A Khan Review by ALMIGHTY



as someone who has used Khan for a long time, I think I can give my personal review and hopefully help some other people out as well. Temptation was strong at stage 2 to do other things. I guess lots of other users moved on at this stage or tried to ‘go through it faster’. I consider this a reason why this review is so useful.

At stage 1 already I realized approach anxiety was a thing of the past. Could approach any woman, do what I want, enjoy myself. I was even showing a guy much older than me how it’s done. It wasn’t just Khan that did this, but the lack of care, the sense of having fun, etc was definitely because of Khan.

At stage 2 there was a lot of doubts and depression. “Can I get what I want?”. I started mixing in other subs from Youtube etc at times because it felt like there was a hole. The real change came when I stopped that and instead went ahead and reflected massively and zoomed in on specific issues and addressed them.

Stage 3 was fun. I had an exam coming up. Started mixing limitless but that didn’t feel so good. Decided to go to stage 4 straight away. Manifested some really rough challenges… I was not ready for. Kept going but it was stressful. Also, mixing in Limitless made it feel as though it was… like half of me wanted one thing the other half another. It wasn’t like so focused like when only listening to ST4. Went back to Stage 3 later on after the exam was done, and revisited it for a whole month.

It was amazing I must say. Sometimes had ups and downs but here are some comments. I was extremely attractive to women (no shti). I mean I am normally very attractive too but with this, it was crazy. Once on the train some woman sitting like 3 meters away looked at me and smiled in a clearly suggestive way. Another time a girl at the library asked for my card and I asked why she wanted it, and then she went and came back, was looking at my card and then looking at me when giving it back, again in an ‘obvious’ way, and very very slowly - left me some time afterwards to ‘chat up’ but I had no interest and just said thanks in a polite but decisively dismissive tone. My girlfriend, the most important of all, madly in love with me, was commenting on how handsome I look very often. Therapist also said to me once ‘you are a hot guy’…


Anyways, productivity was through the roof. Fun was through the roof. Sometimes I didn’t like the fact it gives me so much sexual energy but I have learnt to incorporate it. I say for sure, if you are someone who can handle sticking with one subliminal for long, handle pushing through challenges, then you will love it. It won’t be an easy ride and I think this is part of why many don’t like it or don’t listen to it. I saw two long-term reviews on it far as I recall, one was by a veteran the other by a brave guy jumping into stage 4 after a bit of st1. I guess while it can be stressful, at least you feel some excitement. ST2 for me felt boring while at the same time frustrating somehow… Like when I went through the boredom, the real frustrations came. I guess many would think “I don’t need healing skip ST1, I don’t need my belief system skip ST2, let’s go to ST3,…” etc.

Anyways, I defos recommend this program. The guys at Subclub have done a great job with it. For whom?
Pretty much anyone who wants to have fun and build an empire. Emperor is very serious, StarkQ I feel is much more lax but at the same time, not the same dominance and power you get on Khan. This is something I truly love. Therefore, currently creating my own custom that is based on Khan as well.

Again, thank you to Saint and Fire for this great product. It is truly amazing and I am really glad that I am in a position to be able to contribute to their mission by purchasing products now that I have my own income. For a long time I was only able to pay for the basics with a bit of money I got from a scholarship. Now, I can actually do my own business on the side and could afford a custom. First of many successes to come. It’s like a relationship now and I definitely hope to add a lot of value over time, because these guys sure are.

I’m embarrassed to say in the past I was offered these titles for free and I actually started using them because money was an issue. Some I purchased when I could, but some I decided to go ahead and use. It’s in the past but I apologize to them for it. And I am glad that I can afford to pay for things that I truly love. And thank you for your great work. My sincere apologies. I hope that my transgression in this way is forgiven. And I hope that this review will inspire you.

If you are looking for women? Khan - Business? Khan works, although I heard it doesn’t have as much wealth scripting as some of the other subliminals, the immense drive can be used to build wealth, along with parts of Emperor, Limitless and Mogul in it. The amount of fun and enjoyment you experience also later on in the game with Khan as you get things done, is really great. It is amazing. Lovely lovely stuff :smiley: I mean I have tried emperor as well, but this was much much better. Also if you have a relationship I noticed Emperor can really make things too cold. It can be great for friends with benefits situations, etc, but not for a real relationship IMHO. Your experiences may vary but for me Khan was really the right answer and gave me a lot of amazing things across different areas: studies, work, socializing, romance, sports even, etc. Furthermore, it was very very smooth if you followed the stages as intended, and gives you the tools from the very beginning to achieve your goals and push through the barriers if you stick with it. Just take it slow, I imagine the Q updates make it a lot more powerful and potent. I would say most important thing I get from Khan is the sense of building myself and my own identity and character, constantly being guided to do it, to express oneself massively, etc. It really upgrades you. Saint once put it very well “Emperor you just plug it in and you’re good to go, Khan you can make the experience more tailor-made” (paraphrasing). Makes sense and matches my personal experience very well. I think it takes a lot more time also to get the long-term results you’d get from Emperor or StarkQ earlier. Although they have differences, clearly, I think most of us have barely scratched the surface of what Khan is meant to do over the long-run. That is what I am hoping to delve into more.

Also, I recall peers wanting me to be leading them and easily accepting it. They admired me for it and said in front of the guy in charge ( the professor - we worked with a company for this module) that my leadership gave great results. When my team was compared with the other team, ours was like 10/10 theirs like 4/10. That big of a difference. When criticism came or questions that were having a vibe like trying to undermine our efforts, from the company, I could be very real and honest (zero imposter stuff) and at the same time really show our excellent work. I don’t want o get into the details but imagine I was there with people much older, much more corporate experience, trying to school some students perhaps or being a least skeptical, and could easily handle my shit. Although, funny enough, later on when I wrote in my review of the tasks I did that I took on a leadership role the teammates complained and wrote down “leadership and organization”, as well. That was interesting, considering they openly admitted it in the moment too and we all knew it. Interesting. Khan does manifest these situations where people low-key don’t want to see you rise up so far above them, they know it but they don’t want to admit it.

Thank you once again Saint and Fire. I hope more people start using this amazing product and actually have the patience and determination to ride the wave even on the lows. It will pay off. Resist the temptation to move on to other things or assume ‘the subliminal isnt doing anything I guess I don’t need Stage X’.

Hope this helps someone. I really wanted to give back some value here. And yeah, thank you for this. Looking forward to listening to it in my KHLASSIFIED and will definitely keep you guys updated how things go there. I can’t wait till the custom comes! If you are interested, follow that here.