Adventures of Ouroboros: Wealth Development

True Sell Black is a custom originally designed by @azriel with the cores True Sell and RICH

My modules are dominion, king’s radiance, negative energy transmutation, fenrir, light of humility, financial success reality shifter, subconscious flow, and unlimiter.

Currently I’m working on my brain, in order to be the best salesman and businessman possible. Running LE + True Sell Black + Paragon right now (healing from post-concussion syndrome so the physical/mental hybrid is nice)

This journal will be a compliment to anything that helps my sales path. HOM will be reintroduced soon. I’ll test out limitless for deeper cog healing. Paragon will probably stay in the stack on/off for a while, and if I want to add in paragon sleep, I’ll go all in and add RoD instead.

EDIT: This is now a journal dedicated specifically to my wealth development, in all it’s forms. At the time of writing this edit (69 posts into this thread to date) I’ve ran True Sell Black (TS + RICH custom) Nouveau Rich Solo, and created a HOM/Nouveau custom) Whatever sub I run and whatever result related to wealth I experience, will end up in this journal.


I’m looking forward to hearing your results!

Idk if it’s just a turn of the seasons, increase in motivation, or an interesting effect of combining Paragon and Limitless Executive, but I am obsessed with healthy activities right now.

WHOOP’s new AI coach is absolutely fantastic, I learned SO MUCH about myself after having a conversation with it about how it interprets my data, and I learned that my average resting heart rate and heart rate variability are way below average for my age group. Luckily, I’m in the top 80% of sleepers for my age group, and the top 90% of sleep efficiency… so I’m sleeping well, on the one hand… but that begs the question, if I’m ABOVE average in sleep, why am I below average in HRV/RHR?

Turns out I’m way below average in daily average strain. I walk a lot, and I go to the gym a fair bit, but my cardio activities are WAY lacking which is causing me to have some off-kilter health metrics.

Not to mention that in order to achieve peak mental states I need peak physical states, AND i’ve been looking for an “obsession” to use to motivate myself with a singular focus, which drives great results for me (the pareto principle, the ONE thing, etc.)

That obsession is becoming health/peak states.

This morning, the moment I opened my eyes, I asked myself automatically “what’s the one thing I can do right now to nourish my body” and I had a much healthier morning than usual

  • Brushed teeth asap (usually put it off till later)
  • AG1
  • Farmer walks up/down stairs with 25lb weights
  • 4 chess tactics out of a book
  • 10 minute cardio workout on trampoline outdoors (cardio + morning sun)
  • 3/4 cup of coffee (finish the rest while working)
  • Cold shower
  • Spoonful of kimchi for “breakfast”

Starting work right before 9 feeling ALIVE!



True Sell Black is insane…

Truthfully, I’ve only ever ran 1 loop of True Sell ZP.

Last time I ran it, it had me wanting to be extremely social, and was helping me be the “life of the party” more than I wanted… and I was looking for Monk-Mode vibes so I just didn’t vibe with it at the time.

That was just a result of my own impulsivity that time, effort, various subs, and especially DRST1 has healed tremendously.

Now it feels like True Sell + Subconscious Flow + Limitless Executive are turning me into an effortless communicator. I’m speaking fast, but every word has incredible intention behind it. I’m not wasting words, I’m fast and to the point, I’m winning people over in situations that are normally kind of awkward (for example, when someone wants the price, but they’re only five minutes into an intro call)



The energy coming off of your posts here inspired me, man…

Kick some ass today :muscle:

Thank you sir!

I think I’m isolating the effect of Dominion in my customs… I’ve used it in quite a few, but not all, and the difference is profound.

A lot of joy. Nothing in my custom except for Dominion could lend itself to any sort of confidence/joy/personal power, so I know it’s coming from that.

Dominion really just feels like an extra level of certainty in my own decision making - literally like if I decide to make something happen, it’ll happen, both from my own power and from the power of manifestation - authority over reality starts with a feeling of authority within myself and I’m feeling it.

Good module.

Maybe we should have a “official disc. thread” for each of the category of custom modules

  • “Official Disc. Thread - Wealth Modules”
  • “Official Disc. Thread - Results Enhancers Modules”
  • “Official Disc. Thread - Emotional Healing Modules”
  • etc
  • etc

Cuz boy oh boy do some of these modules deserve a conversation and aren’t getting one


Dude that sucks… how’d you get a concussion?

when i was 16 i played rugby and got hulk-smashed

I’m actually writing a story about it to tell at a story-slam competition, i can share it once it’s done


I recently took a 4 day break from caffeine, which I broke today, having 2 coffees, and damn I’ve been shaky the whole second half of the day!

