Welcome to Invictus Land 🥳

Ahh shit, here we go again :smirk_cat:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome (yet again) to a new journal, by yours truly :kissing_heart:

Let me clear some things first:

  • this journal will not be organized.
  • this journal might not be stable.
  • this journal might include extra details that I didn’t used to tell y’all before.
  • this journal will have self realizations and transparency.

If any of those make you think “who does he think he is?”, then might as well just leave :rofl: ain’t no place for sore haters here :kissing_heart:

Now, 2 customs, back to back, every listening day.

Narcissus ZP

  • WANTED core

  • Facial morphing

  • Apollon

  • Physicality shifter sexiness

  • Elegance

  • the spotlight

  • Gloryseeker

  • Sexiness unbound

  • Seducer’s gaze

  • Handsomeness and sensuality enhancer

  • entranced

  • Ethereal presence

  • SPS: integumentary system

  • EF height inducer

  • Voice master

  • Epigenetics & DNA modulator

  • SPS: Fat burn

  • Sultan

  • The architect

  • DEUS

Hermès ZP

  • Stark core

  • Mind’s eyecore

  • Machine: Action

  • Fenrir

  • Fearsome

  • APS: Head

  • Invincible presence

  • Alpha of alpha

  • Lifeblood fable

  • Direct influencing aura

  • Natural winner

  • Fusion optimized

  • Transcendental connection

  • Yggdrasil

  • Sps: endocrine system

  • Financial Success Reality Shifter

  • The wonder

  • Carpe diem ascended

  • Khronos key

  • Deep sleep

Been running these lil babies for a while now, and I realized a few things that stand out:

  • my issue with the 2 ZPT2 customs came from the build power itself it seems, as I have no issues running these at all, and been expressing them on an almost identical level (in terms of results; 90% of the intensity), with the only difference being that I don’t feel overwhelmed by the speed of the results, nor am I feeling any annoyance from the attention.

  • ME in Hermès is insane, mainly noticing the benefits of the increased cognition in the form of extreme predictive skills, which is making me seem more “supernatural” to others now :rofl:

  • Stark and WANTED were definitely made for each other, because I’m standing out in ways I never did before, and I feel like me making a vision board + using AsC is taking everything to an imaginable level.

  • so far, I haven’t experienced recon with these at all, and I’m getting motivated to do even more things to make my “desires” come true.

  • one thing to note: time doesn’t feel like it used to, and I feel like I’m gaining better control of how I perceive it.

  • also Auras, I might be onto something, as today I felt like I projected Stark’s effects, with energy control, onto my colleagues at the training center, and they suddenly all became so social (towards me), this leads me to believe that while I know auras can be directed, the intensity of the auras you project can definitely change the behavior of others to be more congruent with how your aura is (projected a social aura → they turned social).

Or it might just be the fame aura of Stark and I’m over analyzing it all :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Oh, yes, the names do have a meaning and reasons :wink:


You are saying that you do not have any rest days at all?
Btw customs look delicious.

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I never said that :scream:

I just meant that they’re always back to back on the days I listen :eyes:

Not as delicious as the one using them :wink:


Sorry, my bad. I am reading too fast :slight_smile:

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I still wonder why people with Wanted customs often include Apollon or Physicality shifter sexiness which are already somehow included in Wanted and don’t add some other modules instead.

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I already had them licensed,
My custom was already focused enough,
Didn’t have anything else to add in there,
So might as well :wink:


Quick module review: Deep Sleep

Categorized as a result enhancer, Deep Sleep is a module that I would consider to be one of the best modules that could be added to ANY custom, and add on extreme benefit to them.

You sleep better, deeper, and faster than you ever could, yes, this means that you won’t be in bed for 15+ minutes thinking about every bad decision you made throughout your life, and get into an existential crisis, leaving you unable to sleep, none of that with the power of Deep Sleep :muscle:t3::sunglasses:

I would consider this module to be a perfect fit in anyone’s custom, and this is how it could benefit you, based on the overall theme of your custom:

  • Manifestation custom; the process of manifestation is undoubtedly the most energy intensive process out there, and getting enough good quality sleep is not just going to replenish those energy reserves faster, but also put you in a deeper sleep, where dreams are much more vivid (and we all know what dreams resemble with ZP subs :wink:).

  • Wealth/Work custom; when it comes to wealth based customs, in 90% of the cases, the person ends up so focused on generating wealth that they end up turning themselves into workaholics, but even workaholics need their rest, and if they are the type to follow the Grindset Mindset, then Deep Sleep will help them with better quality sleeps, even if they were in the form of short naps throughout the day (yes, it can also help you to implement an Uberman sleep schedule, and always be well rested :wink:).

  • Physical Shifting custom; do I really need to explain? Muscles aren’t built in the gym, but when you rest, and when you rest, your hormones are also regulated, hence this is probably the type of customs that need Deep Sleep the most.
    Furthermore, better sleep can also help you look more alive and youthful :wink:.

