Customer Support rating

Efficiency: 10/10
Effectiveness: 5/10

Sometimes their responses make me feel like they merely skimmed through the query and answered just for the sake of answering.

Edit: I’ve had my questions answered immediately.
However to queries that aren’t just black and white. The responses make me face palm.


My responses from customer support so far have been very poor. First impressions they seem to lack product knowledge. If they lack product knowledge they should ask questions to someone who is proficient. To be honest the way things are going i am not going to buy any further products from SC.

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It would be best if you could share the support tickets that you did not like @blackadder and @mecharc

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Better yet, take it up with support. A public forum isn’t ideal for this.


I would like to say a couple of things here, I think the customer service team has to deal with a lot of questions. Working in a customer service job is a horrible job, let’s be honest. They need appreciation too for their good work! Having said that the questions are being answered quickly and that is awesome. :pray::love_you_gesture:

I think with reading so much everyday day in day out it gets to you and makes you feel worn out and perhaps even bit depressed. Also customer service is starting from a way different level than you guys. Most of the guys here are very knowledgeable about subliminals. When you guys ask a question you expect a level of depth in your answer and accuracy. With the baseline they’re working off, it just just doesn’t match up.

Think customer service needs more experience and I think a good way to get experience might be to be more active on the forum more(to learn) and to answer questions. ON the long haul this would lessen the tickets alot more and the quality and accuracy in answers would go up. Answering questions in the forum can make it more motivating for them, because they build rapport with us. People prefer authenticity more than a formal answer. Also if they can’t answer questions they can ask the founders

Overall I do belief customer service is doing its best but might be a bit overworked. Let’s not forget all the things they do well!


i would say 7/10 of effectiveness, theyre cool and helpful

but i see what you mean @mecharc , and i think theyre in contact directly with saint and fire if they see some questions they have no clue about

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Totally agree with @aaa

What is hindering you to just keep asking until you are satisfied?

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As far as i am concerned if you are cannot do the job dont do it. If you feel your not upto working in a customer support role find another job its not that hard.

How the hell long do you think it takes to learn the ropes in a customer service role? Especially when this is the ONLY company in this space doing what SubClub is doing?

It’s been just a few short weeks really since they brought on the support staffer.


10 on 10 for efficiency

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Hmm,theyve been good for me so far.They arent always able to give responses as indepth as saint and fire but they are usually pretty good plus they are nice and are trying their best.Dont think they can run to saint and fire continously in a day for every question since saint and fire are doing product development and testing.They get 100 questions a day so wouldnt want to be answering the support tickets.It would be a full time job :rofl:


My personal experience with Customer Support is a bit mixed. I enjoy some of the answers they’ve given but other times I wished they’d expand on their answers a bit more and with some answers I felt like I’m not sure if my question was answered. I feel that they’re not as experienced in terms of the contents of the scripts as Saint and Fire are and aren’t as knowledgeable. I think that’s understandable since they’re still being trained and they’re actually pretty new to the job. There’s also the hundreds of tickets they receive each day.

Still, I think the criticisms of the Support Center are valid and should be noticed. I think by bringing this up to Fire and Saint through this thread, they’ll take this criticism to heart and will improve the Support Center so that all members of this community are satisfied. That has been the case before, they desire honest feedback and criticism. It has always been appreciated and taken into account.

I definitely agree with this. It may be necessary for them to be active on the Forum as well. It’ll help them understand the needs and point of views of the forum members who are much more passionate (in my view) of the future of the company. A concern would be that might lead to people asking lots of questions on the Forum instead of the Support Center, which has their own ticketing system. And people might feel entitled to receive an answer as soon as possible rather than the 2 business days it usually takes. So perhaps they could answer questions in the forum if they wish but shouldn’t feel obligated to.

And maybe they should run the subliminals themselves as well :wink:


yes, valid and valuable! @blackadder @mecharc I hope you didn’t see what I said as dismissal or unacknowledgement of your suggestions.

good points, thnx!

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Since we’re having an “honest talk,” I’m going to be honest, since I monitor the majority of questions support receives and they answer. And some of you won’t like this.

We are not therapists. Some of you will write your entire life stories and ask for help in ways we legally can’t even answer. Support is here to provide product support, not life support. The forum is better suited for that, and that’s why we built the community.

Some of you wants us to build your custom for you, module by module (I’m looking at you, @mecharc). We can help you make a selection between modules, but you’re the only person that knows what you need in life. The custom that I would recommend could be completely off base because everyone needs are different. So, when you ask Support if a build is good, what exactly are you expecting them to say? They look at an internal document we’ve made that lets them know if the modules in your custom are focused enough to get results, if there’s any clashes, etc., but that’s all they can do. We can’t tell you exactly how it’ll manifest in your life, because we don’t know the fine details in your life. Hence why we recommend people run major titles until they have a good grasp on what they need help with, then graduate to a custom.

Many of you will ask already answered questions over and over thinking we’re going to change our response because you want a different answer, and when support gives a shorter, yet accurate answer with a link to the corresponding support guide, you get frustrated and claim your question wasn’t answered properly. It’s not our job to pad support responses for length, it’a our job to answer the question accurately.

Many of you will ask questions about the nature of the scripts in subtle ways, trying to get details that Support can’t release. Support can tell you how two modules on the Q store should manifest in a custom, but they aren’t going to give you any details about what’s in the script.

A lot of you fell for Hermit’s nonsense about Qv2 and keeps trying to force this narrative through support questions. @blackadder, that’s you. I’m not going to reveal your support question, but I was informed of what you asked, and the answer the support agent gave was verbally given to them by me, since I have most of the forum users tagged in the system so Support can easily escalate those tickets to me. If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at me.

No matter how many times someone peddles that myth, we’re not changing our stance. Since Qv2 was released, the number of refunds has plummeted, with us going the almost the entire month of August without a single refund request. Instead, what we get are a ton of thank you’s and “I didn’t think this will work but it does.”

The only people experiencing these Qv2 issues are people on the forum, because Hermit handed your subconscious the perfect scapegoat: “It’s not reconciliation, it’s the technology.” And because of that, you ignore the recommendations, you don’t cut back on loops, and you still try to brute force the subconscious into submission and when that doesn’t work, you use that alleged failure to reinforce the misinformation. Now you’ve reinforced that nonsense in your mind to the point that you’re hurting your own results.

Hermit was lying to you all, and we proved it — we just hid the thread once our point was made. He was secretly in @AlexSQ ’s DMs admitting that he was getting results from Qv2, and was intentionally ignoring the recommendations and ran tons of loops to “prove the recommendations wrong.” Meanwhile, in public he was claiming that he wasn’t getting results, all while dropping little lines about his he was considering making his subs for “personal use.” Come the hell on, people — y’all don’t see that clear set up?

It’s all documented in the thread where we announced why we banned him. And while the majority of people are enjoying their stack and going good results, you’ve allowed someone with dishonest intentions to ruin your results and now hurt your relationship with us because you’re starting to take out your frustrations in a way that hurts this company, and y’all already know that @SaintSovereign doesn’t play when it comes to that.

This is also why we’re so hesitant on releasing Zero Point as the production build. We simply don’t know if the majority of you can handle it. We say, listen to one loop a day, or you’ll get bad side effects. Many of you will ignore that, get bad side effects or stonewall, ask Support what the issue is, Support will give you the short but accurate response, and you’ll reject that response and lash out at us like we’re the issue.

Qv2 was the most well tested build in SubClub history. No one had any issues until Hermit started up that nonsense, and suddenly, any time someone started having reconciliation, instead of realizing what it is, they blamed Qv2.

Like I said: he gave your subconscious the perfect excuse to sabotage yourself, and you fell for it. And now, some of you want to come here and threaten not to buy any more products because you got fooled by a charlatan and are angry that we won’t back down against a false narrative?

Look at what Zero Point is achieving. Do you see these results? Ask the testers when it’s done. Ask them if I influenced their results. I’m barely even talking to them, and I haven’t answered any questions at all about the technology or what they’re feeling.

With what we’re clearly capable of doing, which outcome is more likely: that we got Qv2 wrong and all the private testers just imagined their results, or you got wrapped up in someone’s lies and now recon is rearing it’s ugly head and using those lies as a way to self-sabotage.

I mean, come the hell on, @blackadder. What’s the number one sign of reconciliation? An urge to stop using your stack and switch to another sub, the same way it manifested last time you threatened to leave. We warned you then not to try and brute force your subconscious with Terminus Squared, and you made a T2 sub with about 10 auras and did just that. Got recon, claimed the tech didn’t work and we sucked so much and all this, switched to a cheap competitor’s sub, started getting the bloom from OUR title but attributed to the other sub… until our bloom wore off, and you realized that their cheap title didn’t even come close to what you were getting on a title you weren’t even using properly.

But, if that’s what you want to do, be my guest. There are a lot more copycats for you to choose from. Hint: these “producers” aren’t doing anything more that making shallow replicas of what we’re doing, and they’re devoid of any real innovation. The company that has an obsession with @Fire to the point that they modeled their entire writing style on his copy just sent out an email advertising their “subliminal infused meditations.” You mean like our superchargers? As usual, they’re always behind us for a reason.

Wait until everyone sees what we actually have planned for the lifechargers. Internally, we’re not even calling them “guided meditations” anymore. They’re guided subliminal infused mental explorations, because when you’re done listening, you feel like you’ve unlocked and levels of yourself that you didn’t knew existed. Zero Point infused mental explorations, anyone? Wait until you see what’s coming :wink:

As with all customer complaints, we’ll look over the support staff’s responses and address any issues, but we’re going to call it as we see it from a bird’s eye view: there’s only a minority of people having these issues, and is the people who simply don’t want to listen because they got bamboolzed.


i cracked so hard


Reopen the ticket and ask for more clarification on what you’re confused about. There’s a reason why we set it up as mini-forum where you’re connected directly with us instead of an email based solution. If your question wasn’t 100% answered, simply click the reopen button and ask for more help. We close the tickets for logistical reasons, not because the conversion is deemed ended.

Since that seems to be a point of contention, we’ll add that to the “ticket closed” notification so people will know that they can reopen the ticket at and ask for more help.


As much as I hate to see the founders wasting time on lengthy posts like that which could be used to push the technology.

It’s still interesting to get a “leak” of what’s worked on every time you’re on a rant :grin::grin::grin:


Hmm,blackadder was started off with this question.Not sure about the other question related to hermit though.

after reading @SaintSovereign post, now im confused and im questioning if im going through recon or im stonewalling,

i hate when this happens :rofl:

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That’s exactly my thought.

When some individual is complaining again, I sit in my coach, open a bottle of whisky and wait for SaintSovereign’s reply giving us again a nice spoiler of the future of subclub technology :wink: