Ascension + Regeneration + Elixir


Hi good people.
I have been running ascension and regeneration for 6 days now.
My listening patterns are one day Heavy and one day Light.
Heavy Days:
Ascension X 3loops
Regeneration X 2 loops

Light Days :
Ascension X 1
Regeneration X 1

Some observations:
For the 6 days that I have ran the programmes I felt over the moon… confidence was super high…I was very happy etc…
Then on the 6th day I started feeling all angry and irrigation at people and events…
One way to look at it is that regeneration was bringing up some things that I need to work on and ascension bring up things to make me stronger…maybe some members can correct me ?

So I’m prepared to take the challenges these subs provide and confront these issues…basically it’s like pushing me to say things and do things but I’m also little scared at times because it makes me want to tell me boss things lol…
Som guidance from members please.


My experience is different: Regeneration took 3 months to feel like a normal human being without the PTSD flashbacks. But RegenerationQ is a lot quicker this time round.


This is normal when starting out on Ascension. :smile:

Write down your Goals and start taking Actions Daily on them.
Start building Habits & Routines that you always wanted to, but procrastinated till now.

Daily Action is as important for Ascension, as a daily stroll is for dogs.
You become angry & irritated when you don’t use your Internal Power Energy.


Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)

Thanks Simon for the detailed response…


Have you used Elixir? Elixir helps with the process as well. There are many ideas. Experiment, experiment and take action toward your goals.


See what I told you about starting a journal? :slightly_smiling_face:


Some observations :
When I run regeneration I feel like cry some parts and then some parts I feel happy.
Even after I run it I noticed recently alot of times I feel like crying for no reason…have no idea what is being dug up.
I also noticed slight pain in the throat also and hip nothing so hectic and doesn’t last long.


@Sirchiropractixalot Where is your journal? :wink:




Never ran regeneration. Ascension Q is pretty earth shattering though.

What’s made this very different this time around with the addition of Stark. I’ve been pushing my comfort zone like a mofo…by way of action.


Especially when you new to subliminals…


I’m not even very new. What is the minimum dose is my question.


I’m new to subliminals…
I do Heavy days and light days …check my first post for listening routines.


Day 8 observation :

  • I’m not so angry and irritable like before. Things that used to make me angry don’t anymore. I accepted that people will be who they are and I will not lower my standards to theirs.
  • I feel more calm
  • Lots of energy
  • I am also noticing peoples bad habits. I don’t tell them anything but I do what needs to be done correctly instead of anger.
  • What’s coming clear to me is people’s lazyness and inability to keep up with my energy levels.
  • I also noticed certain things that need to be sorted out…my car needs to be cleaned…


Day 9

  • Still feeling very energetic
  • still calm and I noticed the anger and rage has faded.
  • I also noticed I can do way more than others in terms of physical activities…I have more stamina…
  • I still feel happy
  • I went to shop to get some items…and noticed a lovely lady looking at me…I caught her twice and when ever I looked at her she turned away…lol.

It’s only day 9!!


Day 10

  • a female co worker of mine watched me on my phone and sent me a what’s app to get off my phone …like a joke…she then starts chatting about how she’s losing weight…I said no she’s not …in a joking way…maybe she wants me to look at her body…lol
  • she also mentioned that she likes my stickers on whatsapp and she has to go through all our chats to save them…now that means our chats are not deleted…lol
  • feeling full of energy…
  • feel very strong in the body…
  • woke up early this morning…
  • not worried or looking for approval from others.i do what I want.
  • joked with a female workers in the day …she got really scared she said I get really aggressive when I didn’t even move or raise my voice lol…


Day 11

  • same as yesterday interns of energy and focus…
    -i increased my water intake drastically and the head pressure and headaches are gone…
  • my anger has somewhat faded…
    -felt like crying when I played the elixir
    -got very emotional and angry after playing regeneration.
  • productivity seems to be increasing gradually
    -body is becoming muscular and veiny…and I don’t gym hey …
  • I’m not so over protective over partner anymore…
    -the hot chick at work still looks at me when I’m not looking…lol
  • I’m also starting to figure out when people are using me…I’m not sure IF PCC is in ascension or regeneration.?


PCC came out after both of them, but it might have been added to one (or both) after the Q updates, interesting.


Or maybe I’m just awakening…


Day 12

  • something strange this morning…I feel very very happy like euphoric. It’s like I can what I want kind of feeling…like super high confidence…it’s kinda hard to explain this feeling but feels really good.
  • very energetic
    -i also feel very confrontational.
  • things that people say to me are really irritating me and I’m talking up.
  • fear of work superiors are fading more and more as the days are going…fear in general is fading.
  • it’s like I have a fighting spirit…I wont stop until win or I’m happy.
  • it’s like I’m ready or waiting for a challenge.

It’s only 12 days!:grin: