A PersonalQ-T's Eye For Quantum Fitness

With the Q Store now open, I got to work on thinking about the ideal set of 20 modules that should be in my sub. However, my wishlist is definitely bigger than 20. Would you help me design my sub? :slight_smile:

I want to use this sub to become attractive. However, I realize that I also need (and want) to be able to improve myself in other ways that aren’t socially minded. That may be my big concern with the sub.

Here are some of the modules I’ve been thinking about, for a Custom Q Subliminal with power-level Terminus.

Already In Possession

  • Khan Q (Going to be using Khan ST4 with this sub)
  • Sanguine Q
  • True Social.

Selection (20/20)

Module Category Notes
Quantum Limitless Q ST4 Core Core Big focus on skills and knowledge; optimize brain and nervous system
Emperor Fitness Q ST4 Core Core Optimize my body. I have a great workout routine going (lifting 5x a week) and I still see room for improvement in my technique as well as physical results.
Mind’s Eye Q Core Core Greatly develop my visualization skills, for both learning (e.g. memory palace) and some esoteric techniques.
Blue Skies Healing A Profound Module. A lot’s been said about this module already, and the description resonates!
Stop P and M Healing Drop this time-wasting activity
Facial Morphing Physical An all in one for changing face (jawline, cheekbones, etc.), works with conscious/subconscious.
Epigenetics & DNA Module Physical Support module for physical changes, it seems.
Serum X Physical Rapid muscle growth and healing!
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness Physical This includes things such as hair, eyes, voice, body (muscle, fat, bones, ligaments… all of it), face etc. Store category is NOT physical for some reason.
Deep Sleep Physical Interested in being convinced as to whether this can be omitted; may be touched on in other modules, but it’s a longstanding issue.
Sensuality And Handsomeness Improver Status To me, this seems like a compliment to Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
Natural Winner Status I’m still not sure how this relates to Overdrive. However, I do like the sound of this module as it sounds like it pushes me towards success and becoming a big action taker despite any seeming failures that might come up.
DEUS Booster Makes the subliminal self-improve and get stronger over time
Pragya Booster Improve brain’s ability to assimilate subs faster
The Merger of Worlds Booster Increase conscious-subconscious connection
Omnidimensional Booster Solve problems via multiple angles
Overdrive Booster I’m still not sure how this relates to Natural Winner. "…Overdrive will make your subliminal endeavors more successful.”
EGO ADSUM Booster “The Power of Now” condensed into a module!
Joie de Vivre Booster Feeling joy as I work on my goals and walk on my life journey is important!


Module Category Notes
Emperor’s Voice Physical It’s a part of Physicality Shifter - Sexiness.
Love Without Attachment Booster Sounds good to have, but seems out of place in a sub that is decidedly asocial in focus
Inner Voice Booster Not prioritizing a subliminal-level push

Emperor’s voice already seems to be part of Physicality Shifter - Sexiness, so maybe you can remove that.

Also I recall @Fire recently mentioning that Deep Sleep is also found in other modules (I just don’t recall which thread exactly).


It was mine when I was trying to narrow down 22 mods to 20 (maybe). But I have a different combination of boosters/healing.

What does this mean? Also what boosters/healing did you use? My final choices for boosters will basically be what resonates with me.

Oh just I remember it being mentioned in my thread about which 20 out of the 22 I should pick. You can see what I have here: I dropped deep sleep and auric overcharger because I had a lot of energy/healing modules. I’m not sure with yours if it’s covered.

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@HypeDaddySovereign confirmed in the main Q thread that the expected time horizon is at least 6 months to a year, which is what I expected especially for physical changes.

With that, I think that it is almost imperative to include DEUS as that will make the sub self-improve and get stronger over time. I’m the most certain of this booster; the other boosters were really picked according to what I feel I ‘resonate’ with based off the description.

I also think that since I’ll have run Khan Q ST4 for months before this sub that I can do this sub at Terminus.


Think I’m going to move up the timetable for when I start this sub, from 2021 to not long after my 20 modules are set. Originally I dedicated this year for just Khan (social goals), however a lot of the programming and plans are a bit tough to take action on during this time. Because of that, I have been renewing and boosting my other interests, such as fitness (recently upgraded my lifting routine to 5x a week) and reading/learning certain things (e.g. such as the financial market). With cases spiking up in the country and the situation not looking like it will fully be resolved until the vaccine arrives—and even then, who knows if social interaction changes forever—these non-social goals and focuses will be taking up more of my time.

So I could really benefit from starting the sub sooner than later. This would also allow the long-term process of physical changes to be set into motion earlier. That said, Khan isn’t going to get dropped—I’ll let the programming happen—and I’ll still continue my existing social actions.

