Emperor Vs Khan Vs stark Vs Ascension


I don’t really get it, they are all advertised as Alpha subs. But they are not. I read that Emperor is more sigma male… can someone please explain?


Can you explain?

Emperor usually has the effect of making you more independent, somebody whose primary focus is his life’s goals. You would comfortably accept other people in your life but only for as long as they don’t try to take priority over it.

Khan is a social boss. It loves getting you out there among people and helps build a lifestyle and foundation to support you in doing so.

I’m less familiar with Ascension, but it is geared towards instilling the qualities of an alpha male. Especially handy for those that are still starting out and have been pushing their personal power aside for most of their lives. It aims to create an inner foundation that is strong and teaches you to stand up for yourself. It exists to give you a good strong core without throwing a hundred other qualities into the mix from the start.


On the forum it was mentioned that emperor is more sigma male. The sigma male empire builder.

Khan is also alpha but social?

Stark is also alpha but also social?

Ascension is also alpha but for beginners?

Bit confusing reading all these things.


The description really doesn’t do justice, there’s way more to each subliminal then stated in the description. First and foremost all of the above subliminal’s are different archetypes of persons.

If you’re looking to become very dominant, Alpha so to say and lead as an example Ascension is the way to go. Emperor is build out of Ascension and has many additional scripting to it. Khan is also Alpha but more socially, romantically focused while I see Stark as being a flamboyant person with heaps of charisma yet not as Alpha.

I’ve had experience with Emperor, Ascension and Stark, didn’t like Emperor – was to dominant en masculine for me personally, and not so social either. Ascension is a very profound subliminal to start out with and to stack with Stark to get added Alpha male behavior. Actually Stark + Ascension would make a charismatic, social Alpha devoted to building himself up in whatever way possible.

It really depends on what you’re looking for as all four of these programs are very different in the way they act. Ascension is probably a good framework for you to start out with, if you’re new to subliminal’s.


Does this mean Emperor + Stark = Khan?


I also started with Ascension. Emperor is really a powerful for the first sub.

I did Ascension for a month. Then Ascension Mogul for month also.

Then Emperor, I think it was 4 months. Then KhanQ ST1 a month, now at KhanQ ST2.

But again, it’s really more on aligning it to your current goals as well as your desired state.


How do u describe ascension to emperor


I’ll take a crack at this

I’ve only run Emperor from those-but I’ve read a lot of journals

Emperor -Tom Hardy Mad Maxx (really Tom Hardy in almost anything)/ Geralt of Rivia-the Witcher-

Sigma has all the traits of Alpha but doesn’t fit in or need to rely on a hierarchy. Can make a lot happen on his on but can partner with others or lead groups when wanted/needed. So Dominate, Independent, Motivated, Determined, Non-Needy, Capable. Think of any hero who comes in and leaves by the end of a movie.

Emperor Specifically has helped with deeper and deeper levels of confidence, self esteem, positive pride and gratitude, and ability to be myself. Focus, flow, work capacity, income generation, determination and being unstoppable, ease in social situation, almost never qualifying myself, work superiors offering me more and more responsibility and opportunities, and lately higher levels of self reliance, expressing my purpose as a business, and pursuing what I really care about. Could care less about dating right now, but woman are definitely more attracted to me on this sub. I have no problem talking to woman I am interested in on it

In my experience Emperor creates an Empire out of current life, like I am rising more and more in what I am already involved in, and at more and more choice with what already is. Starting to expand outward now

StarkQ -well Tony Stark

Intelligence, Fame, Alpha in a carefree sense (maybe more Hank Moody), big push and comfort on being visible, exposed, confidence in being center of attention and naturally creating that. Less directly confrontational and more kind of aikidoing everything that’s an obstacle.

Stark seems to direct towards creating an Empire around whatever one chooses

Khan -I now the least about- seems like Total overhaul in who you’ve been -clears and questions anything that no longer serves, and creates you as someone who is highly dominant social Alpha with a focus on action, action, action, and romance.


I like Yondaime’s way of doing it.

Generally yes. Emperor has worked for people in employment, but usually your standards and expectations rise, making you expect more from yourself and the people around you. If your employment doesn’t have the right growth potential or the people around you are a bunch of slackers, you’ll lose touch with them.

To me, a sigma male is somebody that’s following his own path. He’ll try and do it within society’s rules, but if they prevent him, he’ll ignore them. And the people in his life are along for the journey. They are with him because they contribute to his journey and because they are attracted to his passion.

Khan’s primary focus is social and sexual, using the wealth as a means to support it. You may end up with a comfortable passive income, several long-term relationships and a good group of friends, living in a nice place near the beach. Not a multi-millionaire, but not needing to check your bank account either. As long as it’s enough to fulfill your needs.

Stark “pushes” you into the limelight. It’s focus is to stand out in the world for your contribution to it. In doing so, you’ll create both wealth and a large following. It doesn’t necessarily focus on the sexual aspects, but it does let you enjoy your new-found life with some sigma-qualities. By that I mean you do your thing and the people that surround you can tag along or not, you won’t change for them. That can lead to lots of sex and parties, or none at all if you’re not in the mood at the time. These are not its primary focus, they are a bonus.

So there are definite differences.

Close enough. It forms the foundation that everybody should have. Having it makes the other subs easier to take.

Also, because it is so focused it tends to work faster compared to the others.


I got the impression that Khan had huge wealth potential, it’s designed for wealth to be a secondary support to romance and friendships?


That’s the way I interpret it. But that’s also the way universal abundance works. It provides for your needs always, but doesn’t give you anything beyond what you need at the time unless you want to explore such a thing for a little while. It’s more natural.

