Help me get these down to 20 total (q store)


So my plan here is to basically smush everything I was stacking (minus alchemist) into one Q custom which means I may need mosaic to combine the two on the days I run alchemist (but I’m also considering building a custom alchemist one too)

Are any of the smaller ones included in the 3 cores I have already? ( stark, ql, seductress)

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How many is this? Sorry, being lazy, hahaha.


22 so just need to get rid of two.


I’d drop Auric Overdriver and StarkQ core (depending on how often you run StarkQ, and especially if you’re running StarkQ Terminus).


So that means I’d still run stark q terminus separate from this? Was trying to put it in there so I didn’t have to.


Ah, I see… give me a minute, let me look over the list again. Hard choice you have here, hahahaha.


Deep Sleep and Auric Overdriver. Those two can be covered by other modules. There’s tons of auric scripting in Energetic Development, Blue Skies, et. al.


Thanks so much for the quick response!


Ah one more thing. the q store is still telling me my password is incorrect for my email address but I’m logged into subclub. I’d like to check out but can’t.


I can reset your password, but it’ll switch it for both stores – if that’s cool with you, PM me your email address. You can also reset it manually on the login page.


So I have also picked out about 21 modules. So I just pay for them all? Or needs to be customized?


I got this too. But I used the username instead and it worked. In case this pops up for anyone else.


@mnemosyne did you run any of the main subs before getting these cores? Especially curious if you ran QLQ ST4 before getting it as a core.


Yep ran them all actually. QLQ ST4 was the first one I ever ran. Then added seductress then starkQ a little later. When StarkQ T Terminus came out I ran that to replace the original.