Your favorite Aura module

Been a while since I started a discussion here like this, so here’s something for us all to benefit from:

What’s your favorite Aura based module?
And why is your favorite?


edge of danger.

Its my favorite because its a perfect complement to sexual subs/auras. Ever since adding it and using it regularly I have noticed a distinct increase in the arousal and pure desire in the women around me. Sexual aggressiveness in women is a turn on for me and for some reason the customs I have this module in has increased the sexual boldness in the women who are interested in me.

I also noticed it makes men admire you as well. That’s right I said admire. Admiration and respect which lead to positive social connections. I actually have had zero conflict situations since starting this however I never had that problem in the first place; I always get along with people. I mention this just to ease anyone’s mind concerned with potential negatives. I myself only experience benefits with this aura. Lastly, you just feel like a badass. Edge of badassery is a more fitting name.


Woah :exploding_head:
That seems epic AF ma man.

I have it in my Troublemaker custom (not using it anymore), and this is how it felt:


It’s a nice module, makes the girls around you feel like you could eat them up, and they’d be pleased with it haha

Though in the time I used it, I felt like it’s better to be used in another country, and not here, because the culture here makes it a bit “weird” and “unwelcomed”.

Where as direct influencing aura, oh boy, now that’s the truly dangerous aura :wink::joy:


Im new with the modules. Where can i find the download button? It isnt the same as with the masked versions on subliminal club…

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Modules are used to make customs. They can’t be downloaded on their own.

For more details on how to make a custom, read this support article.

EDIT: there is an issue with the link. Please try it after a while.


Okee and Is it true i need to buy “build options” to enable the module licences i bought??

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But rn support site has some problems and you cant go in there.


Yes there is some issues. Am sure they will correct it soon enough.

It’s paying separately for the modules (which you will own for life) and then pay to build each custom.

So if you have already purchased a particular module, you don’t have to purchase it again if you use it in another custom. But you have to pay the build charge everytime you build a custom.

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I think they are still doing 10 modules at minimum, so you will need to buy atleast 10 modules preferably 1-2 cores

@Lion has anyone tested a module only built custom?

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Hun okee Is it possible to use Paypal?

Yea i was sondering About this too… so i need to buy 5-10 modules to get it started?

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You need atleast 10

10 is still the minimum right?

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I have tested with modules only but they were physical healing modules so I don’t have an objective way to verify them. Especially since I didn’t play it long enough.

SaintSovereign has said that modules-only customs can work. But I personalty prefer to have Cores.

I think there were some folks (not me) who have made customs with less than 10 modules. But yeah this needs to be confirmed by SaintSovereign or Fire.


Oké i wait for his answer

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definitely not earthshaker—sexuality …that one got old lady who in their fifties said nasty things/jokes to me …really weird…made me want to punch them in the face…….the one call direct influencing aura is quite interesting …it somehow worked like a psychic power but not that easy to fire up…it seems to require the user entering a state of between non—attachment and non–disinterest first…it is quite fun when you activate it …you could tell people certain things…provoke certain feelings…have them ask you something with your mere thought…probably more never experiment it long enough

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