Better and Better: Alexander's Journal


I’ve been running SubClub’s subliminals for almost 5 months now and have experienced radical changes both inside and out.

I’ve mostly been using Ascension, with a little bit of Mogul sprinkled in and have been on Ascended Mogul for about 2 weeks now.

I’m currently running a mixture of Ascended Mogul, Muay Thai Mastery X, Sex Mastery X and testing an experimental sub. I’d say AM takes up about 50% of my listening time and is the real foundation for myself. Muay Thai Mastery takes up about 20%, experimental another 20% and sex Mastery 10%, since it’s already contained within Asc Mogul.


Using Subliminal-Club’s products I’ve now been working for the longest time at any job I’ve ever had. My earlier work history was spotted with quitting and being fired. I’m now on my 10th job and longest job when I count amount of actual hours worked. It’s taken a lot of changes in myself and my mindset to be able to consistently maintain a daily routine such as the one I’m now maintaining.

I’ve also raised my credit score from poor (570) to average (630) and plan to increase it even further in the coming months.

I now have a budget that I consult for all purchases, have my bills on autopay and am more mindful of my spending.

Most significant to me is that I’ve broken the paycheck to paycheck cycle. I can’t remember a time in my life where I had such a significant amount of money left over before I got paid. I lived my life spending recklessly and taking support from my parents and always being stressed between paychecks. I had an emergency yesterday where my phone screen broke and I had to get it repaired. No sweat. I just drove over, paid the $80 for it to be fixed and wasn’t even late to work. Something like this would have destroyed my entire week just months ago.


I’ve also become a much better man with SubClub. I have so much more self-respect and love for myself than I did before this journey.

People treat me way differently now too and I have more friends than I know what to do with. I show myself more respect and get more respect from everyone around me.

I’ve made the difficult decisions to extricate myself from relationships that were no longer working for me, and cut off toxic habits that were not productive for me.

I workout a minimum of 3x a week going to the gym and participating in MMA and Muay Thai. This is the longest standing and most consistent physical routine I’ve ever kept. The girl I’m with loves it and can’t keep her hands off of me. I’ve also been getting more compliments and stares, which tell me I’ve crossed the threshold from being able to see my own results to other people taking notice.

As a consequence of how I was raised I’ve never had an actual girlfriend. Although I’ve been with women, a combination of many things made relationships difficult to maintain or create. I now have someone that I can see becoming my girlfriend and am actually happy with her and myself. I feel my boundaries are in place and I feel safe and respected, something I wasn’t able to maintain or create in the past.


Ascended Mogul

I’m commanding more and more respect. I’m really choosing to now. It doesn’t serve me to be nice to people anymore, and that’s been a huge shift for me. Courteous, yes. Not “nice.” I’m really working on developing my boundaries and giving less of myself to people. It’s not a negative at all as some may think.

As I start to do this I realize that many times I’ve squashed other people in trying to prove myself as whatever: nice, competent, attractive. As I’ve backed off I’m truly allowing other people to shine in our interactions and placing more value on what they’re saying.

Muay Thai Mastery X,

I’m licking off combos now! It’s a minor improvement for me but I’ve gained enough technical foundation to go from one move to the next without looking like a complete dunce.

A majority of the effects of the sub for me are just consistently going to class. I have a hard road because most of the beginners classes I simply can’t attend with my work schedule. I’ve been jumping in to intermediate classes because that’s the only option I have. Regardless of the difficulty I’m at that gym at least 4 times a week. Which is incredible now that I think about it. When I look outside most people are sedentary and couldn’t last a week doing what I do. I probably couldn’t last a week doing what I do some time ago. But here we are.

Sex Mastery X

I had the greatest sex of my life on Sunday night. I gave the lady 3 orgasms back to back. During one, with my hand around her throat I asked her who her pussy belongs to, to which she enthusiastically replied with the little air left in her lungs “it’s yours.”