My tolerance went way down… which is a good thing in the grand scheme of things. A bit of caffeine is a focus enhancer but a lot of caffeine is a physiology destroyer.

Really motivated to continue long term to stick to 1 cup per day, I’ve never had an issue at that level


How do you handle this? Not asking for advice, at this time, asking how you in particular handle it.

Also can you post the custom list here.

Dominion sounds great- I’m thinking of redoing mine with that instead of last stand.

The custom

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Any of these to deal with price questions on the intro call

Price on intro call

“Everything we do is super custom”

“I’m going to send you some resources that have the exact numbers, real metrics, and case studies from current clients so you can get all your questions answered before our call (Just the VSL)”

“Hey so here’s what’s going to happen, I’m going to go back, do some research on (City), find out the current metrics and numbers and then run them by our team. If we can qualify (city) to currently run our (XYZ Guarantee) then when we hop on another call I’ll get you an exact quote and we can go from there.”

Those are some responses later on down the road but the primary bread and butter is to just answer questions with more questions.

“What’s the price”
“Do you know what you’re looking for specifically?”
“Blah blah blah”
“Is that more for the money or for saving time?”
“Blah blah blah”
“When did you realize you needed to make a change to make more money like you said… a long time ago now, or more recently?”
“A long time ago but what about the price,”
“Yeah no problem man I can get into that, everything we do is super custom so I guess to answer that for you the fastest the thing I need to know is what’s your current marketing spend and conversion rate?”

Etc etc

And if they get blunt with me I’m fine to get blunt with them.

Not to mention once in a while I’m fine to give them a very accurate range, if it’s a 10K program, occassionally I’ll say 8-13K, usually if they’re a past client or giving me nothing but green flags on the intro.

If it’s a closing call, I refer exclusively to “yeah sure I can get to that, in order to answer that, I’d need to understand XYZ” and ask them more Q’s

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If you look at EVERY sales coach they will talk about how STATE MANAGEMENT is the most important thing in sales - that’s why subs are so helpful for it, that’s why so many sales guys are the “think and grow rich” types, that’s why so many sales guys like Andy Elliot are health and fitness obsessed

And lately, running LE & Paragon, I’ve been noticing this myself, my habits have gotten better, which has allowed me more prowess on sales, and more intentionality on which calls to make which I find is even more important than the quality of those calls

Paragon is good right now for the healing, but I’m looking at Emperor Fitness Stage 1 for the near future

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What an awesome experience LOL

@Psiklou how does this change/differ compared to AScended Mogul?

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I think I just redefined “success and productivity” for myself in a pretty radical way…

Admittedly, I’ve been productive for about 30 minutes out of the last 3 hours.

But it was only 2 hours or so of “non-productivity” and yet the guilt and shame I felt when I “snapped out of it” would have been more appropriate if I had been inactive and messing around for 3 weeks. I was making a mountain out of a molehill in my emotional response to the perceived “waste” of a day.

Even worse, that “i haven’t been productive” guilt is a negative emotion that DISTRACTS from work.

Yet I experience this all the time.

This time, though, the realization hit me, what am I worried about, it was just two hours gone, now I have more energy, i can still have an amazing day

And I laughed at how silly I was being and got back to work


Exactly how I do it, awesome. Custom or range. Nice

I find True Sell makes me speak faster as well.

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In my experience, an Ascended Mogul is a very serious and very ambitious Mogul who is not afraid to go for what he wants, people don’t play with him, he is literally Emperor little brother.

If Emperor is some kind of Harvey Specter, AM is his little brother who just started university and wants to be like him.

Mogul is productive and proactive. AM makes me the same but also makes me very self-centered, self-reliant, and removes interest in women. I became tunnel vision on the alpha and wealth journey, uninterested in romance. The aura is more of an ambitious, confident, badass you should not mess with than a wealthy guy. I stopped running it because I was becoming too serious with it (my introverted inclinations may be at play).


Damn Psiklou, happy 5 year b-day. One of the OG’s :sunglasses:

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Bro your ability to summarize sub effects is godly, this is exactly what happened to me on AM and I didn’t even fully realize the full extent till now

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