Your goal is you!


When I first began reading about subliminals I quickly discarded it as something made up - this would never work. That was my initial standpoint. I did not see any possible use in it.
At that point I was in a situation where I did not need to focus on myself that much. I felt confident in myself, relaxed, outgoing and could easily socialize with many, if not all the people I meet on my way. Basically, I was on my way to the top with my own tools.

About 8 years ago, I meet a girl. We settled down, had a couple of kids and things were still going great, but as time wore on, I felt I was missing on something in my life. Then I went through a few events, which to be honest, wasn’t that pleasing. First I lost my job, and although I thought I could easily get a new, it seemed everytime I applied for one or got to an interview, I did not feel myself. This resulted in me not getting any jobs and as a result, I became more depressed and indugled in self-pity (I hate when people do that)

Lately, I discovered my self-confidence and self-esteem was shot. I did not have motivation nor energy to complete tasks. I decided to further educate myself and complete a master degree, which I am close too now. Besides that, I work as a part-time supervisor, which gives me just about enough to survive on my current lifestyle.

By pure coincidence, I stumbled upon subliminals again. Specifically here. I then spent much time reading here, before I finally took the decision to invest in the Emperor.

So how has that turned out?

Day 1:
I started by listening to extreme version, put on my phone and just put it in front of me. For this week I am home mostly, since I’m working on my thesis - so lot of reading’n’stuff. Anyways, I managed to listen to it for 6-7 hours. I did not listen to it in the night, since I do not want my GF to be exposed to it.

Day 2:
I have 2 kids. They take up some of the time, but luckily, they also go to daycare, since my GF work and I have to write my thesis. This morning, when going to the daycare, I noticed myself thinking about my walking and how it should be. I usually tend to slender along and just look down, but this time, my brain somehow told me to straighten up my posture and look ahead - not down and walk like I was supposed to show myself.

I will update as things happen.


Congratulations on taking the first step toward reclaiming your life and thanks for supporting SubliminalClub.

I can relate to your skepticism about subliminals. When I first found them, I had the exact same reaction – and like you, I started using them after I lost EVERYTHING. I mean, everything. Was damn near penniless.

But subliminals helped me get to where I am today, where I’m making over six figures, in the best physical shape ever, and I’ve never been stronger mentally.

Keep relentlessly pushing forward. You’ll get there.


I’m pushing all I can - well when time allows me too do it.



Day 3:
It’s early stage, and I’m not expecting any immediate results.
I keep listening to it in the day, when I have the time. Yesterday I think i managed to listen about 7 hours in total.
Somehow, I find it a bit difficult to focus and concentrate. It’s like that my brain is a complete chaos, thoughts all over the place, random thoughts. Like there is a fight going on. Dizziness would probably be a fitting description.

Every time I walk outside, I am constantly reminded about my posture, even though I do not think about it.
Mood swings a bit. Some periods I experience aggressen and being angry, but not sure what I am angry with or about. Other times it is good and I’m happy.


It’s been 7 days since I last posted anything here…

I recently started up on going to the gym. I looked at myself in the mirror one day and I suddenly just had enough of myself and the way I looked. I am a bit overweight. For the last 10 years I’ve always accepted me as I am. Now, I don’t.

Few days ago, I added in the Ascended Mogul to Emperor. I do not know if this is a good idea, but I wanted to specifically enhance the alpha and mogul bit. Whether this works or not, I’m not sure about yet, but guess the only way I’ll find out, is to try.

I have also felt a lot more tired during the days. I usually get a fair amount of sleep, around 7 hours. Usually I’ve been able to get past with 5-6 hours for all the time I can remember, but I upped the amount.


You should be fine – the “Ascension” part of Ascended Mogul overlaps a bit with Emperor, so the only “new” information you’ll be receiving is from the “Mogul” part.


For some people, men and women as well, you end up at a crossroad. It’s about choice. That is quite normal, it happens almost every day for everyone. Now some of these are by far a lot more complex than others. Making the right decision is not something that can be done in a minut. Make the wrong decision and you will end up hurting people, which is never nice, unless you are some cold bastard!

But what about those crossroads where both roads will lead to you hurting people? What to do? Turn around? That’s not always possible.
Does logic apply here? You could argue and reason your decision with logic, but that rarely works. Humans are complex creatures with feelings and so on. Logic does not always apply.

I’ve dissapointed people. I’ve hurt people. I made others cry of confussion, sadness and so on.


I’ve made a decision! I took a standpoint and I stood by it!

Now why do I write this shit? I honestly don’t know. I suddenly just felt the urge to do. Why here I can’t answer as well.

It’s been 2 weeks now since i started on the subliminals. I did not expect it to make any changes within me or make me feel much different, but something has changed.
I feel that I am no longer caring as much about some of my friends anymore. I feel more that I should be the one they should care about. I feel I should take better care of myself.

I also feel a LOT more tired lately.