Sex Mastery has turned me into an absolute freak. In fact Ascension in general has. Before Ascension I had never so much as eaten a girl out. I was absolutely frigid about it. Now I’m eating pussy like it’s filet mignon.

With the half-dozen women I’ve been with before my current one there was only a singular orgasm to share between them.

That was the beginning point of my journey. Now I have experiences like watching my girl stumble out of my car weak and confused, or talking about putting an ice pack on her *****.

The day after that sex she came to sit next to me and she leaned in and her eyes dilated like she was on drugs. It was extremely interesting to see because body language doesn’t lie.

Life is good!


Ascended Mogul

Something shifted within me the last week.

I’ve been on the apartment hunt quite steadily after a period of not wanting to move for various reasons. I was scared to get caught up in a bad situation I would be unable to leave for various reasons but I seem to have overcome the fear.

As well I’ve done my first job interview in a while. I still have a very good job for where I’m at but I want more money and there are better opportunities out there.

I’ve also taken a look at career options and have settled on one I particularly like that takes about 6 months of experience. At minimum I’ll be making 25% more. The maximum I saw in my area will be over 50%.

With my mind made up towards a goal Mogul has given me almost endless energy to get things done. I’ve figured out exactly what I’ll be doing and found ways to align it with my current goals as well. Once I had decided it took about an hour of research where i seemed to find and destroy any excuse I had with precision.

Muay Thai Mastery X

This is the first week my coaches have congratulated me honestly. Before my coaches would say “good job” and turn away and shake their head. For the first time there was congruence with what they were saying.

Internally there is a notable shift within myself too. From my regular stance im able to throw more power and speed into my punches while maintaining proper form.

After throwing a punch im thinking ahead to the next punch I want to throw and how best to get there.

I’m keeping up with the intermediate classes on my first month of martial arts and I’m making a lot of progress with my skills in the beginners classes.


Awesome results, man!


Great results. I’m running a special version of Ascended Mogul designed to make SubliminalClub a success, and I’ve experienced the “never ending stream of energy” feeling too.

As I should, since it’s in the script. :wink:


Muay Thai Mastery X

I seem to have manifested a boxing coach and a sparring partner.

I was at my gym one day stretching and this old guy comes in moaning and groaning in the one room with a heavy bag. I thought the purpose of all the noise was to make me leave, but I suppose eventually he gave up and started talking to me lol. Turns out he’s an old boxer with some wins under his belt who has a client he sees at my gym.

I got to spend the morning absolutely failing through whatever training he gave me while he literally spoonfed me fruit and vegetables.

His client was over 300 pounds but somehow was also one of the most powerful boxers I’ve actually seen in person. I was in awe. They’ve invited me to train with them when I’m not at work, so In addition to MMA and Muay Thai I’ll have some time with them as well.


Ascended Mogul

I’ve been learning intimately where past relationships went wrong and what behaviors and ways of thinking have caused this for me in the past.

In the past few days I’ve learned that I have I lean towards an anxious attachment style and I’ve been working towards understanding, managing and resolving it. My relationships don’t last long as time goes on because of neediness and for a long time I just felt stuck as I couldn’t throw anything at it to make it go away or resolve. It’s interesting to be continually emerging as a more safe and happy human being each and every day.


I’m finding that more and more of my life and perspectives are changing to support the subliminal.

For example, various traumas are being rewired for use with Ascended Mogul. When I think of my early family life now I remember just how key money was. If my parents weren’t always stressed for money they probably would have been much happier and more available.

Muay Thai Mastery X, is being empowered by my earlier experiences with bullies and being beaten as a child.

Sex Mastery X is being empowered by my love of fantasy and my need for emotional intimacy and powerful emotional connection. I’m quite impressed with how all encompassing this sub is. So many of my interests and passions are being rewired for Sex Mastery.

It’s also important to note that Sex Mastery is actively improving my relationship. The scripting is polymorphic which means it actively responds to my needs and thoughts and one thing it’s been working on is my anxiety and fear of intimacy. It’s getting deep in there and making me face things to reach its goal. It’s definitely much more than just increasing staying power, or making sex more pleasurable. MASTERY means everything has to improve.


