[CONTEST] And the winner is... (and get your free gift here)


First, I’d like to apologize to everyone. Everyone was coming up with some outstanding ideas, while @Fire and myself very much had our heads in the gutter, giggling like school kids while scripting and testing this thing. That being said, the winner is…

:: drum roll ::

@Ichigo, who posted:

@DarkPhilosopher was quite amused and confused regarding how @Ichigo made the link between a diamond and rock hard erections, but I assume it was the same way @Fire and myself did. Funny story, while we were trying to workshop the name of this sub in a strategy session last week, Fire jokingly yelled out “Diamond!” and I totally ran with it, much to his horror when he realized that I wasn’t playing and had every intention of running with this, hahaha. @ichigo I’ll be reaching out to you via PM to get the details of your custom!

That being said, free until 12-31-20, introducing:

DIAMOND ULTIMA: Improve Your Sexual Performance, Increase Your Pleasure and Arousal Subliminal


This is Diamond Ultima, a potent aphrodisiac and sexual performance enhancer. Powered by the new physical shifting components emerging from the development of PRIMARCH, Diamond Ultima is designed to evoke incredibly rapid changes in your sexuality – perfect to use just before sex, or as long-term programming to enhance your sex life.

Diamond Ultima is designed to enhance every element of your sex life. You will experience increased blood flow and profound sexual energy surging to your sexual organs and erogenous zones, heightening sensitivity and pleasure during sex for both partners. Diamond’s energetic aura maximizes your sexual partner’s attraction to you and leaves an imprint, causing them to desire sexual activity with you more and more.

Diamond Ultima is unisex, meaning it’ll work for anyone, regardless of gender, age (18+ only) or sexual identity. Men will experience stronger, more powerful erections while women will intuitively respond in a way to heighten both her and her partner’s pleasure. EVERYONE will experience more pleasurable orgasms and heightened pleasure all around, hence the name, “Diamond.”

Men: You’ll be as hard as a diamond.
Women: Before the night is done, they’ll want to buy you diamonds.
Everyone: You’ll be one that their future sexual partners will be worried about. How could they ever compare to a perfect diamond?

What’s the difference between Diamond and Sex Mastery X? The latter is focused on technique, while Diamond is a full featured aphrodisiac that focuses on the genital area and physical shifting – all toward the goal of enhancing sex for both partners. Think of Diamond as digital Viagra. Yes, it can be used by those who have issues with erectile dysfunction, low libido, desensitization from porn abuse and other issues (though you may need to run it as a major title for these reasons).

Diamond is best effective when used an hour or two before sexual activity. The more you use it over time, the better your results. You can also use Diamond as a major title for long-term programming and results. For more information, read the section in the instruction manual about building your stack.

If you have consent from your partner, you can play Diamond Ultima aloud (on a suitable listening environment, click here to learn more about Ultima) to create a bubble of pure lust and pleasure. Diamond Ultima is designed to work with those who are already sexual attracted to you and is willing to have sexual intercourse with you. Please do not attempt to use it as an attractant, and again – PLEASE obtain explicit consent from your partner before playing it aloud.


  • Just like Viagra, you may not “feel” anything with Diamond Ultima (outside of increased arousal) until sexual activity is initiated.
  • Try not to “overthink” what you’re doing – you may end up short circuiting the subliminal. Simply have fun and enjoy.
  • Pairing Diamond with Sex Mastery X (or Sex Mastery X Ultima) can result in absolutely mind blowing sex.
  • You can also pair Diamond with Primal Seduction: Iron Throne Ultima or Libertine to increase your romance and seduction skills.

If you’re ready to make your sex life worth Diamonds…

Order now.

As for the two new subs, some of you guessed it: It’s Sex Mastery X2 Ultima and Primal Seduction: Iron Throne Ultima. We’ve re-scripted both of them to work with Ultima AND we added Libertine’s aura to PSITU (quite the acronym there).

We’ve removed healing and clearing from Sex Mastery X2 Ultima, as this version is intended to serve as an on-demand booster.

Here’s the links – sale ends 12.31.20. Questions, comments in this thread:

Has anyone seen the new stuff in the store yet?

Wow I’m way off… haha! Congrats @ichigo and thank you SC, Merry Christmas


That’s a LOT of Ultima! I do wonder which of these benefit from Libertine.



Hahaha. That is dope. So great. I was way off too. Congrats, @ichigo. You got it exactly. Basically no contest. :dart:

Thanks guys! :pray:t4::pray:t4:

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays! Special thanks to @SaintSovereign @Fire and the entire behind the scenes team.

And special thanks to our moderators @DarkPhilosopher and @RVconsultant, for keeping things :sunglasses: and smooth.


Libertine’s aura is in Primal Seduction: Iron Throne Ultima. Diamond has its own aura. Quite interesting in seeing how it performs.


So close. :sunglasses:

I had thought of SM, but then it’s WeaponX already.
To me, that’s the original Ultima series.



Yeah! Getting all of those… for research purpose!


Will this render Libertine obselete?


When I first saw your response, I legit looked over my shoulder.


Libertine is more than its aura, isn’t it?

I was thinking about getting them for a friend.

So, now that you all know what it is, imagine this. I was told what it would be at the start. With that in mind, some of your statements really triggered my inner child.

There was BlackIce’s comment about Emma Frost’s backside. Saint saying he couldn’t wait to give it a try. Hurrikane saying he was “really pumped”. And of course RVConsultant saying he’s been waiting 10 years for it.

Then there were all those amazing ideas put forth in your answers, all dealing with big things.

And in 3 hours came ichigo completely out of the blue with the EXACT purpose of the sub, and we in the back-office were like: what just happened?


Absolutely not. Different products for different purposes. Diamond is NOT a seduction sub. You need a consensual sexual partner to get benefits from it, hence why we recommend pairing it with PSITU.


Libertine is 90% aura, hence the title of:

Different approaches to reach a goal.


The power of Mind’s Eye combined with Simon’s Near Miss Manifestation Response. :blush:

Instead of getting the contest right, I guess the trinity correctly. :joy:


So Iron throne ultima would be good when meeting or when on a date to help, guess I’ll need to try it!


Libertine is for hunting lol
PSITU is for the kill :sunglasses:


Are Sex Mastery Ultima & Iron Throne considered upgrades or new products completely?


Remember to aim for the jugular!

Edit: I guess PS : IT contain manifestation. How is the manifestation in ultima format?


I find this most useful, I’m on PS right now and eventually I’d like to run PS as my ultima so I can modify my stack.


These are new products. Rebuilt with new features. When we upgrade PS:IT and Sex Mastery XQ, those will be free. We gave free upgrades to the stacking modules and superchargers because we were discontinuing those product lines completely and we weren’t going to leave our customers with products they can’t use.

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Damn,should have waited for the suprise.just ordered an ultima custom with sex mastery on wednesday. would the sex mastery ultima core that will eventually come to q have been better than the normal core or most likely no difference?