Conflicting archetypes and why Clarity is vital

In my experience, you can stack anything with anything.

Here is the key though:

You need to have a clearly written down idea/goal of what you want, so your subconscious understands how you want to incorporate both of the subliminals.

For example, if one wants to stack Emperor + Stark (commonly perceived as 2 different archetypes) then they would have to take what they want from both and write it down or have a clear idea of it. This works precisely and I have done this with various combinations such as Wanted + Primal Seduction (commonly perceived as clashing).

The subliminals are not like Apples and Bananas… they are very meshable, very malleable and very guidable. This is the subconscious mind we are talking about… nothing is black and white. That can irk people because for some it means taking responsibility for their power. It feels a lot safer to treat these things like physical products that work separately from each other, independently and without influence from us. At some point people are going to have to wake up and accept the true nature of this domain aka expand their mind/perception. Of course, one doesn’t have to if they don’t want to… but it’s akin to “leveling up” and it has its perks lol.

Now… back to what I was saying.


Let’s say that you have you a broken down room in your house, so you hire a contractor.
You don’t say anything to him, you just lead him to the room and you just leave him there.
He doesn’t really know exactly what he’s supposed to do so he kind of just makes a general assumption and starts doing shit.

You walk in and are like “Nahhhhhh, this isn’t what I wanted. Get out, you’re fired” and you start looking for a contractor that’s more experienced/aligned with what you want.

The contractor you fired goes “what the frick lol he didn’t even tell me what he wanted me to do”.

Your subconscious mind = the contractor
The main title you’re using = a vague Core Explanation.

You need to expand upon your explanation.
You can do that by writing down what you want in detail and having super clear goals.
Go in-depth.

When people complain about the subliminals doing shit that they don’t want or not giving them what they want, then looking for a better one… They don’t need to throw away the Core Explanation. They need to add more to it. If you continuously change the Core Explanation in pursuit of the perfect one… it will never give you exactly everything you want because it’s too vague. In order to truly get everything you want, your explanation is going to have to be very in-depth. This is also just applies to manifesting in general.

An example of that in manifesting would be:
“I want a great body” = vague Core Explanation.
That’s good, but the contractor needs specifics to REALLY give you what you want.
How much do you weigh? Are we losing fat? How tall? Proportions?

Main Titles are good but vague, it’s vital that you create your own specifics to build upon them.
In Emperor one of the goals is “achieve complete financial abundance”.
Contractor is going, “how much is that mate? What is financial abundance for you, tell me clearly bud.”

Not even just an amount but even circumstances in how that amount is accumulated… specifics, details, etc.

contractor + greatly aligned Core Explanation + very minimal added explanation = got some stuff I wanted but things are missing

contractor + poorly aligned Core Explanation + extremely in-depth added explanation = got damn near everything I wanted.

When you add modules to a custom, you are adding more explanation. The module is actually a form of explanation in the same way that a main title is. When you frame modules and write down what you expect or want from them, you are giving even more explanation - this is ideal.

The more in-depth and clear your explanations are, the better your contractor understands what you want. This means that you’ll get to your goals much faster.
Contractor is sitting there nodding "do this, do this like that, okay… got it :+1:)

If you guys purchase a custom with modules, you need to start getting super in-depth with what your entire plan/vision is for it, down to very specific and clear details.

If you guys are using a main title, you need to start getting clearer and more detailed about how you want it to manifest and what specifically areas you want it to manifest in etc. What exactly do you want from each of it’s objectives. Be specific and clear. Start getting into that kind of habit.

Start getting into the driver’s seat, start using the power of your mind and start exerting conscious control/guidance. Start deciding things, start being more proactive and specific. It’s your reality and you can manifest anything, but you have to have an idea of what you want your reality to be like before you can manifest it.

Start doing stuff like that instead of sitting around and waiting for shit to happen that you haven’t even clarified.

Just some stuff to think about, lol.


@SaintSovereign @Fire

Do you think it would be possible to make this part of the “guidelines”… or even sum this up and put it on the custom and product pages

I think this is exactly what people need to see and read while also grasping the concept

Thank you for this post

I needed to see this honestly


This is awesome. Inspired me to clean up and go more detailed on my goals I have written down.


That sentence is the crux.

This is a great metaphor and article about conscious control and guidance.

Many people will benefit from applying conscious guidance.

But remember that it is an option, and a resource. It is not mandatory.

Sometimes we go to a restaurant and order Omakase. We admire and trust the chef. We are delighted to be surprised by the chef’s expertise and creative vision. In this case, discovery, adventure, and novelty are the rewards.

Other times we know exactly what we want and how we want it. If so, then, by all means: place your order.

Both options are possible with subliminals and both can have amazing results.