Indeed. :slight_smile:

Buckle up, 'cause it’s only gonna get better.


There’s some amazing results one can get when they’re not aware of what subliminal they’re running.

I played Ascended Mogul while sleeping over at a friends house and a few days later he shared some interesting results with me (he didn’t know I was playing the file.)

The day after playing the file his business was featured in a Youtube video that racked up 100k views.

The girl he’s seeing sent him a long text message about how much she likes him. He also mentioned that he resolved a lot of neediness towards her that he felt was ruining things and he previously couldn’t help it, which I detailed for myself in post 7.

On my own end I’ve been going through a lot of transformation that has gotten me quite off track and I’m only now returning to where I was previously and the healthy habits I’ve established.

The Mogul side of Ascended Mogul is really beginning to show itself! I’d say that is the part I’ve had the most trouble executing and now it’s coming forth and I’m seeing rapid changes. I’m sticking to a code of silence until I see execution and progress on all my goals but I will soon be sharing results and seeing my bank account increase by quite a bit.

In other news, people really care about me on these subs. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what I receive. In daily life I find people regularly buy me food and show me warmth and affection.


Since the last post things have been chugging along very well and the opportunities I was expecting in the last post have blossomed.

I’m now Head of Marketing for my friends’ independent game company.

It’s a good fit and something that happened organically. I just had great, executionable ideas and perspectives to offer and his product was just there.

We had two phone calls of over an hour each where we filled up a page each with ideas to execute.

“This is dope,” and “I’ve never ever thought of this,” were common. The game has been in development for over 3 years, so that felt quite good.

As far as regular work is going I’m gearing up to turn my current job into my part time job and acquire a new part time job.

It may be a week or more until I can get my schedule all fixed up, but I wouldn’t have had the courage to do this before.

Some limiting beliefs and feelings would have been potential financial disaster, or even having the courage to bring this up to my managers.

Even my interviews have changed. I clearly stated what I expected from the job compensation wise and what I expected. It want me pandering to the interviewers — it was here’s what I want, here’s what you have to give me.

With girls I’ve has 2/2 nights since moving into my new place with new girls over. I successfully fucked one, had the weirdest date of my life with the other.

Overall there is a much more important and deeper change that’s fueling all of this: my self-worth has grown, A LOT. I used to sleep in an elevator and feel like a wretch and it’s only recently that I’ve forgiven myself for reaching that low.


I believe I’ve overcome an issue with erectile dysfunction I was having via Sex Mastery.

The most major effect the subliminal created is its own scripting against such. Whenever I use the subliminal I can feel a dull ache in my pelvic region, which I imagine is the sub building some strength down there.

In addition I discovered the garlic + vitamin c combo which sharply increased blood flow for myself. That and some exercise seems to have knocked the problem out entirely.

I’ve also completely cut out porn. I’ve been watching porn since the age of 8 and have struggled immensely with watching it. Now I have no desire whatsoeverz

There’s also scripting to attract a mentor in Sex Mastery and my yoga teacher seems to have shifted to a focus on the hips and even the pelvic region specifically.

Finally getting over this issue has created a pretty sharp rise in my confidence. The problem had become rather frustrating, although it wasn’t impossible to have a good time.


Updates, updates! How are the programs going for you, and what upgrades are you looking forward to in the future?


One thing that has happened is that I’ve been looking for a new job.

I had a strange intuition where I was getting more and more frustrated with my job for seemingly no reason. My first instinct was to blame myself for being lazy or whatever. I took some vacation days off, but I simply couldn’t tolerate going into work.

Come to find out that there’s massive layoffs coming and within the next 30 days everyone at that location will be out of a job.


I only report that because it falls in line with the intuitions I’ve had with Ascended Mogul before.

There’s been a few times where my intuition screamed at me to do something nonsensical that had massive benefit for me. It’s still a bit frightening to just have an intuition that tells you to do things when there’s no conscious data, but this experience definitely makes me want to become more and more in tune with it, and myself.