If you believe you need to hoard wealth so you can support yourself during times of low wealth, you’re not trusting the universe to provide for you always. Of course that’s 9 out of 10 people, myself included.

But… if you can live your life however you want to live it, wherever you want to live it, without having to concern yourself with something as mundane as personal finances, does it really matter how much monetary wealth you have?

The potential is there, it’s just not its primary focus unless that’s what you want it to be.



In terms of Khan, if it provides for an awesome lifestyle with wealth but not extensively pursuing wealth out of a greed/a feeling of not enough or to the detriment of other lifestyle choices, that’s great.

When I think Empire building as Emperor, Khan, and Stark talk about I guess I just get a sense of enormous wealth.

Philosophical/esoterically I believe the universe provides what we ask for, most people just ask for what they need because they think more would be selfish.

You make a great point that hoarding out of fear of bad times is a way of not trusting. (And that’s me too currently but shifting from that on Emperor) Now Accumulating wealth and saving part of it as a standard measure for whatever reason, not out of fear, out of building towards something/ for family and legacy, or time’s between jobs/work to pursue my own creative or business endeavors seems smart

Personally l don’t see finance as a mundane, I see it as a flow of energy and a path of growth, a way to generate value in the world, provide opportunity for others and, this is showing up being on Emperor, a really fun game.

I have an intention of increasing my monthly income through one or more streams as fast as possible, and it’s working, and the quality of my life is getting better and better. I can explore new things, gift my friends, give back more to my family, and just show up as a better person with more money and choice, and buy more custom subs :wink:

Any way not to Hijack the thread, as you said, point is… the potential is there, not the primary focus automatically. Appreciate the answer.


I wouldn’t say a Sigma Male doesn’t fit in as much as craves and chooses freedom and independence.


I used to be " somewhat " obsessed with wanting to be an Alpha Male until I realized how freedom and independence were and are my actual goals. That combined with minimalism. Besides most so called " alpha males " that I have known or come across tend to be incredibly insecure attention seeking bullies


@Azriel and @DarkPhilosopher do you think its better to run Emperor Q alone or stack it with StarkQ. Though I predominantly favour EmpQ but love being the center of attention and other aspects of StartkQ. So would you please suggest ?


I would run EmperorQ solo for at least a month. It’s really fun to stack modules and create mixed effects, but running a big sub solo like EmperorQ you’ll most likely get faster results, see and get a feel for it’s effects, minimize reconciliation and set a better foundation for when you add another subliminal.


Emperor Q is more social compared to previous versions, although we don’t know quite why. Saint mentioned a while back they could be combined though. If then you favor Emperor, you could start with just Emperor and as you add more loops over time keep Emperor dominant in the stack. So 2x Emperor and 1x Stark for example. Or 3:1, or 4:2.

But I agree you might start with only Emperor and possibly add in Stark later. By then, your goals should be clearer in your mind and the subs will align with that as much as they can.


Maybe the following can help

It is an excerpt from a conversation I have with @Hermit

That’s why I didn’t like Emperor so much. It was very fun running it but I got often in “fights” because people picked up on small things or my sub communication idk. Also, I am not a natural sigma male. But the confidence increase was just CRAZY. One day I woke up and my fear of 10/10 women was just GONE. Something not even Khan Stage 4 did for me. (Disclaimer: Before running Emperor, I had 3 months of Khan Stage 1, so maybe Emperor probably just gave me the last push, whereas when I ran Khan Stage 4 I only had 20 days of Stage 1)

I am naturally an Entertainer and love to be feel liked and loved. Stark’s fame aspect is actually more to my natural personality but it focuses on inventing something which I won’t do in the near future.

Khan is a mix between Emperor and Stark. I loved the feeling of effortlessness I got from it, especially the seduction. Everything was easy for me and I did not feel limited to do and use it only for certain things, but for whatever I like (like Emperor for business). While I was studying very intensely, it gave me huge confidence and an extreme work attitude that came effortlessly. It made me believe I can do it even when all people said I was crazy. And in the end, I manifested my goal. But even while studying, everything was “fun”. I was enjoying life with all its struggles. It gave me the ability to easily switch between being social and working hard; something I always desired. Looking back, I had the most intriguing fun experiences I ever had happened on Khan. I love it. I felt alive. The downside was, that people started to envy me. I had literally multiple girls telling me that, that they (men) are jealous I pick up so many girls and stuff. A lot of people started to think I am arrogant, which is something I did not like so much from Khan. On Emperor some people (man or women) picked up fights with me, felt dominated/intimated, on Khan, nobody did that but they probably talked shit about me behind closed doors. They did not like that I succeeded, had so much fun, and showed them how easy and joyful everything is.
But there were two things that were suboptimally for me on Khan: 1. No healing component in Stage 4 (which is now resolved with Q) as this fucked me up so bad. I had so many traumas still hiding back then. 2. No Quantum Limitless integrated because well QL was released after Khan.

I think stacking Khan St4 and QL St4 will give me everything I can think of. But, being a Stark makes you more likable which is more aligned with my personality. It is this difference why I like Stark so much:


Thank you @Azriel and @DarkPhilosopher for your inputs. I have already been running the EmpQ, my plan was to run it for atleast a year. I was just losing motivation here and there, might be reconciliation and reading others journals and comparing results. As @friday shared here I do have those anger issues and taunts, may be I was already Sigma now its showing up more than ever. I am focused on starting my own business, hence I guess this would suit me more. Thanks to you guys for sharing.


Great description,

how has Q solved the healing issue with Khan Stage 4?

I was thinking Khan Stage 4 and I AM (breakdown healing module)as part of a custom sub

If it’s QL lite that is in Emperor it is profoundly effective, useful. QL Stage 4 must be pretty awesome