ZP - Wanted, Chosen and (Undecided)

My subliminal history for the past week:

Monday Feb 21: QLST4 ZP x 1

Wednesday Feb 23: Ascended Mogul ZP x 1

Friday Feb 25: QLST4 ZP x 1

Sunday Feb 27: Ascended Mogul ZP x 1

Today March 1: Ascended Mogul ZP x 1 after Ascended Chamber ZP x 1

I’ve decided to drop QLST4 ZP and just focus on Ascended Mogul ZP in my 21 day cycle.

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1 loop of Ascended Mogul ZP today.

I might end my cycle of Ascended Mogul middle of next week since I should have done 21 days.

It’s strange but there are some moments where I feel that everything around me is something like the 3-D rendering of a computer program, and that my consciousness is the only thing that exists.

There are also moments when I see something happening to some other people or somebody doing something, be it in the news or in real life, I have this feeling that I am them. The multimillionaire who owns a big house, the CEO who has 100s of people reporting to him, the middle-class father who has three young children to worry about each day, the young man in his early 20s who is dating his high school sweetheart… I feel like I am all of them and they are all me, even if I don’t remember having gone through what they experienced, I sometimes feel like I don’t need to desire all those because I have already had those experiences in my past lives.

Do I really want that big house? On one hand it seems that I do want to live in a certain type of house in a certain location and I have only one life so I should make sure I work hard to make enough money to get my dream home. On the other hand, the feeling that I have a limitless number of lives and experiences, and that I am have already lived in that big house in another life.

And when I refer to “another life”, I am not referring to another life that is differentiated from this current life in chronological terms. Perhaps I should say, “another reality”.

Not sure what I am writing actually. It’s confusing.


Am I actually an artist deep inside? Recently had this feeling that I should have studied architecture or some design subject where I could design public spaces in the different countries that would reflect a “sense of place”.

I still get fascinated by images of beautifully-designed public spaces and buildings that reflect some sort of traditional culture, and yet are economically sustainable.

Or perhaps I’m already doing that in a different reality - just appreciating the works produced by my subconscious.

On other note about subconscious production, perhaps whatever emotions that are running around people who keep on reading the news these days, it’s also a product of my imagination, and are an energetic representation of my imagination pushed out. Just like everything else.

Not sure why, the INTPness is me seems to be getting stronger. As each day passes, I am identifying more and more with the INTP personality, even if I had tested as an INTP a few times.

I hardly write down about my dreams these days because I cannot remember them when I wake up, or they just happen to be too mundane.

However, one part of a dream that I had last night was that I was in some boot camp and I had some goal of losing weight in the program. I asked myself in the dream how I was going to lose weight, and saw myself going through a few weight-loss activities in something like a video montage. That video montage seemed to have encapsulated my entire weight-loss program in a certain time of a few months.Anyway, I felt like I was viewing my journey towards weight-loss in from a third-person perspective in my dream.

Other things that I noticed about myself - I seemed to have some improved intelligence on the markets, and have been able to connect more and more dots with regards to certain global events. Perhaps that’s why I wrote in the previous post that I felt my self moving closer to closer to the INTP personality.

Just finished reading through this book titled “Leibniz, Einstein and China” by Jan Krikke. A very insightful read which left me with much to think about. The author tells us how about the influence of ancient Chinese philosophy, especially Taoism and the Book of Changes, on binary computing , Boolean logic as well as various scientific theories espoused by eminent Western scientists like Albert Einstein.

Having read through the book, I started remembering Saint Sovereign saying that how he used calculus to come up with the script for Sage Immortal.

In any case, something seems to have switched on in my mind.

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1 loop of Ascended Mogul ZP and 1 loop of Rebirth ZP today.

I should be renewing my service contract with my business partner this month.

Meanwhile, I also need to prepare myself to carry on further discussions with the company that approached me over a possible development role quite recently.

I had also realised that these days, my mind could be buildiing connections at a rapid speed in certain areas. A friend of mind kept on asking me about investment opportunities in the current geopolitical climate and my brain would go into overdrive mode and I would be furiously digging out information from the Internet that was very useful to him. Of course, it was good that both of us had similar views on the current situation as well as a similar general worldview.

