Art Thread for Artists

Post your art here if you want:



So far you are the only 2 artists I know of on this forum.


Amazing that this thread is starting as I’m setting up the new studio. Incoming music :wink:

Yes please!

Wait @elementary_vision don’t you do music?

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well…I write novel…also I am developing my singing skill…so…I guess it is OK to call myself an artist…but I dont have anything to share at the moment…probably later this year…I will upload few songs that I learn…or something else…dont know yet…just hope this thread could be active for that long…

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Indeed I do. @Malkuth should get in here as well. Will post some stuff later. I think it’d be cool if we could share tips on creating as well. I know personally I run into a lot of obstacles as an artist and unless you have other artists in your life you can talk to it’s a very misunderstood thing.

Don’t forget me!
If the pic I posted for RM’s testimonial wasn’t art, then I don’t know what I am.

Not an artist of any kind. But heres a photo that I took and edited for my upcoming ebook.


“A Kick in the Seat of the Pant” by Roger von Oech

“Wack on the Side of the Head” by Roger von Oech

Roger von Oech has other media too

“How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day” by Michael J. Gelb

Also media by Edward de Bono

Thanks for mentioning @Malkuth!

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Thanks for noticing and showing up!

OMG! @SaintSovereign!

This gives me vaporwave vibes. I like it

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Thank you for showing up here and finding us!

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If you like vaporwave, have you seen VSTs?


have you tried UAQ?it is a bomb…today I used when I was writing…I finished my daily writing within 20 minutes…which usually takes me 30…and I am pretty satisfied with it too…


@RVconsultant I’ve heard of them, but never checked them out in depth. Right now I’m working in a software modular environment so I’ve been experimenting with a whole bunch of modules that invite instability and analog sort of drift for that retro sound. I gotta ask though, why do you know about vsts? Lol. Do you produce as well? It’s rare anyone outside of audio production knows what those are.

@xingliao That was actually in my last custom I was using. UA and AM with a few support modules along with it. Actually UA has been in almost all my stacks since I joined subclub and it’s a great sub. It’s one of the programs that got me interested in subclub because almost nobody else on the market nailed the goals of being an artist like that. Really spoke to me when I read the description.

And as promised. My most recent track I did. I’ve posted this before in my journal so it might be a repeat listen for some people.


I like to think I know things.



One of the reasons why I went with Stark is to develop my musical talents as well. Great thread :+1:


Will you be sharing anything? Now I’m curious.