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Why did you choose Terminus in your custom build vs Q level?

I believe the extent of physical changes involved in my sub would benefit significantly from having a higher power (although of course, my listening strategy will have to be different from that of a standard Q-level sub). Reports of user’s experiences with Terminus subs show that it is very effective with 1 loop a day—meaning that I will save a lot of listening time, too.
I also think that my mind is ready to try Terminus in some capacity after listening to a Khan Q ST4 for some time.

Terminus^2, on the other hand, is too experimental and risks the possibility of stonewalling and no results at all.

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Yes I am thinking less loops needed also. Thanks

So, which definition of attractive are we talking about? The kind where you feel like you belong in a beach-themed soap series and it does not matter what others think as long as you feel awesome about yourself? Or the kind where you think you look like what attracts partners to you? They are not necessarily the same.

One thing I see is you do resistance training 5x a week. The stronger you get, the more recovery you need, which is why so many body builders only lift 3x or so per week at their prime. In this case I would actually add Deep Sleep back in as sleep is when you do the most recovering.

Obviously eFit and Serum X are good together. Epi seems a good fit for any physical change sub. PhysShiftSexy fits in well too.

You could consider Alpha Body Language. If you have ever heard of the concept of Power Poses before a job interview, you should know that often the body language we express makes us change our mental state, which is a message to the subconscious to change the rest in order to align everything. So I consider AlBlQ one of my “essentials”. And/or Lion IV (what’s with the IV anyways?).

You could add something like Invincible Presence or Power Unleashed here to complement the physical aspects. These or Alpha Body Language might complement Sensuality & Handsomeness.

Equilibrium may be handy if you focus a lot on resistance training. You would benefit from the flexibility, balance and agility. Inexhaustible could also be handy (the thing the man in the picture is wearing is most likely a diaphragm trainer by the way, not an air filter, for those wondering).

Master’s Coordination stands out a bit since you didn’t add any fighting are speed activities in there. You are correct in your description, but it is a bit lonely in there. Like how Thunder would be.

Obviously you don’t need the motivational modules. :slight_smile:

Something like Natural Winner wouldn’t be misplaced though, especially with your complete lack of healing modules.

My opinion on Male Enhancement is simple. It is nice to have, but only if there’s room in the sub. Otherwise, I would rather create a sexual enhancement and attraction sub that turns me into God’s Gift to Women. At that point, they won’t care about my size and neither would I. But that’s because I have no need to complain about my size, according to a sex worker I used to date. :slight_smile:

On the front of Boosters/Enhancers, Deus and Omni are definitely good choices. Things like Atman, Potentiator, Pragya, Submodel and Information are also among my “essentials.” Modules like Mosaic, Overdrive, Power Awareness, RAIKOV, Forge, Merger and Naturalizer are a secondary essential.

I notice you have no healing modules in your selection. Are you sure you don’t need any?

Well, I don’t need to guess and say I went over 20… again! Let’s see what I can do…

Core (Goal = Fitness) - 4 modules:

Core Support - 5 Modules:

Subliminal Support - 8 Modules:

That’s 17 modules, leaving 3 to play with. At least I would add Natural Winner. Probably Mind’s Eye, since visualization has proven itself very beneficial for athletes. You could in theory leave Deep Sleep out, but my idea is the better we are at that, the less we need for it to be effective. Naturalizer is another one you could leave out in a pinch, but I like the idea of the process being effortless if you’re listening for longer times.

So that’s my take on it. It’s focused on physical fitness and guiding the body’s development towards a physical change that is more attractive in general.

A secondary focus is the expression of status and power while relaxed and as open as you want to be. You yourself described your choices as anti-social, so it’s up to you how social you let the core support modules take you.

Note I did not do anything specifically to attract people because I believe that high status already makes people open to being attracted. If you are in a place for that, all you’d have to do is walk up to them and start the process. So don’t expect any approaches, but they will hover nearby to show their availability for business and pleasure.

So this is definitely a more sigma male kind of sub, where you do your thing and if people wish to share your journey, you’re okay with that. If they can keep up, you’ll enjoy and value their company for as long as they are there.

And since I love boosters, those make up the bulk.

There… done! Made it! I might even make this one myself.

A little warning to people, this post cost me about two hours (and that’s on top of the hour I spent on the “normal” posts), so it’s not something I’ll do all day, I simply can’t afford to spend that much time her, as much as I love it. Feel free to ask if you think I can help your selection process, but don’t demand an answer. I’m doing the best I can.

