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I feel like another big issue is that people forget that it’s supposed to be personal and not based on someone else’s needs.

For example, I don’t need Furious Ascent in my customs, because if you knew me personally, I always get myself out of comfort to do new things, so it’s unnecessary, and that’s what I would say for myself, but then let’s say you have an issue with trying new things and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, then OF COURSE you would wanna add it and should add it.


A lil update:

The new custom is here, I’m at work, listening right now to my first loop.

Any names suggestions yet?


Barracuda :)?

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Hi @Invictus, a question regarding Lifeblood Fable did you find that you could shape and mold your reputation according to your audience?

How useful have you found this module?

Also @Invictus, did you notice with Entranced you look people dead in the eye, and that others seem to be compelled into your eye contact?

To give you an example


Here’s the new name :wink:

Troublemaker ZPT

It depends on my actions and the cores of the custom, like you can’t expect it to create a reputation in an area, while your whole custom and everything in it is for something else.
For example, you can’t expect Lifeblood Fable to create and improve your reputation as an outstanding positive leader, while your whole custom is about seduction, you get me?

I haven’t paid attention to this, but the Entranced effect occurs mainly whenever I speak, as people just get glued to my words.

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I took a rest day today, after a loop of the upgraded custom yesterday, and right now, I feel frighteningly calm, and this is unlike anything before, to the point that I would claim that WANTED ZPT2 couldn’t do this either, and I suspect that this is coming from one of the newer modules in my custom, specifically: Edge of Danger.

I don’t know why I think that, but I do feel like a dangerous guy who can ruin anyone sexually, with just my gaze.


Nice will add in Auric Driver to my new upcoming custom Venom


Hi Invictus do you feel ZP2 pushes physical changes faster ?

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Your escapades really make me look forward to working with customs.

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ZPT2 is much more suited for hardgainers and stuff, like the physical changes I feel from ZPT wanted + stark custom(s) is at the best pace.

ZPT2 is just more intense in other areas.


I asked you some questions in my post but found the answers to them by reading further. :slight_smile:

If you were (or had) to create your ultimate custom; what would it be and why? I suppose it would contain Stark and Wanted cores as you like them best but what else? I’m just curious I know everyone may switch as much as they want and we’re changing all the time but right now, what would it be if you had to run it for whole your life? It’s a silly question I know but the curiosity… Thanks. :slight_smile:


So your boss is not near you?
Does it mean it can influence from long range?

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Unfortunately, it would actually not include WANTED, because I’m at a stage in my life where it’s not necessary for me to use it at all.
Now you might be wondering why did I not switch it in my upgrade?
Well, I want to use the S+W combo for a bit longer, and get some finishing touches, because (and this will answer your main question) this is what I will build once I feel ready:


This would be the “ultimate Invictus custom”, but the thing is, I deep down know that at this moment, I’m not ready, and I will most likely stop using it if I built it now, so I’m just gonna chill and work on myself till my foundation is strong enough :muscle:t3:

His office is less than 10 steps away from me.


You are changing subs like I underwear :slight_smile:


Hahaha I’m not changing anything right now, that list is for a future custom that I mentioned once to @Malkuth when I said that I might end up making customs till the final stage, where it would be stark + emperor.

That’s what I would build, but definitely not now, because I’m too busy having fun :eyes:


Seems like something in Troublemaker is making me more and more mysterious in my behavior, to the point that I’m not talking as much, nor updating here either.

Probably temptation, but I’m really curious as to why it’s with everyone, and not just chicks.



Have you seen anything from Edge of danger?

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Honestly, the way it’s working with the other modules in my custom is by making me come off as “freaky” in bed.

Cause I haven’t seen girls getting nervous by seeing my hands before, but now I can’t even do magic without sexual tension, due to my hands.


You have fucking hands :slight_smile:

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Guess I’ll watch my hands. I share eight modules in T2 with your troublemaker custom including edge of danger and temptation.

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