I’ll post again in some time :slight_smile:

For now, this will have to do!


It has been a few days since last. Still nothing much, but I am also completely focused on my master degree. This means not going out really and just sitting my ass, reading and writing. Oh so boring :sob:

Anyways, that means the subliminals are running from when I am sitting down till I stop late in the evening.

Last night I had a strange dream I think. I can’t really remember it, but I woke up and it felt unrealisticly real.


It’s been some days since the last post. Things are going pretty well in life at the moment. Confidence seems flowing more freely from me and self-esteem has improved. Funny, sometimes is just about pushing yourself out in the open, to se changes happen.

Not going to say that this is the end, not at all. This is just the beginning of something and what that something will turn out to be, that’s the interesting thing. That’s the thing I don’t know yet, but somehow a thought keeps popping up telling it will be for the better.

What’s else is new? Books! Yes, books are a great source to gain more information, learn more and be more knowledgable. The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi is great to read and the same goes for Mark Mansons Models and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.
Although aimed at the point of understanding women, gaining attraction from women, learning the game, I personally think that much of this also apply in other contexts. Besides this, they are heavily focused on personal development. For instance, how can you expect to hook up with girls if you don’t put and effort into developing yourself?

Another thing going on is my fitness training. I eat more healthy, and combining these together, I’ve managed to shed a few kilos. It takes time and I’m prepared for that. This is a long-term project of mine.

I was at a private party last week. It was with some friends and a few unfamiliar faces, but nothing wrong with that. I like to meet new people and learn about them. Anyways, as the evening progressed and I got entangled in different conversations with both girls and guys, I felt more that I was becomming the center of the party. At one point, I was explaining some random stuff and paused for just a brief moment - at that point everyone was focused on me, I could see them simply just sitting there sucking it all up. This hasn’t happened to me before, well on a very rare occasion it might have without me noticing or paying attention to it.
Anyways, this party came at a welcome point, i had some things I wanted to try out when we hit the bars, especially with girls. I’m not out there to hook up with someone, I have a girl at home, but it gives me satisfaction to talk with girls and other people, and trying out things I’m learning. So I see it all as an experience, a way to learn more about myself in a way I haven’t really done before. I did not really expect anything to happen that night, bar a few random chats with random people.
However, I noticed that one girl from the earlier party was giving a lot of IOI. I wasn’t really interested in her, but I was interested in finding out just how far I could get with her without escalating, which turned out to be very far.
So in a way a fun night out.

So where does this include the subliminals? Well, I do not know. But I’ve been listening to Emperor and Ascend Mogul averaging around 7-8 hours per day.

Together with the books I read, and the focus on developing myself, the subliminals helps me in achieving this. I feel more at ease when talking to people, not really giving a fuck about what happens - not in a way that it hurts me physically. But let me say, that if someone would reject me or friends turns me down, before this would hurt. Now, I don’t really care. If they don’t want to spend time with me, it’s their loss not mine. It’s my gain to go and actually do anything else that caught my interest.

I guess I really should try to make this post a bit smaller, but when I first began, I couldn’t stop. Words were just flowing out and my mind is working faster than ever.


11-17-18 @ 3:30 PM
Glad to read up on your positive progress report, and I agree with the books you mentioned, really great information to read when it comes to investing/improving yourself as a man.


My girlfriend has always thought me as being the alpha in our relationship. She recently brought this up just out of nowhere - I’m always taking charge, leading around, making decisions. Well, I cannot take it all, but other than that, now that I think about it, she does have a point.
Just gotta get that out in my other life…

Anyways, great news. Though I am currently writing on my master thesis, I also managed to secure my next job as a consultant.


Yes, she may “complain” but she’s just testing whether you’re really the alpha now or whether you’ll back down.

With women, you’re either their Alpha, or their Bitch. There is no “healthy middle”. They’re not biologically programmed that way because they’re not just men with boobs.


Believe me, I am the alpha around our house. She is completely obedient towards my actions. What I decide is law, though I do give her freedom on matters, where I simply do not care at all.


Ah ok. Because this sentence was not clear. What it appears to say is: Your GF was the Alpha. You changed. So she complained to you that you are taking charge, leading her around, and making decisions. Which would be a normal Alpha test on her part.


Ahh, I can see i forgot to include “me” in it :smiley: Just noticed now.


Warning: Fairly long text :heart_eyes:

Almost 2 weeks since the last post. What’s happened since then?

Let me start with something I’ve developed a deep passion about - lifting weights!
I cannot express the happiness and joy I get from it. I go 3 days a week with a full body program and the more I go and come, the more joy I get. I wouldn’t have expected this 2 months ago. I spend lots of time besides, watching youtube videos of these “experts” talking about training methods etc. and it all just feels it makes me more knowledgeable. I run Limitless ONLY the past 2 weeks.
In addition, I’ve started on OMAD (One Meal a Day). It’s working out pretty well right now and has increased the rate I’m shredding weight.
I intend to up my training with a split program once I can put more focus on it.