Can you imagine if the above were all affiliate links? :wink:


Now this is an in-depth response I was not expecting! Thanks for taking the time to write this out! I almost feel as if I should just take this plan :slight_smile: The overall setup here is great, though a little different from what I envisioned so my comments are about some of the finer points.

My concern is, what benefit would I get out of adding Deep Sleep if it is already covered by other modules? EF ST4 has deep sleep tech in it. QLQ ST4 has hormonal optimization (and sleep is a function of hormones).

Not sure that this kind of complementarity is needed if I am not planning to engage in fighting/speed-type interests. Master’s Coordination could supplement Archery, whereas I’m not sure what specific sport/activity I’d engage in that’d make use of Thunder.

It is replaceable if there’s a more helpful module!

Well, my selection wasn’t complete yet since I was looking to have 20. Even then, I was a little unsure about this given what my listening plan was going to be with this audio. I was thinking of continuing to listen to Khan ST1 (which would be the ‘healing’ sub) along with ST4 and this custom, however that could be time-intensive. If there were any healing modules to add, it would be Blue Skies (and then I’d drop Khan ST1). I noticed your setup doesn’t have a healing module :joy:

I am still wondering what the difference between this and Overdrive is given both touches on ‘natural winner.’ Apparently, @Fire would know about this.

I have been careful to avoid the term anti-social because its meaning is quite different from what I’m getting at. While it has the perception of simply meaning “not social,” it’s a bit more negative than that. In other words, not being related to social matters would fall between social and anti-social. And luckily, no SubClub product has an explicitly anti-social focus :slight_smile: That said, I may add some status-type modules to complement the physical aspects.

The other thing is that I am going to continue running Khan for the social stuff, so in my overall listening plan I’m not missing out!

Overall, thanks for the post, I’ve gotten to a state where I now have a candidate set of 20 modules. I’ll be reviewing it over time as I continue to think about what I’ll be doing in the near future.

The only answer I can give is the one I already gave. I can not understate the importance of quality sleep, it’s something that will never backfire if you get better at it. So I tend to emphasize it. Leave it out if you so choose.

For me, the two make a very good combination. My comment was mostly that it is all alone, not that it was a bad choice.

“I Am” is the Total Breakdown from Khan St1 I believe. And there may be healing module choices more in line with the rest of the sub. I specifically left them out because you did as well.

Good question. Here’s to him answering. :crossed_fingers:

I do like combining modules that do similar things to help hem amplify each other. One effect that subs seem to have is that they become more than the sum of their parts, so 1 + 1 = 3. I like to take advantage of that fact.

If you only want to choose 1, you could go for Overdrive, for no other reason than “More importantly, Overdrive will make your subliminal endeavours more successful.”

That line is also why it falls in the last category and not in the second one.

I think I meant what you meant, but I didn’t quite know a better term. It’s not about being averse to social activities, but more about not going out of your way to perform them.

That was my thought as well, but I was too tired to correct the last few typos and add that bit. Consider adding Mosaic to make some of those support modules integrate better with Khan.

Good luck! And do keep us appraised. There’s a lot of these threads and everybody but I especially needs to get some experience creating good combinations.

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Are you planning to stack Khan Separately?

At most, my stack will consist of Khan Q ST4 (currently debating on pausing this) + This Custom. It is intentional that this sub doesn’t contain social modules.

Slightly curious on this though

The long story short is that at this point, I am well aware of the amount of social interaction that can be done (or will be done) for the remainder of the year (and really, until the vaccine is created sometime next year). That is a long time. Therefore I have pivoted towards learning certain skills, fitness (which was already happening but is now boosted a lot) and other non-social stuff. That said, this custom wasn’t ever going to be socially-oriented since I envisioned a sub purely for physical changes at first. Not to worry—there’s visualization techniques, books to read and habits to establish that will keep me very occupied. And as already mentioned, if I do still want some social programming in the background then Khan Q will be there.

You goal is on point with the circumsatnces of the world!
your modules are on point with you goals!

reading your goals! I have gained an insight about goal setting!

Thank you!

Argh, I have been holding out on this one for quite some time thanks to the elusive hair module. Still, I’m happy that I didn’t switch through 1337 custom subs like many seem to have done by now (:joy:). I’ve thought about it and this custom really gets at the essence of what I need during this time. I shifted a lot of my goals this year towards more skills and personal achievements that I am going to do on my own, and I do think the combination of the selected cores covers that very well. I also think that this sub can be used in the long term since learning, fitness, and visualization are part of a lifelong journey.

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1337 custom subs. Some people must be suffering badly from shiny object syndrome.