Year of the Sexcessful Emperor



Emperor Core
Daredevil Core
The Commander Core
Emotions Unfettered
Fortune’s Favorite
Immortals Blade
Mountain Breaker
Dragon Tongue
Voice Master
The Boundary
Iron Frame
Furious Ascent
Organization Perfected
Lifeblood Fable
Eagle Eye
Ebon Manuver




  1. Primal Seduction Core
  2. Daredevil Core
  3. Alexander’s Play
  4. Edge of Danger
  5. Temptation
  6. Entranced
  7. Seducers Gaze
  8. Eventide
  9. Dragon Tongue
  10. Voice Master
  11. Furious Ascent
  12. Iron Frame
  13. The Boundary
  14. Transcendental Connection
  15. Perfect Style and Smell
  16. Focused Arousal
  17. Instant Spark
  18. Ultimate Writer
  19. Long Range Seduction
  20. Mosaic
    (Subject to change before purchase)

RUN TIME: 12/19/21-12/21/22

USAGE PATTERN: According to QZP recommended pattern. Switch stacks every 12 weeks. All QV2 customs will be upgraded to QZP as soon as available.


  1. Survive the remainder of the family financial crisis with no further losses or damage to credit.
  2. Alter our financial situation to one in which all bills and expenses are easily covered with some left over for fun and savings.
  3. Have been hired for a career track job in my chosen field making at least $20,000 per year more than my current base salary.
  4. Have had sex with at least three new women and have a fun ongoing casual relationship with at least one of them.
  5. Maintain a strenuous workout program throughout the year. As soon as finances and schedule allow start doing something like CrossFit on a regular schedule.
  6. Start some kind of martial arts/combatives training that involves hitting and being hit and manhandling and being manhandled. Maintain that throughout the year.


  1. Improve my social skills as they relate to success, networking of all kinds, and within my family.
  2. Be able to start a conversation with anyone at any time for any reason.
  3. Enhance and spread my professional and personal reputation.
  4. Improve my ability to give a good spontaneous answer to the questions I get in the type of professional interview that is used in my field.
  5. Increase my sense of social dominance in both my own view and that of others so that I am one of the people in any room I’m in who is taken the most seriously.
  6. Gain a higher level of respect from my wife, son, and roommate. I want the wife not to feel free to go off on me, an d my son to be more obedient.
  7. Increase the amount of attention I get from women.
  8. Re arrange my life so that I actually have enough exposure to women that I CAN get attention and
  • The Year of the Sexcessful Emperor begins tomorrow. I’m going to run Dominus Maximus first and RICH and Chosen two days later. Mainly because I’m really eager to see what that sucker can do for me.

  • Some background on me. I am about to hit forty four, male, rather tall and pretty damn good looking if I do say so myself. I am currently in an open marriage, but I don’t have much time or exposure to do anything about that. At the moment that is because I have to work sixty to eighty hours a week because my wife became unable to work toward the end of 2019 and we are still going through the system for her disability.
    That looks like it will come to a close soon because we are at the point where people usually succeed at this. She has a hearing in February. After that, we can see more of what the near future is going to look like.

  • WORK: I’ve been trying to get into a certain field for many years. I’ve actually made it twice, but managed to self sabotage my way out in the OJT phase both times. I now know why that happened and I believe that I’ve dealt with the problem. I currently work in a pretty dead end job that is closely related to the field I want to be in, but definitely isn’t it. At the moment, it pays well and is giving me the huge amount of overtime that I need to make ends meet for the time being.
    One of the things I’m doing this year is making a full court press to get back into that field of work. I don’t want to have the one thing that I’ve dedicated myself to end in failure. If it turns out it really isn’t for me, I want to leave it on my own terms after finding something better for me.