You get the idea.
No, I’m not gonna write how it would effect every type of customs, y’all are smart enough to figure out the benefit of deep sleep (or just google it).

Kinda funny how I wrote this right after I woke up from a nap :rofl:

I might be dropping more of these with time :eyes:


One thing I realized today is that when it comes to enjoyment of life, you really have to prioritize it over everything else.

In the age we live in now, it’s almost impossible for the average human to truly enjoy the beauty of life without the use of drugs, or else they simply get sucked into negative societal programming, where they forget to live, and end up becoming like the machines they operate.
You know what’s actually funny about that?
It reminds me of those post apocalyptic movies where robots take over the world, the only difference is, we didn’t have to create robots for that, humans are turning into robots themselves :rofl:

But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Realize that life is a gift, not a burden.
Yes, it can be hard sometimes, but a life full of comfort isn’t going to help you enjoy life more, on the contrary, it will just suck out any enjoyment there could have been.

The reason I’m saying all this is due to the conversations I’ve been having today with people, and it seems like most people don’t even have fun ambitions anymore, like I asked a few people “what is your goal in life?”, wanna know what they said?

Literally all of them had an answer that involved the following:
Money, work success, women.

Is that all what men care about nowadays?
What happened to wanting to see the limits of your own body?
What happened to wanting to explore the unknown?
What happened to wanting to set a world record in your passion?
What happened to becoming successful with your hobby and having a platform?

And you know what’s the funniest part of all this?
These same people are the type to hate on those who actually follow their dreams and succeed :rofl:

Like how you gon’ be miserable in your own life and then judge others for doing what you didn’t have the balls to do :rofl:

Weird world we live in :man_facepalming:t2:


Robots during the day and Zombies after work,and that nearly global.
Thanks to Alcohol

That’s why I run this custom

Its the best thing ever

Chosen zp
Lovebomb zp

Depts of Love
Song of Joy
Strength of Gentleness
Spiritual Freedom
Carpe Diem Ascended
Chosen of Venus
Light of humility
The Flow
The Wonder
Virtue Series Temperance +hope
Divine Self image
Joie de Vivre
Spiritual Abundance
Voice Master



@Invictus Tru dat, and amen my brother from the amen corner!:v::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:


@Dragon-Lesson What a fantastic custom! That is a great idea for part of my custom. If you don’t mind me using your example at a later date.You will ascend into heaven on a cloud of love.:+1::heart:


Please copy it

Please do it

Please use it.

Its the most wonderful custom I ever did



Hi @Invictus, I too, am running Stark I seem to get in touch with a lot of celebrities and people who are fame for xyz… sportsman, etc

My surroundings change to were people feel like approaching me or starting a conversation and feeling instantly comforted to become social.

I also notice that it affects surroundings but not just the auras. If I run a productivity subliminal it affects others around me too.

Energy is energy, I suppose… you being the vortex of it, it must feeds others too, right!

Once on Chosen at work my team was the best team… and I did nothing. The scripting in my subconscious got directly in theirs and inspired them to work different, become better, without me even having to instruct them they got tasks done effortlessly.

Tell me @Invictus can you discern the romantic or sexual scripting in Stark and how profound is it compared to other programs?


I’m so happy you see this. And the older they get the deeper this well-deserved questions we so often asked as a child SUNK.

As if they are in the depths of their subconscious waiting to be rethought, sitting on a bench watching the starts and suddenly get aroused out of their slumbering sleep as if the light bulb was turned on again.

What in the actual heck am I living for?

I think a lot of people who start to truly unlock their minds from the societal programming quickly begin to see how much more is out there and how innocently children live and how they are still at awe with all of creation around us (not what man created).

It is hard, I think for us to accept that those seem people did ask such questions at a certain age and then got lost in life as if no longer conscious and aware? Almost as if under hypnosis.

So much information from the radios, television stations, catalogues, our brains are just collecting it as a datasource and in the end our thoughts perceive just that, the boggling crap that destroys all beautiful things.

It’s very cool you see life differently was it a module or just because you such outstanding live that your thoughts are no longer constricted by the constant “how can I get this girl or job” for your survival? :blush:

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Playfully sexual.

The wonder.


God @Invictus you’re a mad scientist when it comes to your customs. I fucking love watching what you create. Your ability to story tell your experience is a masterclass on self awareness.


A million thanks to you. Namaskar​:pray::v::100:

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And here I thought I might need to add story teller in my next upgrade :eyes::rofl:
Though I must say, you will be even more excited to know that after this cycle, my 2 customs will be fused :wink:

On a sidenote:
I’ve been feeling like taking pics like those influencers for some reason, like this:


Arab style game on point :sunglasses:

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@Invictus what program do you use to listen to your subliminals?

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