware of things that need to be DONE now to achieve your goals. StarkQ will enhance your IQ, will eliminate your bad habits and procrastination, and will make you think about the future where you will actually be able to predict certain outcomes.


Thanks for posting your experience of this, I’ve been wondering whether to add EmperorQ to my stack as I’ve been failing on the execution part of my goals. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve been taking action and doing what is necessary for StarkQ but I need to do more which is where Emperor might fill the void. Someone actually recommended this to me. Going to listen to EmperorQ and see how it works out.

Currently using StarkQ T so this will be fun. I’ve actually noticed what you said about StarkQ making me work on me and my improvements which are amazing but I need to execute my ideas and all that - I need to love what I do, and right now I love the social aspect of it but not the actual ‘work’ part of it.


I feel like this is a bit backwards…
I feel like StarkQ may be better for building a business especially working with people. Emperor is more alpha and the emperor script will push you more to find new avenues to expand on.


I only tested the experimental EmperorQ version, and I did not have any social distancing/cold-heartedness effects as you might expect from other people’s journals. I found that I was very socially-aware, charismatic, and knew how to influence the people I work with (to get a high status, new promotion). I don’t think the new Emperor v5/Q is any difference in that instance.

With StarkQ I am charismatic and influential with all people, and more focused on my social life (having great friends) for my own enjoyment than on the people I need to be social with to have the desired work environment.


Why not use both…


I would say this is pretty good comparison of the difference between EmperorQ and StarkQ
EmperorQ: It’s like being batman you build your empire you become the alpha just like batman is and basically achieve the qualities he has if not even better ones.
StarkQ: It’s like being ironman and it’s basically been inspired by him which means you achieve the qualities of Tony Stark if not better.