Year of the Dragon Emperor

Yessir. Next year is going to be about improving my social skills as they relate to professional success. I may rotate that out with an attraction and Seduction stack every twelve weeks depending on how things go at first.

Thank You. Yep these things are not a majick wand, but if you put the time in, you get the results.

  • I just finished the last loop of RICH and Chosen. The Year of the Dragon Emperor is officially over.
    Further discussion is of course welcome.

In five days I will be starting The Year of the Sexcessful Emperor.

  • This is my third night of walking fifteen miles a shift, and so far tonight doesn’t feel nearly as rough as the last two. I’m adapting.
    One difference I’m noticing since the last time I had to adapt to this, which was a few years ago, I’d that I’m a hell of a lot less mentally whiney than I used to be. Yes, I hurt in places I didn’t know I had places, but I know I’ll get over it, and this is an opportunity to make the money we need, so the pain is worth it.
  • Just before I left work this morning I passed down some info on the task I was doing to the guy who was relieving me.
    It hit me that I sounded super competent. I’d only done that particular task once before, so old me would have sounded a little unsure of myself. This time I sounded like I knew exactly what was going on and was sure I’d done it right.
    This was something new, so I attribute it to Chosen. Makes sense because the first step to being seen as an inspirational leader is probably to be seen as competent.
  1. It gave me a very good understanding of why I had the success ceiling that I did, and how the self sabotage mechanisms that supported it worked. That way even if they start to return, I will understand what is going on. They can no longer undercut me with the cover of darkness.



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  • I had the weirdest dream sequence last night. It started with hearing that a female friend of mine who I have occasionally hooked up with (she exists in real life) had been held hostage in some foreign country for a while but was coming home.
    For some reason I had to meet her at some kind of government building complex. I had a hell of a time getting in there, I had to sneak in somehow.
    Once I got in, I was working as a cop of some kind in the complex. The DA gave me a piece of evidence that I was supposed to present and testify about in court.
    The evidence had something to do with a tire tread mark, and it was a cake in the shape of a tire. (What the FUCK subconscious?!?)
    During the course of things, I messed up the cake, and managed to show up at court in workout clothes.
    When everyone saw the messed up evidence, the DA looked horrified and the defense attorney yelled “Unconstitutional”. I knew that I’d screwed up really bad and lost the case.
    I can hazard a guess as to meaning on this. It’s some insecurity coming through. I had a hard time breaking in and once I was in I was woefully unprepared and screwed it up. That sums up fears I still have about moving my career forward.
    Hopefully that means that that’s getting processed and dealt with ahead of my major push next year.

  • I was worried that we were going to have money problems because I didn’t work any overtime for two weeks, but a windfall showed up at just the right time to take care of it. Thanks RICH.

    1. I used to have kind of mental flashbacks to times when I was severely embarrassed. They were very unpleasant, and I fully felt the embarrassment. That entirely stopped sometime this year.
    1. I have entirely stopped ripping on myself to other people. Often in the guise of humor. Now, if I joke about myself, it’s mock arrogance and about how awesome I am.
      I say mock arrogance because it’s really just realism.
  • This is probably going to be my last entry in this journal unless further discussion ensues.
    I have been off of The Dragon for a new weeks now, and my new subliminal regimen is starting to dig in and do it’s thing. Last night I felt some kind of breakthrough, or maybe just realized what was already there.
    I really do feel like a new man. I look at myself and life in ways that I couldn’t have imagined twelve months ago when I started this journey. Better ways.
    I am Reborn. As a much better, happier man.

  • Folks, the one piece of advice I have is take your time with this one, it’s worth it. Take a full year to work through the stages. More if you need to get the full effect. The world looks brighter on the other side.


even on zp you’d do a full year?


Definitely. This is a deep transformative sub, and the transformation is going to take time no matter what.
More is not better as far as how many loops you run, but it definitely is better when we’re talking about how much time to spend on a program no matter what the build method.


as far as single stages go would you go with the recommended 45 days and start a new stack or would you still double that for 90 days per stage?


Personally, I’d go for the 90 days and give each one the most of time to do what it’s supposed to do thoroughly.


As I was quoting the DE ST1 modules list in my journal, I read a few of the first posts, and realized I followed this thread from the very start. I’m an O.G. CoWolfe fan/follower! haha. ossum

EDIT: I’m reading back over this to be sure, but didn’t you end up changing a few modules between subsequent stage builds as you got further into the year?

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I have fans now? Chosen must be working!
In all seriousness, I’m shocked this one made it to over a thousand posts.


I did. I think I just added a few of the new ones. They’re all listed in there somewhere.

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NOW? Try STILL. Have for at least a year!


Flattered, honored, don’t quite know what to say.

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  • Since I forgot to do this earlier. The adventures continue here.