This line (taken from the description of Quantum Limitless Stage 2) sums it up well:

Any mental characteristic or skill you can think of is here, and by consciously guiding yourself you can rapidly develop it if you so desire. Or, you can simply let Quantum Limitless do its thing.

  1. There are times when greater conscious control may be very beneficial and there are other times when greater openness and receptivity may be extremely beneficial. Most times it’ll probably be somewhere in the middle.

  2. There are people for whom high conscious control may be very important and there are other people for whom this may not be the most important element. Most people will probably be somewhere in the middle.


In my experience, “stacking Archetypes” is a noob thing.

When one has a clear Core Explanation, he will be stacking ONLY ONE Archetype, along with non-archetypal subs (aura, skills, healing, shifting, manifester, booster, etc.) … or build a 1-2 Core Custom with personally aligned enhancer modules.

Back when the number of titles were fewer, or before Customs were a thing, Stacking Archetypes was the only choice. It’s very different today.



I just trust/know that the subs guid me into the right direction

And it happens every time




I’m a little confused on what you’re saying, lol.
So if you stack Emperor + Stark which people say are 2 archetypes… then that’s noob?

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Well yeah, it’s mostly newbies who go ahead and stack multiple subs with similar goals instead of building a coherent stack that tackles multiple aspects of life in a balanced manner (the ERB principle Saint spoke about, something I still use to this day to guide my subliminal choices).

Now with that said, there are plenty of non-noobs that have successfully stacked 2 archetypal subs without issue.


I think @Simon is saying that with time and experience, people eventually realize that when you combine the YELLOW archetype and the BLUE archetype, the result is quite compatible with the GREEN archetype.

Diverse elements can contribute to a unified, integrative vision.

The more experience we get working with the ‘primary colors’ of individual programs, is also the more we’re able to feel our way into new archetypal possibilities that better accommodate the different aspects of ‘Who I Am’ and ‘Who I’m Becoming’.

That’s what I think he is suggesting.

But he’ll probably show up later and clarify better.


It’s not noob, lol.

Stacking Emperor + Stark is advanced according to Subliminal Club.

"Some users expressed interest in stacking Stark with Emperor. This is possible and will result in some interesting synergy, however we recommend this for the more experienced and advanced user. Until you are one, stick to either. "

The reason why it’s advanced and requires experience is because the resulted synergy requires conscious guidance in the form of giving your subconscious mind clarity in how you want to incorporate them.

Without that… noob shit happens.
When people run these and experience those feelings of being pulled in 2 directions.
Example: “Stark is pushing me to go out and socialize but Emperor is pushing me to stay inside and work all day, gah! conflicting archetypes.”

They haven’t sufficiently done what I’ve described in the main post = noob
Because they either

  1. Don’t know how to do that = noob.
  2. Aren’t confident in their ability to do that = noob

The noob is running the 2 subs without enough explanation between them. The subs act independently of one another and the explanation acts as the integration of them.

Being able to integrate them like that is an advanced thing because we are getting beyond just listening to subliminals hoping they work and starting to put conscious influence into it. We are starting to work with the subconscious mind.

The point of this thread is to decrease the noobage and explain how to go about doing that kind of stuff.

When done properly, the combination of something like Emperor + Stark actually meshes into its own unique and personal archetype without any issues - the extent of that determined by the person’s explanation.

Another example is WANTED + Primal Seduction.

WANTED is laid back/nonchalant and Primal Seduction is pro-active.
The noob has no clarity, he’s just running them both solely because he wants all the listed benefits.
The advanced user has a clear idea on how to integrate them which he has explained to the subconscious. Like being nonchalant in his pro-active approaches.

If you do Emperor + Stark, it’s very efficient because you’re getting mass coverage on broad areas while fine-tuning it to your liking through the conscious guidance. You can seriously have the best of both from Emperor and Stark in your own perfect way and that alone is just plain high ROI and extremely efficient (I mean just look at all those juicy objectives). This is the power of the conscious guidance explained in the main post.


Another purpose of this thread is to remind people that they have more of a “say” in things than they think.

The subliminal is a script that you can’t really change… but between that script and its manifestation exists many filters.

We have a lot of influence on those filters and if you can get good at that, you are basically advancing your level of optimization.

For example (this may be advanced), let’s take a subliminal like Emperor which covers stuff like Romance, Wealth and Masculinity. One can actually have control over which area of the title they want more priority in.

For 1 week, you can decide to have 20% Romance, 60% Wealth and 20% Masculinity focus out of Emperor. For another week you can decide to have 70% Romance, 20% Wealth and 10% Masculinity focus out of Emperor.

This type of stuff is advanced because it puts all of the optimization directly into your own hands, rather than relying on technology/scripts to do everything.

If you run Stark with the intention of becoming a celebrity and suddenly no longer want that, you don’t need a new version of Stark without that type of scripting… you can just filter it out.