  • Romantic/Sex: My subliminal usage over the last year made me realize that I have always been a girl magnet. At least since the last couple years of high school. Thinking back over my life, every time that I had regular contact with women, a few have blatantly offered themselves to me.
    Problem is that I didn’t see that at the time so I missed a whole lot of opportunities. It took a year on DR to get me to see that. Self esteem problems had me telling myself a very different story. Still, enough were blatant enough that I’ve racked up a body count several times the lifetime average for a man. And I’m not done yet.

  • Subliminal use: Back in 2006 I lost a job for the simple reason that I lacked self confidence. It was a lifetime problem that I hadn’t really been aware of, and I needed to find a solution. Everyone told me to “just be confident” which was about as useful as “just land the space shuttle”. “Fake it till you make it” wasn’t much better. I didn’t even know how to ACT confident. I scoured the net and found all kinds of things, books, hypnosis, and finally one of the Brand X subliminal companies. You know the ones. They’ve got about ten million titles that at the time came on a CD for twenty bucks or so. The scripts were just affirmations and the directions were to get as much exposure as humanly possible.
    I got their confidence title and did just that. For a long time I played it all night at work, and all of my sleep time. It took quite some time before a friend mentioned something that made me realize that it was working. But working it was.
    I was on and off of this that and the other subliminal stack for the next quite a few years, and they did something, but never got me to where I wanted to be.
    I did find that one company seemed to be actively developing things further (the producer who shall not be named around here). His stuff DID work considerably better. I stuck mostly with that company until I found Subclub with results ranging from mediocre to miraculous.
    Then once I got here, I bounced around on pre Q stacks for a while. I then spent six months on an Ascension based custom and the entire last year on Dragon Emperor.
    I’m glad that I took the time out for healing. I think that I’ll get much better results from here. I’m feeling a lot better than I was a year ago and I’m ready for the ass kicking to begin.

   **12/19/21 CYCLE 1 WEEK 1 STACK A **
  • The year of healing is over. Now I start the year of getting my external life back to where it was before we went into years of constant financial crisis, and get a start on getting it to the way I want it. That is of course a lifetime journey and I’m not expecting absolute perfection by the end of the year.

  • The first priority is recovery. For the last two years I’ve been working almost double to make up for the wife not having an income while we wait for the government to go ahead and grant her disability.
    That has left me not doing much other than working and sleeping. When I wasn’t doing that, I was trying to keep up on the housework. It was what I have to do, but really doesn’t constitute having a life. I want to have a life. That’s going to entail increasing our income enough that I can get away with working 40-60 hours a week instead of 60-80. The wife’s disability will help with that a lot if not get us there on its own. However the timing of that, and the outcome of

  • The main aim of Dominus Maximus and the reason I paired it with Chosen is for job interviews. The particularly difficult type that I have to do to get back into my line of work. That is the aspect of our financial situation that I have direct control over. I can increase my own income.
    I think that what they’re going to be looking for is an Alpha who can really communicate well. That’s why I went really heavy on the dominance modules and included Daredevil.

  • At this point the plan is to run three full cycles of Stack A and then switch to Stack B. That may change depending on my needs.

  • First DM loop in the books. It felt nice and smooth, and seemed to put me in a pretty good mood.
    I’m not noticing much in the way of effects, but I’m pretty much sitting alone in a booth, so I’m not sure what I would be noticing anyway.
    We’ll see what it does across this year. Feeling good so far.
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I love the fact that you are continuing with Emperor for a second year man. This is awesome, you have a will of steel.


I figure that I’ll get a nice Emperor bloom since I took all of that healing scripting away and I’ve got a year of it under my belt already. Plus I can’t wait to see what this sucker does for me as a QZP custom.

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  • I woke up from a long involved dream this afternoon. For some reason my old Sombo instructor was spending the night at the house.
    Then the wife and I were doing some kind of obstacle course where we had to climb up steeply inclined boards with handholds that were these soft plushy things. They were kind of difficult to keep a hold of.
    That’s a really weird one, and I mention it because it’s the second dream I remember having in a week or so. The last one is one of the last entries for Year of the Dragon Emperor.
    I very rarely remember dreaming. Maybe two or three times a year. The only time I do seems to be when a new sub really starts to penetrate.
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  • I’m running the first loops of RICH and Chosen for this cycle.
    It feels really weird only running subs every other day. Like I’m missing out on something.