It has in fact become a little clearer to me about what I want to do. My mind these days has become all about building connections and connecting everything that I see or hear about.

I was going to run Ascended Mogul ZP today, but decided that I would treat the period starting from the last Monday as a washout period until Friday, since I’ve more or less been running Ascended Mogul ZP for about 21 days now.

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No more Wanted?

No more. Not my priority at the moment.

1 loop of Ascended Mogul and Ascended Chamber last Saturday.

I secured a new project to ease my cashflow a ittle bit.


Haven’t been listening to any subliminals since last Saturday and I may just run Ascended Mogul ZP and Ascended Chamber again this Saturday.

Been busy working on a short consultancy project - I am expecting a relatively good fee for a few days of work to add on to my payment for my retainer contract next month. The forecast for the money coming in next month is not a lot to most people but a lot for me.

My annual retainer contract is going to be renewed soon, and I am looking to see what the client has in his proposed scope of works before I decide to renew the contract with him.

Finally, I will probably settle on a Mogul-R.I-C.H ZP custom that I can run for the next 6 months that should help me with my financial situation. With additional cash next month from my business, I can spare a bit of funds to do some investing in equities or even cryptos. I will also be looking at all avenues to open up my pathways to wealth manifestation during these 6 months.

I am sure it is not too late for me to focus other goals when I am in a better financial position after these 6 months with my Mogul-R.I-C.H ZP custom

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Recently, I learnt how to create a simple ebook for reading on my mobile device.

I’ve also become very interested in some business strategies in China which are not well-known in the West but are widely-known in China, and used by many of their blue-chip companies. There is quite a fair amount of literature on such topics in Chinese but they have not translated into English.

I see an opportunity in getting such knowledge out and am looking out for translators to help me translate the information into English for a start.

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1 x Ascended Mogul today and 1 x Ascension Chamber.

I also did 1 x Ascended Mogul two days ago.

I cycle between periods of sluggishness and periods of extreme motivation to finish up my work.

Have also lost interest in a lot of other distracting stuff.

Some parts of my dream last night.

  • I was at a waterfront and saw numerous drones in white and of different shapes and sizes flying across the sky. This is interesting as I rarely see the open sky in my dreams.
  • A certain dark-grayish mechanical object landed in front of me while I was at the bus-stop and it transformed into an office chair. I was somehow guided by instinct to go and sit on the chair which would take me to a certain location
  • I was in a vehicle with someone who was driving me up a slope. As far as I can remember, I have dreams about moving up a slope (both walking and in a vehicle) a few times in recent months.

Anyway, I haven’t been running Ascended Mogul ZP for 3 days now as I decided I might as well do a five day washout and start on my wealth custom when it is ready.

Otherwise, I am expecting quite a significant sum of money from my work projects next month - been quite a while since I would have that amount of money in my bank account - though I’m not out of the woods yet in terms of my financial commitments.

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Been thinking about creating a software focused on macrowave investing.

Having this constant image of my niece and nephews playing happily inside a well-lit room while I am supposed to be dead.It is a surreal feeling, like something has happened to the world and the older generations have passed on. This image is not part of my dream. I keep on having this vision when I am awake.

Otherwise, I have been dreaming quite vividly recently.

One of these dreams involved something about wonder woman and a certain school. Tried to see if there was a link between wonder woman and the school by doing a google search when I woke up, but I could not find any link.

In another dream, I was at a food court that exists in my real life and realised that half of the stalls there are missing, and there was only an empty space where these stalls were supposed to be. The other half of the remaining stalls were closed. I realised that I was barefooted in the dream, and somehow I had walked out of an office during a brunch break to the food court. I also realised that I was late for an appointment and rushed back to the office despite being barefooted. Then I realised that the appointment was on another day (the 30th of March), but anyway the boss of the office was angry that I was five minutes past the end of the brunch break.

Been thinking a lot about the gathering storm and the dark clouds that are forming in the world.

An old book I read in school , The Inspector Calls by JB Priestley came into my mind today. It’s a British play set at the beginning of the 20th century and has at its theme irresponsible behaviour by the self-righteous which creates a chain reaction leading to war.

I could somehow relate to a certain line in the play summarizing the theme," If men will not learn that lesson, then they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish".


It’s been adapted into a drama anyway for those who are looking for something to watch.

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