The second thing is that I’ve begun to get into music production.

Within less than a week I’ve manifested a Macbook Pro from a friend, found my old keyboard from High School, discovered my older brother had left his old Microphone and Studio Headphones behind.

That’s well over $1,000 worth of value right there.

Besides material things, I have musician friends.

Relatively accomplished musician friends who’ve been at their crafts for years upon years.

I was able to enlist their help in making my first song and subsequent songs. To say the least, they’re quite dedicated. Whether that’s a direct result of the Ascended Mogul scripting, or a show of respect/friendship towards me, I don’t know. All I can say is that it is happening.

This is a really key example of how Ascended Mogul works based on your own needs.


Got the new job. I’ll be getting a raise that amounts to about 20% over my new job.

I’m also starting school this september.

A little background on me and school: I’ve been to 3 different community colleges and I’ve dropped out 4 different semesters due to poor mental health.

To even consider going back to school has meant I’ve had to lessen a shit ton of fear.


Since the full library of titles isn’t out yet, I just wanted to suggest to you guys that titles in the Weapon X series (at least the ones dealing with physical technique) can provide benefit to all physical activities.

Muay Thai Mastery X is currently helping me improve my rock climbing technique. I’m not in Muay Thai at the moment due to some matters I’m taking care of, but I’m loving this side benefit.

In fact, I was in an MMA + Muay Thai program and found the effects transferred just as well to MMA as they did Muay Thai.


One upgrade I would like is the “Steve Rogers Effect” contained in Muay Thai Mastery. The effect where your shoulders become massive. Small change, but it would certainly enhance my image.

EMPEROR Suggestions Thread

Here’s my Ascended Mogul haul for the week. Whenever Ascended Mogul isn’t directly giving me cash, it’s providing support for me in many various other ways.

My Ticket

I got a ticket for being in the HOV lane on my way rushing to work. It’s $500 fine. Not impossible to pay off, but still a hit to my wallet.

I decided to do monthly payments and my sister offered to pay off as much of the ticket as she could. I payed for the first month, she’s paid for the second and she promised to pay more for me.

More Music Equipment

I was just gifted a $350 synthesizer/midi keyboard for my music. When you have a dream and a goal, Ascended Mogul goes Hardcore in manifesting absolutely everything you need to achieve that goal!

Fixed my car bumper

I had a bumper that was almost falling off, and with the way I was driving it, probably would have fallen off in the coming week.

I went to get it replaced and each place was trying to charge me $200-$300 to get it replaced, some were even trying to get me to buy a new bumper.

What would happen is I’d try and go to one of these places and get it fixed, but something would always come up. Missed calls, miscommunication, running out of time etc.

At the time I was really frustrated. When I came home to my parents house my dad took a look at it and said he knew a guy.

Total cost? $40. He didn’t even charge me right then and there because he knew my dad. In fact, my dad payed it for me. Win!

Imagine if I had actually gone through with the $200 repair :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be using the car for Uber and Lyft soon. I live near a major airport and want to rake in some extra cash when I’m not at work. I have a strong feeling Ascended Mogul will help me pull in extra tips from that venture.

My Charger Broke

The laptop I was given had its charger broken last night.


I have no clue.

I was frustrated because I start school online soon and a new charger is $80 from Apple! The knockoffs will often fail or may be bad long term for the laptop.

I go on Letgo and find an authentic charger for $20. Everything went smooth as fuck with the transaction. Lady arrived on time, everything checked out, paid her and it was all done within 5 mins.

You can see the charger on the left (the broken one) has some electrical tape around it.


There’s a “General Athlete” program on the roadmap, as well as a BJJ and MMA subliminal. I’ll be using those myself, as I’m getting back into Muay Thai and BJJ.


Not to hijack Alexander’s journal, as he just posted some AMAZING results… but the BJJ sub is coming sooner than you think. Primarily because I want to use the damn thing myself, haha.