Do you even lift bro?

Following the idea I proposed here, I wanted to start a thread where we share everything related to our own fitness journeys.
No need to be shy about anything, whether you’re a beginner or advanced, there will be something for everyone to learn.

Whether it’s a routine, question, music, supplements advice, progress pics, tips to break plateaus or anything in between, feel free to share it all here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

We’re all gonna make it brah :muscle:t3::sunglasses:


I follow FST-7 program few months, thanks to Invictus for this inspiration and I am very satisfied with it.


Why don’t you tell us what got you to pursue fitness in the first place?

Just to be healthy and manly. I like Zyzz’s look even I know that he was a steroid user.


I am a “beginner”, I used to workout but with a coach so I never put a lot of effort in setting up my program.
Now that I moved to a new town, I am on a 3 days a week with a full body. Havent yet look at the different 3 days splits.

My workout

BTW I am lifting in gym to have access to all ranges of weights because bodyweight training and home gym with 10kg dumbbell dont work on my morphology. (source : I tried both for 2 month each).

My goal is Vilmer Valderama physique :slight_smile:

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im a beginner and im starting extremely modestly as i have a tendency of starting of to strong and than giving up after a few weeks. right now im just doing 6 sets of 6 pushups, leg raises daily and bouldering 2 times a week. not noticing to much muscle growth so far but i am definitely gaining strength. Most important thing for me though is to be able to make this a consistent habit so i can eventually level up to lifting/more challenging calistenics.


Classic Zyzz!! I’m going to share my current workout soon!

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What do you think is your ultimate goal with bodybuilding?

In my case, I want to compete in a bodybuilding physique competition before I hit 25, since I already participated in a powerlifting one at 17 and got 2nd place, so I feel like not doing a bodybuilding one is going to make me feel like I didn’t give it as much love as powerlifting :sweat_smile:


I admire your goal, but I am a bit older than you for that and it is not my goal anyway but I hope you will accomplished such a thing. I just want to be a better version of myself. To have more attraction from women, more confidence and just overall feel good and happy with my life :slight_smile:


That’s a very nice program you got there, I assume you’ve been doing it for a while now?

However, I do feel like the major compound lift isn’t as frequent for enough strength gains, therefore, once you feel comfortable enough, you should look at ICF 5x5, it will make you grow like crazy.

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All effort is effort, so even if all you do are just push ups, that’s still better than doing nothing at all.

And yes, the most important thing to do when starting out is to make sure you’re sticking to your plan and being consistent, or else you’re gonna end up back to square one.

I got you here for daily motivation so you can stay as consistent as possible :muscle:t3::sunglasses:


Ayyyy really looking forward to seeing your routine.

I read that you’ve tried different PEDs right? (Makes us similar haha), would you share some of your highlights?


Hey thanks man, I really hope I end up doing it and winning it as well, but if you wanna know my ultimate goal, then I should tell you that I want to ascend humanity :muscle:t3::sunglasses:

Hahaha jk, my ultimate goal is to have a physique that resembles that of Dragon Ball characters :grin: I mean, it’s what literally made me start working out :joy:

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Thought 5x5 was 5 days a week.
But it is a 3 days, I am going to try it today :slight_smile:

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Be sure to read through all the instructions and the possible alternate exercises that you can do, this is one of those programs that will create a solid foundation for everything you do in the future.

Think of it as running Ascension before heading for Emperor, Khan or Stark :wink:

Best fitness program in my opinion.

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Woah this is my first time seeing this, it looks very interesting and unique.
May I ask how long you’ve been doing it? And how are your results?

I’ll read it more in depth in a bit.

Let’s just say that I achieved in 2 months what I couldn’t achieve in the past 2 years following other stuff…
I’m also following their Wildfit program for the diet part which is also the best health and nutrition knowledge I found on the internet.
Btw nice to see an Arabic brother getting results on here.


cant be that hard to get a physique that resembles majin buu.

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Wow, that’s a very bold statement and makes me even more eager to check it out, but the thing about me is that I probably can’t stick to it because I love working out so much, that I actually have skipped out on hangouts, dates and family plans just to workout :joy: but will check it out for sure, maybe see if I can create a workout based on their principles :wink:

Whether I’m Arab or not, we still all are brothers under the subclub family :muscle:t3::sunglasses: