Hey guys,

I am getting a custom made and it arrives in two to four days. To create a bit of mystery situation, for now I will just share the results :smiley: You can judge by it and tell what do you think is in this bad boy. That being said, one thing it includes is Khan - it is mainly based on that because I love this one so much. Also it’s one of my priorities to have that seduction ability but in context of one relationship (be attractive to all, choose one).

That being said, yesterday I went back on Emperor Q and the results were… quite interesting. Had focused on Khan for some time. I have not included Emperor Q in the custom, so will probably mix in some loops here and there. I love how it helped me address things like stress, and pay attention to pain and tension and dialogue with my unconscious. Absolutely cool. I am hoping the custom will give me this ability on its own but if I miss it too much, I may mix in Emperor Q.

There is something nice about sticking with one program when one is a custom, though. Maybe it’s just in my head but I feel the organizational efforts will be less and no need to experiment and see what works etc. I have done so much of that already, mixing a lot of things at times. So let’s see. If Khan Q and the rest of what makes up the custom can deliver similar results, in the sense of how Emperor Q really seems to open up the energetic pathways in the body, just somehow feels out of this world… if Khan and the rest of what’s in the sub can do this, would be amazing. Otherwise, have to mix in some of Emperor.

I don’t expect to get the exact same Emperor Q experience, and do not wish to. But the immense feeling of relaxation was really awesome. And I felt tension leave parts of the body, I felt muscles letting go, I felt I could communicate with my heart and see what is happening and reassure it on matters bothering me, etc. Will I get this with the custom? Let’s see.

I will journal my results here. Might redact things here and there.

So anyways. Here we go. I can’t wait till the custom is here. Will update you on that. First might write some other things to build up to that before it arrives. And feel free to take guesses which modules are included, would be fun I think :D. Feel free to guess the strength of the build also. Down the line I might dekhlassify it, even if nobody has guessed what’s in there by that time.

Anyways. If you choose to come around and read and share your personal feedback (please, constructive stuff only - I want this to be a sanctuary from all the BS in the world),


A Khan Review by ALMIGHTY

First interesting thing:

Today a customer that had not been paying me till now (said was waiting for credit card but bank was having issues due to covid) asked me for the invoice link again. I will soon get paid (I think), finally, almost all the money spent on the custom. I was not considering this even yesterday when calculating my budget, etc. So cool. Now got some more abundance =)

I take this as a dope omen

Furthermore, my dreams last night were out of this world… a lot of crying.

A dog bit me. I was annoyed but mostly it was my ego that was hurt. I told the dog owner this was unacceptable, etc. This person invited me to their home and gave me some food. It was a nice gesture. Before this, also, there was a horse… hm. Not sure why I brought it to my home. Then at some point it was as if I had to kill it, when I didn’t want to. Like I thought well I have no place to keep it, etc. It opened its eyes and it made me so sad… like it sensed what was about to happen. I called my mother and told her this while crying and she told me I don’t have to kill it… I can keep it and feed it… not sure what happened next but (and actually the horse was before the dog thing). Last but not least, I went to some event where Dr Richard Bandler was talking and it went on a few days. There was a guy with a booger hanging out his nose at some point, and as I scratched my beard he told me I was disgusting or something for doing that. And pointed at his booger and said “see we don’t scratch things off”. I had a sense it was me against all of them (well, in my conscious mind which was now far far away), but felt very grounded and told him something like fuck off.

In the end my shoes were mistakenly taken. A different pair to what I have but same brand. One of them was taken and instead an Adidas was there in the same color. I got to the room where the final certification handing out etc was happening and Dr Bandler was laying down and I was surprised that I came so late when all had left… but he wasn’t I think. He said “people don’t pay attention to colors usually” hm, was talking about the shoes but not sure… maybe something about racism (I’ve been fucked with due to my skin color more than I can count). But what really hit me was he told his colleague: “see how much less angry he is” or something like this or “I told you he’d be less angry” and laughed. I haven’t seen Dr Bandler’s face actually maybe once I saw a picture, but I know it was him. The voice is what made me know it and other things like the context and just knowing.

Anyways, there were some other elements in there too but these 3 were the main ones. CRAZY shit.


Cool concept, looking forward to reading this journal.

I’m guessing you have Merger of Worlds since you have an interest in the dialogue between the conscious and unconscious. (I have not noticed that as an aspect of Emperor, I’ll look for it.)
I’m also guessing you have Dream Traveler due to the level of acuity in your dream and interest in the unconscious.
I’m also guessing you have Blue Skies or Love without attachment based on the content of your dream.


