Custom + Rich (Previously Wanted)

Wanted + Custom file
(ascension chamber once a week)

I decided to start a new journal since I received my custom. It feels more appropriate to do so since my results will be more personal.

These are the modules in my custom:

Emperor Core
Quantum Limitless ST4 Core
Machine: Action
Productivity Unleashed
The Lines
The Single Point
I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
The Streams
Submodel Alpha
Khronos Key
Carpe Diem Ascended
Ultimate Writer
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Financial Success Reality Shifter
True Sell

I admit that my custom does seem to be all over the place, If I decide to remake it in the future I’ll probably go for a more targeted approach with as little modules as I can get away with.

My goals for this stack are the following:

  • Make 25 sales a week in my new sales job
  • Increase the amount of money I make from my writing commissions
  • Make 120$ a day
  • Increase my chess puzzle rating to 2400
  • Develop a stronger memory
  • Grow to 188cm
  • Become more flirtatious
  • Become more attractive to women
  • Have more of my manifestations come true
  • Improve my body language
  • Get better at making conversations both in sales and in my personal life
  • Develop a more potent aura

Day 1: April 11, 2022

I got a new haircut yesterday and wasn’t really satisfied with the end result. I tried my best to style it in a way that would look presentable but something about still felt off, in the end, I decided to say fuck and leave it as is since I need to head to w
rk. Since I was already running late, I had to call an uber to drop me off. The drive is pretty short, so I had to cut down my listening time to 3 minutes to be able to listen to both Wanted and my custom.

Let me just say that my results were more amazing than I was expecting. As soon as I walked into the office everyone bombarded me with compliments. More people said that I looked cute toda

y than in the last 2 or 3 years combined. Unfortunately for me, the girl I’m interested in wasn’t there today, but I still got to be the center of attention at the office today.

I felt like I improved a lot more than usual in today’s pitch practice thanks to RAIKOV and I felt a bit of machine: action when I was out in the field today. I’m hoping to have true sell shine tomorrow, as our pay will be double for the day (long story short, our database was updated, and we weren’t able to sign anyone as a result.) If I can have 5 sales, then I’ll be starting my week quite well.

I’m really considering sticking to the 3-minute ZP version. Tomorrow I’ll run ascension chamber for 3 minutes to see if it has that same effect.



What is your height now?


This is a great custom, my friend. I dub it the Quantum Emperor.

All the best, @Dark!


I’m currently 184cm tall, or 6 foot tall.


Thank you!

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ahhaahha @Lion your too funny bruv.

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Day 2: April 12, 2022

I played ascension chamber for 3 minutes as well and it seemed like the effect was different, I didn’t feel it as much during the day like I felt Wanted and my custom. Wanted has been doing me good so far, I’m learning how to take care of my hair and style it in the way I want. I’ve also been getting complimented on my looks more and more, apparently, people think that I look innocent lol. I pitched to a woman today, whose eye’s lit up as soon she opened the door, like that look someone has when they’re staring at a hot girl. I wasn’t able to close her but I’m not too worried about that though since my wealth modules haven’t kicked in yet. Maybe true sell will show its face today, who knows.

After work, I walked around with one of my coworkers, she’s quite nice but she’s not my type and already has a boyfriend. We got dinner together and it felt more like I was talking to an old friend rather than anything else. It felt nice to be able to do something like that as it’s not something I get to do often.


Please shift this thread to the Custom Programs section, @Dark.

By the way, love the results you are getting.

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Oops, thank you for letting me know, should be fixed now.

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Day 3: April 13, 2022

I forgot to set my timer when listening to my custom and ended up stopping at 7 minutes. For the sake of consistency, I decided to run Wanted for 7 minutes as well. I’ll run the full 15-minute files at some point but for now, it’s super nice to be able to be done with my stack in 6 minutes or in today’s case 14 minutes. I decided to use my manifestation journal to set some high goals for the day and to try and activate True Sell and Financial Success Reality Shifter.

Update now that I’m back from work: My day started off pretty rough and there were a lot of occurrences that happened as if they were meant specifically just to test me. It was honestly really hard to get through the day, but I somehow found a way to push through it. In the end, my colleagues went out to drink, and I got to talk with a few people I haven’t had the chance to talk to. The day felt more like my ZP custom was manifesting some situations to build my character. I didn’t reach my sales goal either but I’m still in the realm of where I should be as a newbie.

As an aside, the girl I was interested in at work, seems a lot less interesting. I felt less needy today, so I was able to talk to her without being in my head the whole time. I’d attribute that to Wanted making me more confident in my worth.


Day 4: April 14, 2022

Another day of shitty working conditions. I was able to practice my pitch with a few people that I look up to. As I was practicing it felt more like I was absorbing knowledge from the person rather than learning from them, so I guess Raikov is starting to shine through.

In terms of sales, I spent the day running around a territory where one of my colleagues drew a bad map and the person, I was with couldn’t keep it up with me. So, at the end of the day no sales for me. What would be the best sub to use in door-to-door sales? I thought that Wanted would do the trick but apparently, it’s not enough.

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Day 5: April 15, 2022

Woke up feeling super tired even after 8 hours of sleep. I know it’s because of the physical shifting of Wanted and Emperor since the same thing happened last time. I’ll be pushing through it this time though, as the changes I’ve noticed on Wanted are already amazing. I feel more attractive and less needy, and I’ve been running into a lot of hot girls.

I forgot to mention it before, but I’ve been feeling some pain in my right knee. As of right now my best hypothesis for it would be growing pains and if I’m right it would definitely explain the tiredness.

Today I’m going to only listen for 3 minutes of Wanted and see how I feel with recon.

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Day 7: April 17, 2022

Recon went down from my testing of only playing Wanted. At first, I thought of playing using Wanted as my main and my custom as a biweekly use but decided to scrap the idea in favor of the next one. I’ll be using my custom at the full 15-minute length, drop Wanted, and replace it with Libertine. I decided to drop Wanted because having the physical shifting from it and Emperor core is a bit overwhelming for me right now. Libertine is similar to Wanted while being less dense so I’m hoping I’ll be able to tolerate it better.

I’ll be more liberal with the use of my custom; I may use it on every play day but will probably skip it if I think it’ll cause me recon. As I’m adding switching Wanted for Libertine, I’ll only be playing libertine today.

I also decided to leave my current job. I worked over 55 hours this week, (65+ if you include travel time) and only earned 125$. I was really enticed by the possibility of earning more based on your performance but didn’t realize the downside of earning less because of your performance. The talk to newbies around the office is everyone takes a while to get good, while I supposed that is true, I can’t justify working for 2$ an hour when I could make a guaranteed 5 times more working a minimum wage job.

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What field are you in?

I’m in sales, more specifically door to door. I get paid 25$ per sale I make.

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I see. Thank you.

Day 8: April 18, 2022

I took a cold shower today for the first time in months. There was no reason, in particular, just felt like doing it when I stepped in. I don’t know why I stopped taking them because I’m feeling amazing right now. My skin doesn’t feel as dry, my hair didn’t frizz up and I feel particularly lucid.

I decided to not play Libertine yet and try to come up with another plan to avoid recon. I had the thought that the reason for my recon could be the lack of focus in my custom. I made it to enhance my writing and the amount of money I would from it, though now that I look at the modules, I selected it seems suboptimal. I’ll be rebuilding it to look something like this:

Emperor: House of Medici Core
Ultimate Artist Core
Productivity Unleashed
I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
The Streams
Ultimate Writer
(Solace mask)

Fewer modules and a greater focus should give me faster results with less recon. I’ll be waiting a few days to rebuild my custom as I’m waiting on the money from my job to get to my account. In the meantime, I’ll be running Wanted solo, at one full loop per session. I’ll take advantage of the situation to get as much physical shifting as I can out of Wanted.

Day 1: April 22, 2022

I took a 3-day washout, a lot of things happened, and I had a lot of time to think. I’ll be using RICH for the next few weeks so I can save enough money to buy another custom. My intention is to run it solo at 2 15-minute loops. Ascension chamber will also be used. My main stream of income is writing commission so my goal from RICH is to get more requests, but I’m also open to receiving money from other sources. Right now, my finances are in the red, so my goal is to make 2000 euros. It might seem like a large sum but if RICH manifests the right clients I could make this much money in a day, though my optimistic time frame is closer to 3 weeks.

I’ll keep updating this journal as I’m expecting my custom to bloom, though I’m not sure how it’ll manifest.


Minor update:

I finally decided to use a spreadsheet to track my expenses. Before I just kept track of everything using the notes app on my iPad, doing it this way sort of automates the process and lets me make a better prediction on how much I will need to earn. I’m hoping that I’ll get a big commission early on in the month, so I can focus on other things during the month, namely my physical training and how to market my services better.

With RICH, I’m confident that I’ll be able to manifest a big piece.

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