@Alphamale’s questions and comments

I though about changing one of my threads’ name, but they were too much derailed and full of everything. So I decided to create a thread for my questions and comments.
Please refrain from adding comments which do not add any value to the thread, and that does not include joking :upside_down_face:.


That’s good bro. Just shift this thread to Questions and Comments section.


haha, I thought there was a new user named “Alpha Mel”.

I think that would be a pretty awesome username. hahaha. (for someone named ‘Melvin’ or ‘Mel’, etc.,)

Anyway, any questions and comments to add yet, @Alphamale?


I don’t think this is necessarily true, maybe my own far vision in a bit blurred on default, but I definitely saw an improvement in my near-vision.
Maybe this is the peak of my baseline on eye health.
But I will wait.
I am seeing massive respect from people, even high ones haha. Sometimes I feel khan is integrating.

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My best guess to the first ticket: There’s potential in everything, but PCC isn’t designed to create an aura for you. It’s designed to help you move socially in an expert-like way. Could that lead to interactions that inspire a feeling of mystery and create a feeling of craving from others? Sure, but it depends on how you get there.

My guess regarding the 2nd ticket: That custom combo is extremely dominant. I’m not sure about the coquette personality mixing in with a masculine commander personality, as it seems that they conflict a little bit. I think the physical shifting that WANTED brings would add something in that combination that isn’t addressed at all by the custom.


Yes the physical shifting is important to me
Aura is kinda a presentation of feeling and thoughts inside you, everyone has an aura.
I think we should talk with a grain of salt about wether PCC has Aura of craving in it or not.
Mao zedong, the founder of china’s socialist revolution showed some coquettish behaviors(The art of seduction, Robert Greene). But my concern is the difference of WANTED’s coquetry and Mao’s.
I read somewhere which WANTED’s scripts are surface rather than deep, I think sth like accepting pas traumas and acting on them and also validating yourself+numerous other scripts.
So I HOPE with programming of my custom+WANTED, I would get results of my custom in an assured way, but I hate the total nonchalance 🥲
Today I started using these emojis, I dunno wassup. Maybe wanted getting executed.

Wanted is the least : on the surface Titel.

Its all deep internal shifts

From accepting your shortcomings to turn them into strength or sexyness

To value generating self esteem

To physical shifting

Its all internal, even the Modus of operation is based on internal values.


Pcc has no aura but with time and transformation you generate your own Aura because you integrated and executed the script.

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The only sub on the shop that is centered around physical shifting is the ‘least on the surface title’?

I was only responding to that

From my experience there is no surface stuff in wanted.

But no Titel is surface stuff, because everything is generated from Within and then brought to the surface/world

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Saint said something similar to what I said regarding WANTED. It IS more surface in comparison to other titles, especially the healing ones.
Let’s not misinterpret concepts

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No problem, it’s just an opinion

I think wa’ted work on a surface level just at the beginning and bring result quickly that way

Then at some point, different for everyone, it switches really fast to work from the inside

At least in terms of feeling
I know that strictly speaking it works on the inside since day 1

But the mind doesn’t catch up as fast
It’s like there is a ‘’ turning point’’ after that Wich if successfully crossed, gives a permanent higher baseline to wanted and keep growing to higher ridiculousness of attraction

But maybe it’ s more a ZP thing that occur if sticking to a title for a longer time period (3month+ come to my mind) rather than strictly wanted


Now I want that Wanted



That would explain why people consistently change in hard ways here on the forum, you can see everyone having a change in term of posting and how they articulate their thoughts, to such a degree that you can litteraly feel that their reality is changing as they’re speaking

You still have their core personality that’s kept but the rest evolve drastically

So honestly you too @Dragon-Lesson you can have that just by sticking to your sub IMHO

Except if it really doesn’t aligne with you at all anymore, then you might consider switching :wink:

It all comes down to each and everyone unbiased and honest observation of themselves


Hi @Alphamale.

Thank you for creating this thread. Based on the number of likes for starting this thread (it’s at 9 right now), you might have just taken the first step to improving your reputation here.


By surface I don’t mean the skin or the body

I chose to not comment on this