Your Enneagram Type and The Subliminals You Are Running

What is your Enneagram personality type and what subliminals are you running?
After studying psychology as a hobby for 9 years and using performance psychology at work, the Enneagram happens to be my favorite personality test because of its convenience to the average person, ease, and detailed analysis that may be able to provide insight into childhood wounds, your advantages, disadvantages, and great potentials.

I am Enneagram Type 8 and currently running Khan ST1 + Primal subliminal.



Detailed Descriptions:


Recommend type 2 test (more detailed)


Fascinating, thanks for this. My biggest percentage is 3, followed by 4.

Before my custom arrives, I’m currently running Khan ST4, Chosen and QL ST1.


Fascinating. Type 3s have an out-of-this-world charisma at their peak performance. I was personally stuck at a misidentification between Type 3 and Type 8; however, it was settled on 8 because that was what I originally tested in 2020, and still test as. Though 3, is very strong for me.

A type 3 environment and conditioning can override what someone knows to be their true self, from my experience. Type 3 is status and image focused so if a person is in a Paragon where excellence is paramount, there is a defined champion, or just a group or class of people known to be the very best, I can see where it would lead to. Some deep inner work was required for me to see which one it was, as I grew up in 3 cultures since birth.

Type 3 fantasies: Popular, the best, food air, water, and more importantly win, win, win and win. The CEO, cause 3 is… born to be the best.

Type 8 fantasies: Must be CEO, CEO fantasies, teenage startups (can’t work for anyone else), hmmm I’ve been slighted… time to start a gang, no too simple… MAFIA. Screw it, let’s start an Illuminati. @Apollo


I took the 2nd test, though I have to pay to get any real details. It shows I am a type 5.

Will have to look it up as I have no real idea what type 5 means.

Interesting though, never messed with enneagrams before.

Thanks for sharing this


Here is a link that will give you the description for that specific one brotha:



Haha yes! Exactly! This is probably why I’m also drawn towards Stark but I probably need more self reflection and healing to pull that one off and add it to my roster.

The high charisma, high achiever and billionaire genius appeals to me.

In my youth I’d probably lean stronger on 8, perhaps that kind of fire is still there lurking beneath. It’s a great fuel to have to move mountains.

Same with your background, I grew up with focus on “3” upbringing. There is also that lingering thought of some big shoes to fill.

Not in the way that I want to outshine those before me, but to be worthy, and bring honor to my family so to speak.

Thanks again brother, this is great.


Interesting how accurate it reads.


Because of their sensitivity and their fears of inadequacy, Fives fear being overwhelmed, either by the demands of others or by the strength of their own emotions. They sometimes deal with this by developing a minimalistic lifestyle in which they make few demands on others in exchange for few demands being made on them.

What is the “wing” thing. I see 6 wings and 4 wings, is this a subtype or something?

Anyway, reading this really made me understand why I’m running Dragon Reborn lol.


A wing is a subtype. A flavor. @Geoff

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That is extremely honorable to have as a drive. Thanks for tuning in and sharing. That means much. Conviction is all we need. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. The crown is yours. People just have to assume the responsibilities that scare others away.

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It can really shift you to the higher version of 5. Essentially an all-seeing type of person, detachment in a good way, scholarly, Master, Expert, Wizard, Philosopher.

Exemplars: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Stephen Hawking, Einstein, Freud, Nietzsche

@SwagKing Thanks for the post. Make mine a #9. Lol. The Enneagram is pretty spot on.


Number 9

The world needs Number 9 so much right now. Take the subliminals and go win a Nobel Peace Prize.


Have always been interested in personality tests and the Enneagram is one of them.

I am a type 4 called The Individualist.


A true Leo and a great guide. @Lion


Thank you for that beautiful share, my friend. Am an INFJ too (MBTI type).

I read in a website that “the INFJ and INFP are the most likely of the Myers-Briggs types to test as Enneagram 4s”. That was an interesting connection.

What’s your MBTI type, @SwagKing?

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@Lion For whatever reason, these replies don’t seem to stick so I keep @‘ing people.

Interesting. I get INFJ vibes from you. You’re the magnanimous Lion. I tested ENTP in 2020, now I test as ENFP. I went from Debater to Campaigner. Idk what changed. Pre-deployment personality and post-deployment personality I guess. Campaigner really fits me more because I go on these Campaigns/Conquests/Missions where I dedicate all my energy and I’m a totally different person. Imagine a positive, kind, black Donald Trump :joy:. I digress.


I got type 7, which seems to line up with getting ENFP on the MBTI.

I’ve always felt like daredevil/stark has resonated most with who I am, however things like limitless exec have felt more beneficial as it seemed to tighten up my weaknesses.

I love this kinda stuff though, do you have any resources or recommendations for where I can delve further into it?


Very interesting. You are definitely a Campaigner and the way you write have that feeling of going on a mission to find out things and help people along the way.

Talking about changing from ENTP to ENFP is an interesting observation. I thought you would be a XNFX seeing your love for intuitive modes of thinking and going by feeling. Come to think of it, I should have guessed you were an extrovert since extroverts usually make new posts on forums and introverts are most likely to share more on their own threads and reply to others.

I am usually an INFJ but when I was being a tester for the first ZP title (WANTED ZP), I took the MBTI test after 4 months of WANTED and i came out as an ENFJ. Basically I become more extroverted thanks to it.

So yes, I do think we can change given enough push from one dynamic to another based on circumstances around us that force us to change or from internal forces like subliminals combined with a desire to change.

At the same time it is possible we also have a core personality that is due to our birth.


I recommend EnneaApp. Not trying to promote or anything. They have a free basic version and advanced version. It delves further in depth. Seeing as this topic is catching some traction, I may write some content about the types to get my posts up. @Pilkington

I will say that you are inherently a fun person. Maybe the life of the party. I don’t know personally. You have great potential to create fun situations that are healthy and still grounded. The shadow side is excess. So that’s something to be aware of. Tony Stark could be over-the-top.

Potentials: Groundbreaking executive. The fun executive.


@Pilkington - a great book on this topic is “The Wisdom of the Enneagram” by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson. I have a copy and it is quite comprehensive.