There are a lot of things and tricks you can do but I guess there’s no point in me explaining lol


You could explain more… I am sure more people would welcome it


I defer to @SaintSovereign and @Fire

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Lol yeah can’t get too advanced because then it just confuses people and defeats the purpose.
I mainly share these concepts to get people thinking and create interesting discussion - that’s all.

I won’t go too in-depth but there’s this known phenomenon in the subconscious domain, where people suggest to their subconscious mind before bed on what time to wake up and it happens.

This is a very watered down example but basically your subconscious mind isn’t just a tape recorder like some people say, it’s actually a part of you that listens and that you can work with.

So let me draw a parallel from that waking up on time example…
What if you can optimize/modulate your own recon?

Have an important business meeting tomorrow? Let’s tone down on the processing.
Physical shifting using up too much energy? Let’s physically shift at a slower pace.

Is this making sense?

Now the question is: “Well how do I stuff like that?”

You kind of have to develop it and get into the habit of it, like riding a bike.
Anyone can do this type of stuff but from a perceptual/belief standpoint most people don’t trust their subconscious mind. There’s expanding required of your perception/beliefs in what’s possible, what you’re capable of, what your mind is capable of etc.

This is also what flow factor is about, lol. They’re more “initiated” in their power, subconsciously.
Less blocks, less fear, less contracted, etc in their awareness. People with high flow factor have a higher level of awareness or more appropriately… a less restricted awareness lol and that’s affected by way too many things, 1 important being → how ready you are. It’s just part of progression/waking up and increasing the extent of power you’re able to tap into as a creator. I’m talking about progression in an awareness, not progression as in life/status/money, etc.

Yeah, I’ll stop there lol


Power Awareness.


I was saying that it does not make sense to run Yellow and Blue, when the store already has a Green Archetype sub… and various shades are available in the Q store.



It may not make sense but it may be really beneficial. Mental Alchemy has almost nothing to do with the rationale and, certainly, it’s something we’re not able to fully comprehend. Only applying it can show us the way and the way always leads to our dialogue with the universe. It’s the most amazing thing about ZP to me… how it helps us change the way we listen and talk to the universe.

Luther is absolutely wrong about that archetype thing. ZP does not push you into any archetype it helps you create your unique prototype that is transmuting constantly in accordance with that dialogue between you and the universe. Its colors are always a rainbow or whatever.

Not the clarity is vital because we’re poor and limited creatures that don’t even know how the clarity looks like, it’s more about observing your transmutation process and changing the ingredients accordingly. In accordance with our current needs and circumstances and MAYBE some long-term goals. Maybe since we never know where the way leads us, we never know what we’re going to hear when the universe speaks to us and, certainly, we are clueless most of the time about what and how to reply.


Before ZP Refresh, there was no scripting that allowed you to ignore significant parts of it.
Conflicting Archetypes equaled Lots to Reconcile.

And even though the new anti-recon tech allows you to do that, I still don’t see a use case for stacking massive multi-goal archetypes.

I’m not saying “don’t stack” – I’m saying that the advanced user will seek to get greatest results with the least amount of scripting because he knows that more scripting = slower results.

Most other combinations have a use case, and I would agree that they are worth testing.

Emperor + Stark is just silly to me, because the same can be achieved with WAY less scripting.

If Stark is one’s main archetype, they’d be better off stacking GLM, Commander, Mogul, PCC, etc.
If it’s Emperor, he could use TrueSell, TrueSocial, Chosen, PCC, RICH, InnerCircle, etc. Even Renaissance Man.

Members have been able to run all kinds of combinations for months. E+S doesn’t last long.

If one can afford Customs, they can eliminate almost ALL the unnecessary scripting.

Which is precisely what you would do if you were paying like $3000 for a Custom Sub.
You wouldn’t want them to add anything you have to consciously ignore.

Would you?



Maybe yes, maybe not. People are too focused on the scripting and running this stack, or that stack whilst these are mere alchemical tools that help us transmute what’s already in us and around us. The alchemical process, the transmutation we’re going through is vital not questions like should I run this or that, stack this or that, run it for one or five cycles? No, keep focused on the process and do what must be done so whatever your “beautiful soul” is telling you to do.

@Dragon-Lesson :blush:


Hmmm…yet the point you’re making sounds, to me, very similar to the point he’s making.

I don’t think @Luther24 is saying that ZP programs push or force the listener into an archetype. I think he’s criticizing the rigid, limiting beliefs that people have about the subliminal programs and their archetypes. It’s those beliefs that may allow them to be forced into a narrow, fixed archetype. He’s saying that we have some degree of choice in how we engage with the programs and express them.

It seems kind of compatible with what you’re saying. Just that you’re emphasizing the cosmic and subconscious mystery side of things; while he is emphasizing the conscious, intentional side of things.

Am I missing something? I might be. I haven’t gone back to re-read every word that was typed.