I just went to read this, but its gone lol
Did I guess any of them correctly?
probably not :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:but curious


Haha, thank you. Didn’t include Merger of Worlds… I really wanted to, but the limit made me have to go with some things that I considered more important for this one… definitely want to try it another time

Dream traveler, indeed. Btw, this journal is still before the custom. I am waiting very very impatiently. It is difficult. Should come tomorrow because then it’ll be 5 days… but damn! :smiley: it’s difficult

Blue skies and love without attachment were also great, but I haven’t included them yet. I did listen to Emperor the night I had these dreams so guessing New beginnings did it, if one healing module is responsible for this =)

Last night I had very interesting dreams too. The overall thing I took from it was that my brother sometimes gets very anxious and perceives threats where there may be none, and that this makes me angry when he acts in a weird way towards me… and it can lead to a lot of problems between us. But I must have more understanding and not let this fuck up our relationship…


I can’t wait for the custom to arrive… it is difficult. :smiley:


Still nothing. This is day 5 so should be here soon… ( almost :sob: )


Fingers crossed that Q has been computing your custom even on the weekend.


Thank you brother. I doubt on Sunday since they say 3-5 ‘business days’… ah… you are right, now I realize it.

DAMN -_-

And THANK YOU :smiley: Fingers crossed also… that it will be ready in 4 days… the middle road ahaha

EDIT: realized Saturday is not considered a business day either. For past 3 years I’ve been working all days, usually even on Sundays… in order to make just a bit of money alongside my studies. It was hell. Often delivering food on the bike in rain and snow. Crazy stuff. And well, for me Saturday really seemed like a business day based on this. Now I’m understanding that’s not how it goes :smiley:
Either way, really glad now I can have more freedom and do things I enjoy doing more. Part of that is definitely thanks to SubliminalClub.


Damn, Still processing. Nothing much to report except really grateful for the support these guys offer (Fire and Saint - DarkPhilosopher too)

But ALAS still not sure when it’ll be ready. I have heard something big is coming so maybe that’s why they are even busier than usual… I just wish I could get this sub right about now… It is almost end of day 4… can it please come now…


@ALMIGHTY - there are delays since SaintSovereign and Fire were moving their office. But they are on the Custom backlogs right now since the move is finished so it will come as soon as possible. Meanwhile, enjoy what you have.


Hey @raphael. Love your username ;D

And yeah, damn. You are right. I thought it’s just all done automatically but not sure how much they have to get involved also or whether they move the server, etc, as well… I guess that could be the case very likely!

Sighs, I am not going to listen to those I have anymore… until I pay for the them. Which I will do very soon.

Can it be done today?? :smiley:


@ALMIGHTY - haha. Am sure they wish it could be done today too but who knows? Fingers crossed.


GG thank you very much

Can’t wait. I really Love this idea though. Always thought having some of ST1 in ST4 Khan would be epic… now we have a chance to try such things out.


Day 5… the order still shows processing.

I don’t know how much longer I can survive here.

I miss my wife and children.


Alright apparently today it’ll be ready - I cannot wait

Also realizing I may want to order a second custom very soon right after to focus on a few things even more. Some things you don’t have your whole life to achieve. I am young and intend to use my youthful energy to accomplish some big things and set myself ahead. Probably I am a very unique person - nay - definitely I am very unique and probably among top 0,01% of my peers. Maybe sounds like a dickish thing to say but, well, this is what I feel and I arrived at through my reflections.

Alls this to say, I should make tough decisions. On the one hand I don’t have a lot of money still. On the other, I am thinking of investing another sub (and this is not the only thing I think of investing in - also certain courses come to mind). I am thinking how to find the awesome thin line where I am investing in myself enough and at the same time, saving enough to be able to be on top of my shit and keep things going amazingly.

I think in any case, it’d be a good idea to give this subliminal a month to get its thing done and then adding in a second one.

I can’t wait for it to arrive though. Damn those were some of the longest 5 days of my life. Maybe the longest… although nah, it reminds me of when I was a kid and my father went on long trips abroad… thinking of when he’d come back… those felt like much longer days. But… this does come close =) ahahah


How long have you been listening Khan for?


I think more than a year now


So long?did it get better?


So when Q was released, how did that affect your results? Mind share some information regarding your experience with Khan?


Absolutely, it only gets better and massively so. Although at some point I did ‘crazy experiments’ (this was when I had already listened to it for long though… maybe 4 months or so in I started this). I Stacked a few other titles, etc. Not recommended.

Right now that I focused more, I see the results increasing tenfold. It’s interesting. Last time I resisted this was just the other day: I got into a verbal altercation with a guy like twice or three times my size at the gym over something stupid. I was standing my ground I’d say, and he was very aggressive. I made some comments also that I guess made him upset. It’s interesting… I realized how even such people easily get hurt (actually, perhaps they are even more fragile).

Anyways, we ended on good terms but afterwards I was all like “I could have done this better, I could have done that better”. I realized later probably he was having same thoughts. And that no matter what I would always think “I could have looked cooler” going back. But at the time I was convinced I must add Emperor to my stack so I can be more “powerful” and so on… I realized soon this was stupid reasoning. I realized, and thought to myself, what if what I am doing and also Khan itself has helped me manifest this… what if it’d be better to stay on this path, just learn every time and improve, and not be too hard on myself. Like things are just inherently messy and one must stop chasing something ‘better’ always… one must sometimes be comfortable staying on a path and not constantly trying to run away from discomfort by adding or removing things. Just push through.

So I stuck with my decision and didn’t add anything else like Emperor.