Quantum Limitless Lite

A few days ago i raised a ticket requesting SC make Qunatum Limitless Lite available as a module. I got the following back

Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, Quantum Limitless light is no longer available for purchase. The only alternative available is Quantum Limitless MultiStage for custom builds. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please feel free to reach out to us again if you have any other questions.

Please correct me if i am wrong but i never saw QL lite available as a module in the store to incorporate into custom builds.

If it was available why was it taken off the shelf ?.

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I don’t recall any Quantum Limitless lite module ever being in the store

I really dont understand why they have said this.

@RVconsultant @DarkPhilosopher could you please look into this further when you have a moment ?

Customer support lied to me i hate it when people lie to me i am not buying anything from SC now this is the last time i ever come here.

This is a misunderstanding, not a lie.

@blackadder ,To what are you referring when you use the term “Quantum Limitless Lite”?

Are you referring to this line from the Emperor product description?

Quantum Limitless Lite:
Long story short — we took the core scripting of Quantum Limitless (the world’s most powerful learning and productivity subliminal audio) and incorporated it into Emperor

Because that was never a standalone module, or even a module at all (I think).

The customer service rep probably assumed that you were referring to some previously sold module, now or in the past. They checked through the list of available modules, saw that no such module was on the list, and then responded.


QL Lite is basically just the current updated limitless core


Nice! :pray: :pray:

Instead of making it a module it should just be a new version of limitless bc that is essentially what it is anyways.

Somebody is getting fired

Lol what makes you say that?

All i know is saint is typing a huge response to the other thread customer support rating. Or atleast he was

I am obviously joking :wink:

But if you speak to me like that again, I am going to FIRE YOU

No one lied to you, they probably just got it wrong because they’re new and didn’t understand the question. Quite frankly, I’m getting sick of people trying to trash us every time we make a little mistake. We’re human too, and we spend all day, everyday trying to figure out how we can better improve the products to better suit everyone’s needs. We built the support center and spent a lot of money to address the customers needs, and the brand new support agent gets one question wrong and all the good will we’ve tried to generate with you goes out the window?

Fine, go. And take anyone else with a toxic mindset like this with you. Some of the older, long-standing customers are getting big heads, plotting coups against us, trying to take advantage of us, trying to persuade other members to take some kind of action against us behind the scenes over misinformation that someone else spread, and for what?

Because a support agent got a question wrong? What, I’m supposed to fire them because they don’t know the entire history of the company, with all the builds and experiments we’ve released?

This community will not be brought down by unscrupulous characters. If you’re going through reconciliation, I suggest you stop posting for a few days, because while I’m an understanding person, my nerves are now on edge and I’m not above cutting ties with people who abuse us.

Every time you go through reconciliation, you begin to attack others verbally. You’ve been the discussion of many moderator chats, and we’ve given you a lot of latitude because of your history, but that stops now. Take a breather from posting, willingly, so we won’t have to impose a suspension.


I love you and the change you and fire are doing for the world. Truly a blessing,.


@blackadder I would like to ask you a question if I may.

What happened between here:

and here:

In those 2 hours you were able to wind yourself up to what I would consider a disproportional response which served not to answer your question but mainly to agitate people.

So what happened in your mind? Were you unable to let it go and wait, just running it over and over until you burst? The possibility that one little module may be (temporarily) absent?

Something appears to have made you lose your equilibrium. Be it recon or something else, I think it is important to look inside and figure out what happened there. Perform self-reflection to better understand what makes you tick. And tock. What does it take to make you lose your composure? What can you learn from it to improve your mental resilience?

Of course, you will be unable to answer this on the forum now since you wrote it was the last time you would come here. So - ironically - by answering my question on the forum you yourself would have been lying. :wink:

Either way, good luck. If you are gone, I’m sure people here will miss your stories.


I owe SC an apology it was my mistake…apologies @SaintSovereign @Fire and staff at SC. Been going through harsh recon i have been hitting out at people who are trying to manipulate or lie to me. The PCC seems to make me paranoid to a certain degree.

Now having said that was not an excuse to lash out at SC…so sorry wish i could turn back the clock.

I am going to leave the forum for a while best of luck to everyone on their missions.


Best of luck to you as well. Take care of yourself, hope to see you back soon! :+1:

Awesome, you showed up and owned it mate ! That is some real character.

See you when you’re ready

This shows your maturity.

Take care, my friend!