  • RICH seems to be doing its job. I got enough money from various things plus my OT back that we’re going to be OK for the rest of the time that I’m the only source of income.

  • I am though, really looking forward to being able to have some kind of life of my own. That seems like it’s within reach now.

  • I just went through my calendar and set alerts for my sub listening for the whole year. When to take breaks and switch stacks and whatnot.

  • This may belong more in my Dragon Emperor journal, but I just realized something.
    Most of my life I thought of myself as incompetent. I often seemed to hear that out by screwing a lot of things up, being slow to learn to do things, and generally making a lot of mistakes when I was younger.
    What hit me is that that didn’t come from genuine incompetence, it came from being extremely nervous and unsure of myself BECAUSE I thought of myself as incompetent.
    The competence was there, it always has been. I think the problem comes from first my parents very loudly pointing out every mistake I made when I was very little, then when I got to school teachers and students alike singling me out for criticism and mockery every time I messed up.
    It always seemed like there was someone hanging over my shoulder ready and eager to announce every flaw to the entire world.
    I realize that that’s gone now. I can just let my natural competence out.
  • We celebrated Christmas and my birthday yesterday. It was pretty good. The wife was nice and respectful all day despite being worn out from her MS.
    It was an overall very good day.

  • Both of our families were more financially generous than they have been in recent years. I do believe that’s RICH at work once again.

  • I remember a snippet of a dream. I was looking through a list of new modules. One was The Armor, which I just put a Q module request in for. The only other one I recall was called Duck Dick Danny. All the sales copy said was “try it and find out”.
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You dreamed about The Armor? I went to the Q site to make sure if that’s a real module…nope haha. Whatever it is, sign me ip. As for Duck Dick Danny…I’ll let you test that one first :wink:

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I just put a Q module request in for The Armor that was pretty much word for word what it said in the dream.
More or less, it makes it so insults, disrespect and the like just bounce off with no effect on someone’s emotions or self esteem. It would be especially good for people starting out on subs in a toxic environment that they can’t get out of right away.
It would give an alpha or healing sub time to raise their self concept even when they’re still under fire.
I think we’ll let some of the dudes that like to experiment go first on DDD.

  • My loop of Dominus Maximus felt smooth as butter tonight. A couple of hours later I started feeling a bit depressed and a little negative thinking started to creep in.
    It was different this time though. I was able to tell myself that it’s just recon and it’s not going to last forever. It worked, it didn’t seem really bad at any point.
    I used to have the weird impression that negative emotional states were permanent. In other words, if I feel crappy right now, I’ll always feel crappy. That of course made it worse.
    That seems to be gone now.
  • I’ve still got a bit of recon going on today. It’s not too bad. I’m feeling a bit depressed and have a little anxiety about some things that might happen. Plus some general dissatisfaction with my general life at the moment.
    It’s not too bad though, and I was expecting it.
    Dominus Maximus is going to present some challenges for integration. I have had social anxiety most of my life, and I’ve been kind of soft spoken and came off meek for just as long.
    While I’ve made a lot of progress on that, it’s still part of my history, a big part. I put Daredevil and The Commander in there to directly change those traits.
    I may have a little roughness at first with that, but if I make the changes I want, it’s worth it.
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  • I feel a lot more positive today. I’m envisioning good things to come, and my social interactions with my coworkers just seems a lot smoother.
    Before whenever I’ve been joking around with a group that I’m not VERY close with, I have seemed to be doing it from the outside, and kind of making an effort. Today it just flowed like the most natural thing in the world.
    Also, when a female coworker who had just lost a family member was leaving, I said “Merry Christmas (name)” meaningfully and with eye contact. She said thank you like she understood what I meant to convey and came over and gave me a hug, which she’s never done before.
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  • I was walking around a grocery store this morning picking something up, and I noticed a female employee. Younger than me, very nicely shaped, and at least the top half of her face above the mask line was quite pretty.
    I saw her once when I was walking in and she turned toward me as I was kind of checking her out. I naturally and unabashedly locked eyes with her. There was no fear that I might be creeping her out, no sense of apology, it’s just naturally what I did.
    I walked past, got what I had come for, and saw her again on the way out.
    I locked eyes with her again. This time I held it for a lot longer. There was something different about what I did, but I can’t really tell what it was. She didn’t seem able, or at least inclined to look away.
    I was going to just walk past her, but as I cot close, she said “Hi”.
    This may not sound like much, but there was a very different feel to this, specifically what I did and how I felt.
    I wasn’t after anything, I wasn’t thinking of getting into her pants, I wasn’t nervous about how she’d react, I just did what I did naturally.