Socially, nothing new really. Due to Master thesis I don’t really have time for social activities, but that will increase as soon I finish this Master. But for now, I got to give it all to write this stuff.

About the subliminals… Currently I have Limitless, Emperor and Ascended Mogul. Here is my view of them. I’ll begin with Limitless.
Note: I’m running subliminals approx. 8-9 hours a day, since I spend so much time reading and writing with the computer. I tried running in the night on the phone, but my GF complained about headaches, so I decided to stop that, to avoid that problem (wouldn’t be very nice of me to give her headaches).

I feel Limitless works for me. Especially lately, when I’m reading articles and watching training tips. I feel that the information I get is processed a lot faster and more of it sticks with me.

I’ve been running Emperor since I bought back in mid October. But I haven’t really felt anything with it. Maybe in the beginning. Some things that have changed that I noticed is my deepening of the voice, much more powerfull speaking (louder and clearer) and improved posture.
I will say, that it might come later, and it is possible that I haven’t put myself in enough situations where it would be brilliant. So I will not put too much emphasis on current status with Emperor.

Ascended Mogul:
As with Emperor I do have a bit the same feeling.

I will point out, that I intend to run them for a lot longer. Especially when I finish my Master thesis and can focus on more personal development.

I’ve seen Primal and maybe that could be an interesting addition.

I’ve changed the topic name. Before I had “Ask, listen and then ask some more”. Why change it?

I felt at that time my beliefs needed to be questioned. I still do, but to a much lesser degree now.

So the new topic name is: “Your goal is you”. Of course, that is what everyone says here. That’s what the subliminals are for. That’s why we buy them. Our goal is to change ourselves, our beliefs, our goals in life for a better life. But much important in my opinion is a vision. A vision that means something to you!
I’ve long had a fundemental problem, which I didn’t realise I had untill 3 weeks ago. I lacked vision!

“Isn’t that a little late??” NO!

Well if you are on the deathbed then yes, that may be a little late, but I’m 33 years old. I have my whole life in front of me. I will have completed a 5 year education in a discipline I did not even think about 10 years ago. I just signed the contract for my new job, with some benefits I didn’t think I would get. Much has changed and more is yet to come.

My vision:
I want to live my life to the fullest. I want to explore and discover the world before I wither and die.

I will be the person my kids looks to with pride when they say, “This is my dad”.

I will invest in myself, in others that share my life, are a part of my life.

I want to forge a career that includes constant learning and improvement for myself.

I will learn from my mistakes and overcome challenges.

I will be a person, a man, a real man!

Most importantly, I will be myself; an alpha, a protector, a friend, a lover.


This is the vision for my life. It is broad speaking, hell even loose speaking. I create missions from this. Now I have WHAT i want. But how I get there, I set some missions. But that, will be later.

For now, this is all I had.


You’re doing some excellent things, keep going.

Subliminals pushing you to lift is definitely normal, and a very good decision.

I’ve made a curious observation, when you mentioned about Emperor that (excluding the voice, posture, and other basic changes Emperor provides) :

But then, you come back with a vision that is becoming much grander in scope, much more fit for an Emperor:

The beginnings of an Emperor - a grand vision, a dream. Funny how that works, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looking forward to your next update. :slight_smile:


That may be true :slight_smile: I didn’t really think of it until after I posted it. That this probably is the “Emperors” work :wink:


Wauw… as said in Owen Wilson type voice…

It has almost been a month.

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I hope you all had a great day/evening/night. I certainly had. In fact, I think one of the best evenings ever. Not the best, but one of the best. There is a difference :wink:

Onwards to this journal - what has happened since I last made a reply.

It is diffiult to say really. I don’t know really. My listening time has drastically reduced. I’m not really feeling a need for listening anymore. I do at various times, but in general… I don’t feel any need.

I feel relaxed and in a great mood all day long. :hearts: life.

Anyways, back to something interesting, this other thing here was total crap for others to read!

So why was New Years evening so great? First of all, I had a visit from an old friend. One of my best friends. We rarely see each other, but when we do, everything is just normal, there is nothing weird or random, we just instantly “click” together, like we’ve never been seperated.
We went to a bar, drank some beers, had a great time, meet a few girls and boy, do these girls just cling to me like never before. One said something interesting which I remember:
“You are soo different compared to all other men… I cannot read you.”

To be honest, I didn’t put much into it. I have a girlfriend. But I could see she was fired up. She was trying her best to figure me out. Find out who I was. Why I was different.

So me and my friend decided to move on. Things were getting a bit heated… :sweat_smile:

Anyways, I almost check in every day on this site. I love reading what other people are posting. I can only say one thing - do your best! And live your life!

Things are looking good for 2019. I will finish writing my master in a few hours. Probably a good idea since I need to hand in tomorrow (January 3rd)…


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