Communicating with customer service

There should be changes soon regarding customer service.

Some of these may have already been mentioned.

  1. @Fire and @SaintSovereign might be deactivating their private messaging.

  2. If you have a concern about an order, please submit a support ticket. Please allow 3 business days to get a reply.

  3. If you have a question that a moderator cannot answer for you, you may have to submit a support ticket. Please allow 3 business days to get a reply.

  4. Please write with civil and respectful language. Disrespect is unacceptable, as well as demandingness, impatience, or an attitude of entitlement.


Hi @RVconsultant,

I get that fire and saint have a busy schedule and it is difficult for them to respond to each message. This is most likely why they created customer service.

At the same time it is saddening that some questions that are very important to me get left unanswered. These are then questions that can only be answered by someone who understands and writes the script. It would be nice to have the opportunity to get good answers - even when it is personal.

You know it is a bit annoying to see that when people open topics with criticism and complains there is response from the owners but a long time customer that does not complain gets no response at all. Please understand that I get it from a business perspective, but it also seems that negative behaviour gets rewarded with attention.

I once send fire a pm explaining how important a question is to me, but unfortunately I never received an answer. If the pm would get disabled and there would be no way to get an answer from the creator I would take my business else where in the end.

Also my experience with subclub customer service is that when I ask a question I don’t feel understood. Tickets get closed quickly and answers are very short and at times unclear.

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First, I want to start out by telling everyone that while we appreciate your patronage and genuine care for our endeavor (couldn’t ask for better customers), we need everyone to understand that we have lives also, and it’s getting to the point where if we don’t respond within a day (hours sometimes), we get nasty emails and complaints.

On the new support site, it clearly says that tickets will be responded to within 2 business days. I added today that our business hours are 9a-6p M-F EST. This doesn’t mean that we won’t respond on the forum outside of those hours (and you may receive a ticket response on a Saturday or Sunday too). It just means that we are working ourselves and our staff to exhaustion due to increasing demands.

That being said, we’re still running into issues where someone will leave a ticket and a few hours later, come to the forum and send a nasty message about how we aren’t responding. We have to create a system where all of the various questions are funneled through one platform that we can all access and jump in on.

The Support Hub is that place. We literally made a thread that asked everyone to tell us what they wanted support articles on, and now we’re working our way down that list. People wanted more clarification on various modules on the Q store, so @Fire worked himself to exhaustion to make that list.

We’re working as hard as we can to resolve any issues you may have, but this leads us to the next point:

Right now, I have over 100 topics that I’m tagged in. If I spent the entire day responding to these, I’d never get anything done. Most of these questions are already answered in the instruction manual, the new support hub, @Meng123’s Unofficial FAQ thread, etc.

@DarkPhilosopher and @RVconsultant also have a direct line to us on Discord and will answer your questions based on the information we give them. What happens? People ignore the answers coming from them as if they are wrong. They have a DIRECT LINE TO US. When they are confused, they simply ask us what the answer is, and we’ll give it to them. They’ll come back, answer the question and people will still tag us, and it’s getting worse.

Take a look at this post and after it: Literally, within an hour, I answered the EXACT SAME QUESTION, almost back to back.

The whole point of a customer community is to help one another and provide a permanent record of questions. We never to be one of those communities that had that annoying culture of yelling “USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION” every time someone signed up and asked a question, but we’re getting close to that point.

Reopen the ticket and respond. There’s an option to do so on the actual ticket. We close the tickets because we get 100 of them a day, and we need to keep our system organized. A lot of these questions, again, are answered in the knowledgebase. I answered a message this morning where someone asked the classic “does core [x] contain submodules [y]” question.

Ok, cool. I linked to the support article on that HERE, and yes, closed the ticket. The ticket was reopened, and the individual in question claimed to have read the article and was still confused, wanting to know if they included a particular core, would they get the benefits of the submodules.

Me: …

That’s LITERALLY ANSWERED in the support article: When building a custom, focus on which modules you want to include, and not whether a core contains a certain module. We cannot stress this enough. The submodules within a Q Core has been rescripted to support the goals of the Q Core, and not necessarily your entire custom. Of course, some effects will bleed through into the entire custom, but not including a particular module because it’s a submodule within a Q Core may lead to subpar results.

So, a lot of these “unanswered” questions are people attempting to “get around” the system by slightly changing the question to see if we’ll change our answer, or try to justify doing something against the recommendations.

At a certain point, we can’t keep answering the same questions over and over, especially now that we’ve built a rather robust Support Hub that we’re adding questions to regularly, and again, you can always reopen tickets right from your Support Dashboard.

We don’t use outsourced support staff. They are all employees of the company and they have direct contact with us when they can’t answer the question.

If by “attention,” you mean that SaintSovereign drops the mic on 'em and gives them the boot, you’re right. I have little to no tolerance for toxicity, and this isn’t a “free speech” forum where you have carte blanche to run around and be a jerk. We don’t spend much time on negativity because we usually end it and kick them out.

If there are longstanding questions that you want answered, drop them here: PLEASE READ: Info / Questions For the New Support Hub


This sounds like a nightmare, not gonna lie. Hope it clears up for you eventually and your staff achieves more balance. Those kind of work paces definitely aren’t sustainable.

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This is great. You guys definitely needed this, both to streamline support questions but to also manage expectations from people who don’t know what to expect and want quick answers. Especially with new influx of customers and people who discover how awesome SubClub is. And even if we do love Fire and Saint and would die to have them in our personal lives to help and to guide us, they do have their own lives :smiley:

And with a growing business, a good and proper customer support and communication ‘system’ in place is key to not have your business stress you to death.


Can I send a support ticket for updating my forum rank? :slight_smile:
Or can that be done by a moderator?
I just noticed that I might be “Ascended” now. :wink:

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I think it is through support ticket only.

Support ticket, please.