Abundance's Journal

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Listening Day A. Q(LD,LBfH), Q(GLM)
Listening Day B. DRST1

My mind cant focus. Today I had to do mindless things. Idk if it is recon or overexposure. I think I fried it with too much instant gratification.

I feel impatient for results even tho I am experiencing a lot of internal shifts. I’m finally able to start DR in my second DR cycle.

I wish could run wealth and alpha subs but I know its not wat I should be doing. I may go to the spiritual subs after and not the rich wanted emperor type subs I would like to have. They seem to be a waste of time. I wonder if I will just stick with healing and spiritual subs in the long term or I will ever use the others.

I’ve been eating terribly and don’t really care. I don’t think it’s possible to enjoy life without instant gratification unless I go through deep healing first. I’m healing for sure but is it deep enough. will i be on this journey for a year or years. I don’t force myself to do too much anymore. Something always happens that trips me up or stops me in my tracks. I have to do things differently otherwise id make all the same mistakes that hold me back.

The manifestations on my first DR cycle was powerful. I know now I will succeed at anything I truly want. All the problems I have will be solved. I don’t fully grasp how but I ‘know’ this will happen.

Relax, bro :sunglasses:
You do sound confused and impatient, and that sure is a road to recon and frustration
Get off your own back and everything will be fine.

Yep, confused and impatient, maybe I could take some rest days to check if it’s recon or not.

Or maybe better you should do some meditation each day, just five minutes.
Just sit or kneel, and watch your breathe, let your thoughts go by like clouds in the sky, hear the sounds in your surrounding, but you do f*ckin NOTHING!
Just switch off the electricity that you seem to be under all day long. Just for five minutes! You can do that! Just five, not ten, not half an hour. Just five freakin’ minutes!
Meditate about your goals. Do I REALLY need that? Do I REALLY want that?
Is it worth the energy?
Is it worth to switch from this sub to that sub and another sub and maybe it would have been better to stick to the first one… SH…OOOKS!!! :rage: :cold_sweat: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I used to be like that, and believe me: You have to calm down, bro. You gotta RELAX!
Listen to a sub - just ONE! - that will focus your mind, that keeps you centered and free from distraction or constant change. Listen to that ONE sub to a couple of weeks or even months.
Let the sub do its work. Let the universe do its work.
They don’t work if you run around in your cage like a guinea pig in despair! :wink:
Take care

Listening day

Everything I ever wanted was only what I wanted because I believed it was what I want. I keep having desires come up and I reflect on them. I see that it’s all because I believed it was the only way to be content but I can only get this from within. My desires are losing their power to influence me. They are unraveling in a way where over time I may not be the same person as I was before.

It seems like every desire I have is a false desire except for wanting to be in the present moment with an unwavering mind. I have attributed things outside of myself and even my thoughts and perceptions to be what gives me this state whether I knew it or not. Really there is nothing out there for me to achieve this. It is only something I can get internally. All the worldly things are just bonuses, icing on the cake not the cake itself.

Even my fears are being affected by this. I have fears of not having what I desire. As these desires become less relevant to me and my wellbeing, the fears become less and less as well.


Listening day DR cycle 2

Listening rn. I feel pressured to work on myself. I know the sub is working but I feel the actions I take will determine the execution and results of the scripting. I am pressuring myself to make sure to pick my actions well for my self work.

I don’t know what needs to be worked on to the exact specifics but I know things to work on. I’m hoping what I do is working to support the script.

I question myself, am I listening to too much? I see others unable to handle the script but I feel fine and I’m getting great results. Many internal shifts and a greater outlook of my future. I’m listening to the full 15 min loop of each subliminal of that listening day…
Listening Day A. Q(LD,LBfH), Q(GLM)
Listening Day B. DRST1
One listening day every other day.

Why do I feel fine and others can barely handle a few minutes? Idk if this good or bad in terms of getting the most out of it. Why am I not getting much recon? My only recon is frustration of ‘am I doing everything to get the most out of it?’ the rush and pressure and confusion of ‘am I doing this in the ideal way or not’

I have been thinking of doing 4 cycles for each stage. I would be thorough this way.

Little internal shifts every day. It’s going to amount to something. Externally I cant be sure to write anything down that could be results but internally there is. I am waiting for it to change so much internally that externally things change as well. Like my actions and manifestations.

There have been big blocks that have been holding me back for too many years to count and always seemed impossible to resolve. Now I’m having glimpses of these blocks not being as solid as I thought they were. It feels somehow possible to move on. I think it’s DR and I just have to wait and see it through.

Recon is wanting more subs and more loops. impatience for results despite getting so much. I look on the forum for others DR results to substitute for the impatience. But I think my impatience is being worked on as well. It is becoming less intense and fading.

Almost ran AC but stopped myself. I want to pace myself and be safe from overexposure. Everything is going so well and smoothly I don’t really need to rush anyways.

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I am more comfortable in situations than I wouldn’t be before running these subs. Especially after almost 2 cycles of DR.
If I was uncomfortable before it would be reduced. Theres a smoothness to my day to day life now.

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