Will you try emperor ZP?

Not at the moment, there’s a lot else in that custom that fits my plan for this year. Once ZP customs come out, I’ll upgrade the whole thing.

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                **CYCLE 1 WEEK 2 STACK A**
  • Interesting last few days. Something bad but expected happened, and it had a couple of very interesting results.
    First it really drove home that I am not stuck in an emotional state. I got a bit of this realization on DE, but it was fully real and I acted accordingly now. I used to keep VERY tight control over my emotions because I had this weird impression that if I lost control, I’d never be able to gain it back again. Since I grew up as the one who had to keep perfect control at all times since no one else would, that was unacceptable.
    I got this mantra thing that just started going through my head. “Exist within it, move through it, this too will pass”. I don’t know if that is script or not, but it’s very helpful.
    It helped me realize that how I feel right now is not how I’ll feel a week from now, a day from now, or even an hour from now.
    It’s very helpful with dealing with negative emotions to know on more than an intellectual level that they are short term and will change soon if I allow myself to feel them.
    Some of you may be saying “duh”, but I really didn’t have that concept internalized enough that it felt real.

  • I realized that I had been keeping all of my emotions behind a wall and not dealing with them. The only time I really felt anything was when something happened that was so bad that it overwhelmed my ability to keep it behind the wall.
    That didn’t do me much good. It kept me from feeling the good stuff but not the really bad stuff.
    I’d been denying myself the good feelings and denying people close to me the full experience of me. Including my son.
    I made a promise to myself and my family not to close all the way back off this time.

  • I also realized how much I love and appreciate my wife. We lost someone who had a lot to do with the beginning of our relationship, and it brought up a lot of happy memories about what it was like when we first got together. What it was like before the frustrations of life made everything get heavy.
    One of the happiest memories I had from that time was us sitting around my old apartment getting drunk on frozen drinks, eating indulgent food, and laughing our ever loving asses off at stupid funny movies. I felt exactly like I anticipated feeling. Simple, but really some of the best memories of my life.

  • I thought that the most appropriate thing we could do would be to re create that spirit of fun, laughter, happiness, and love for a night.
    We did, and it was exactly what I was aiming for. I loved it, the wife loved it, and so did the roommate and kid. (Though the kid did not get drunk of course).

  • I was also thinking that we should be working on our relationship, since I had a moment of clarity on how much she means to me. Instead of doing more “here are the rules for when you have conflict” bull crap, I figured we should do more bringing back the good times.
    First I suggested doing a night of laughter and libations (not necessarily in that order) like that once a month.
    Then, I said we should honor the people we used to be by getting out of the house and being them with some kind of fun date night once a month as well.
    She didn’t just agree, she loved the ideas and I am committed to making it happen.

  • Something has really been changing in me. It’s happening so fast that I don’t really understand all of what it is. I think some of it is after effects of DR, and some is ZP. This year is shaping up to be quite a ride.