A new kid on the block - Introduction

Hi Guys.
As a new kid on a block, I think proper introductions and some centerings are in order.
I found out about subliminal 3 weeks ago and decided to explore some things from here.
It’s so nice that there is an active community where one can connect with people, ask for advice and follow his own and others’ paths to betterment.

I am 38 years old male, living in Slovenia.
While I have pretty good foundations for happiness and success( being healthy myself and everyone in my family without major health issues, happily married, father of a happy and healthy 2-year-old son, being pretty well financially off) there are still things in my life that I find challenging and would like to fix/ improve about myself.

My issues boil down to the following areas:

Self-image and self-worth

I spent most of my teenage life in a refugee camp ( from age 7 until the age of 19).
This means I grew up really poor and marked in a negative way wherever I went.
So I basically develop this really poor self-image where I never felt worthy or confident about myself and never stood on my own.

I have been some sort of entrepreneur and running my own businesses for most of my “adult” life, and while enjoyed some pretty good success, I always felt that was part of being lucky and its just a matter of time when things are going to take a turn for the worst.
Even now that I am running a team of 10 people and we are constantly making 6 , sometimes 7 figures a month I still dont feel that I have something tangible and am always saving money and investing it for the hard times.

I often felt ( much less nowadays but still sometimes), that some random people are much cooler than me and I always lack this or that.
While writing this I reconcile that I always had this thought of doubt and fragility around me.

Social circle and friends

I am an extrovert and outgoing person.
Being around people contributes a lot to my sense of well-being.
However lately ( last 10 years ) my social circle is getting smaller and smaller and I am at the point where I dont have many friends left.
I spent time with people at work, but during the weekends I can go out with only 3 or 4 people.
Obviously being married and having a kid ( and living in the same house as my mother, thank god in my own apartment :), occupies a lot of my free time, but I often feel friendless and without people to hang out with.

Health Issues
For the whole of my life, I have been blessed with good health.
I was never sick for more than 3 days, I dont have any allergies.
However, I have few recurring minor things that are preventing me from getting back in a really good shape or be in constant workout form ( minor hernia, leftovers from my previously broken leg of 2 years,…).
I would like to address those issues as well.

Fear of cancers and tumors

I grew up alongside my sick father. He had heart condition and died at age of 42 when I was 17 years old. I guess that left a mark on me( and my sister and mother as well), which i wasn’t aware of until recently.
I grew up as a healthy individual and never spent much thought about health.
But a few years ago when my aunt died from cancer and investigating that its growth in our society, a fear of that disease started to grow in me.
I grew to a point where I started to have panic/anxiety attacks whenever I encountered something related to this condition.
I got the situation under control mainly using meditation and psychotherapy sessions, however its still not resolved and I feel a great deal of unease when I encounter something like this.
My fear mainly revolves around me or someone from my family ( son, wife, sister,…) gets sick and dying. It sometimes drives me in the state of dispare when I feel like shit the whole day in some brain loop thinking about it, and believing it is just a matter of time when something like this will happen.

Alongside that whenever I feel some sort of unusual pain I get fear what if it’s cancer. And it never is and in most of cases, there was never even a base to suspect that it could be. It’s just overreacting behavior and fragile thoughts.
And while I said that for most of my life until now I enjoyed good health I feel that my body is fragile and weak.

I think those are all major ones :).
Now there is a lot of tempting subliminal titles on the shop I assembled a stack that I think I should give it a try. Here it is :

Ascended Mogul - to improve my confidence, self-image increase my mental strengths nad self belief, a boost to the business side of things
Paragon Complete Ultima - Help me heal my recurring issues and get me confidence in my body and allow me to heal and get back on my workout journey.

Regeneration - help me heal of previous traumas and help me get rid of my fears of cancers, give me
more mental fortitude.

Obviously, I would like to try Daredevil and Red Dragon and others, however, I read in instructions that I should start with 3 majors only and not to overreact.

I would like to read your comments about stack, obviously being new to this there is a big chance I got something wrong, so if you have any other suggestions or ideas, those are highly appreciated.

Thats is all from me today, I have to say that I am really looking forward to this journey and sharing it with you.



Hey there,

Welcome to the club. Glad to have you with us :slight_smile:

You’ve picked an excellent stack, two titles of which will be upgraded to the new revolutionary build “Zero Point” which will accelerate the effects. They should help you out with all of which you’ve described, so well done on that. Leave Dragon Reborn (Red Dragon) after you’ve been accustomed to subliminals, its the toughest one to run out of all.

Now, it does indeed state you should start with 3 majors and an ultima, but you picked 2 Majors and an ultima. These instructions will change soon because of the incoming upgrades. However, feel free to add Daredevil, or Inner Circle for friends if you wish so. I would personally not take anything bigger than that, since healing subliminals could overpower others and Paragon is energetically intensive as it seeks to fill your whole being in healing energy. Perhaps after a while on this stack, maybe a month or two (with ZP, a month is going to give you profound results) you could throw RICH in there to help you out in your business ventures.

P.S: I’m glad to hear of your success. I can’t imagine what it was like to be in your shoes :blue_heart:


Welcome to the forum!! I think the stack will be good for you.


Thank you very much for a warm welcome.
I guess everyone has their own challenges and looking it back I wouldn’t trade my path for everyone else’s. It all got me to a point where I am now and I wouldn’t like to change much of that.

Thanks for the advice I am flirting with Daredevil over the inner circle.
Do you think I will miss out choosing that one over Inner circle ?

thx once again.

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Thanks a lot.

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All scripts have a form of Inner Circle to propel the scripts goal. Adding a standalone version will have its own merits such as a broader potential pool of manifestation that is not exclusive to a major title’s goals, such as romantic, hobby/fun, even healing; as opposed to just financial as an example, since it will also be empowered by your conscious desires. Ultimately, it will be up to you. If you have troubles socializing, it might be a good idea to use Daredevil.

I’d wait a bit before jumping to either. Regen and AM might tackle and eliminate whatever is holding your expression on their own, opening up new options for you to choose from.

I hope that this was helpful :slight_smile:


Welcome brother,

My personal suggestion would be Spartan + either Ascension or Primal.

Ascension/Primal will accomplish the same goal of improving your self worth/self image whilst at the same time improving your social circle, they just have different side goals so i’d read each page and see which gels with you best.

Spartan will work on strengthening and improving your health whilst at the same time, and more importantly, giving you the mental strength and discipline to brush those health fears aside. I’ve also had a hernia and it left me with such a strong lingering “i can’t lift this it’s too heavy and may cause my hernia to come back” mentality which was completely fixed by listening to spartan for a few weeks.

I’d stay away from regen and healing for now, focusing in on healing is a big time investment and since you’re already running your own business the insecurities and things it could bring up might do more damage than good. Any program you decide on will heal you in a sense, you just decide if you want it to be a slow gradual process or to really fixate in on it for a few months (the latter often feeling very disruptive).


Can you elaborate on examples of damage ?! Did you run regneration while having a business?!

Thank you for warm welcome and suggestions.
Spartan looks good, however, from description, I got the impression its more intended as a workout enhancer than anything else?

I will stick with these 2 only and once I see improvements in that area might add something more.
I have learned that anything worthwhile in life takes time, so I am not in a rush here.
Pilkington suggested that I take spartian and ascension.
While spartian looks cool,from my understanding s for workout mainly.
What are your thoughts on this?


Which 2 are you referring to? Ascended Mogul + Paragon, or AM and Regen?

Spartan is a great program, especially for the mental fortitude. IMO, if you have no desire to workout or train in any form, then you’d be wasting a lot of processing energy, most of the script would go to waste. Might as well just take Limit Destroyer, or something similar for mental fortitude.

I think you’re good with AM, you fit the description of Mogul as well.

No need to be in a hurry like you said. Within a week or two on AM, you’ll get a clearer vision of what you need to add and work on in your life.


I am referring to AM + Paragon.
Yes, mental fortitude is really, really important for me as I often feel weak and overwhelmed by things.
Also physically I am a pretty big guy ( 190cm, 105kg) with pretty mean skills (10+ years in MT and boxing with over 70 matches combined) and yet I dont see myself as that strong and sturdy dude, rather the opposite.
I do have an interest in a workout, however, for the past few years, I am constantly blocked by injuries of some sort and motivational issues. Like I would begin training, do it for a month then my knees begin to hurt really badly, I need to stop for a week or 2, lose motivation, then resume.
And that cycle repetes with something else soon.

I am pretty sure to go with AM, just not sure what else to add next to it.
Options are Spartian, Paragon, Regen, Limit Destroyer .

Have to admit I feel bit confused by paradox of choice here, so I might just pick one and start doing shit :slight_smile:

Brother man, you also fit the description for Spartan :smiley:

AM, Spartan and Paragon will fit you well.

Ascension will work on your weaknesses and destroy them, however, those weaknesses might be broad, depending on what’s inside that heart of yours; so with conscious effort, or just in due time, it will target those ones relating your fitness and martial arts journey. Spartan will directly turn that nonsense that you just said about not seeing yourself strong around; you’re strong in my book and I’m sure in many’s.

Paragon helped me personally in many issues, such as tennis elbow from overworking my arm in the gym, it also helped my with a very old injury in my leg. Broke that thing decades ago and never fully healed right. It should help you out.

Some supplements for joints in case its skeletal related: MSM, Boron, Bone Broth and GLS.

Also, did you get blood work for that issue, specifically E2? Estrogen plays vital role in our bones, when its out of its boundaries it causes a whole host of symptoms, joints function is one of them.

Leave healing aside. Healing > anything else. Healing will overpower any other programs you’re running, it has a higher priority. So no regen for now.

Go with AM + Spartan + Paragon.

I want to ask, why haven’t you considered RICH? Sorry if I’m adding another variable :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a ZP-enthusiast right now.

These programs are like ninjas the way they slip into your mind and make change so effortless.

I’m very excited about what you will experience in the coming weeks and months. You sound very resilient and like an incredible person with an incredible life experience. Welcome.

My personal recommendation would be to run Regeneration ZP, since some of the issues you mentioned are more about being able to trust that good things will come to you and that you can relax into happy times and positive conditions. The habitual perceptions of the past can be hard to release. Regeneration will help with that. Then in the future when the time is right Dragon Reborn will certainly take things to the next level.

Since you have been quite successful in your external life, I’d prioritize the internal adjustments first.

Then you can also have fun seeing where you want to drive things to next.

I’m a fan of CHOSEN ZP.

You can read the description here:


Thx for the support and awesome reply.
This is really weird with subliminal, when you think you have something, someone else bumps in with some other good program and you know that you could benefit from all of them.

To answer your question about RICH.
Atm financials are not my main concern.
I am doing pretty well financially and while there is a lof of room for improvement getting better there is not my priority right now.
As Malkuth pointed out below I would like to address this internal stuff first before adding “external” stuff.

No I haven’t tried any of blood stuff aside of normal stuff, that doctor subscribes.

Can you recommend or point me out what I should check?

Thank you very much for your help brother your comments have been of tramendeus help.


Thank you for the warm welcome and awesome comment.
I share the same opinion with you that I should work on internal stuff before focusing on anything external ( even social which is my weak point atm).
Regeneration is deffo on my list but right now I chose AM + Spartan + Paragon to be my stack where I hope I will address a lot of my weak stuff and I will add Regeneation next.

How can I get my hands on ZP stuff?
Read in your post these are slowly start to leak in in the December?


Time for the obligatory explanation.

My username @Malkuth is a concept from Qabala/Kabbalah mystical teachings that matters to me very much. It represents the reason that I came to Sub Club. I am not connected to the company even though your files contain a name with that same word.

I know no more than you about how titles are made or when they will be released.


Just a regular hormonal panel, like your Testosterone profile and Estrogen. If its estrogen related, they’d just prescribe you a pill that would regulate them levels to normal and you should feel better.

With the approach that you’re taking, I think that you’ll have a successful journey :slight_smile:


Thanks, made a move yesrterday and got AM. Spartan. Paragorn and Rebirth.

Staerted a journal , so lets see how it goes :slight_smile:


@Sinnology welcome to the forum. SC has two founders both are smart intelligent men. I am one of the veterans of the forum alongside WhiteTiger, OldChap. We assisted the founders in developing their products by consistent feedback. Back in the way we were always chatting to fire and saint. Then the community got rather big and we employed two excellent moderators @DarkPhilosopher and @RVconsultant.

DarkPhilosopher is a funny bloke and well versed in the use of subliminal technology.

Both raphael and Malkuth are the true oracles of the forum. They have acquired their wisdom through the use of subs and life experiences.

Health is vitally important i mean what is wealth without good health. Good luck with your journey friend. I love Slovenia by the way i have travelled their many times :slight_smile: