Would Running ST1 of Khan and EOG Be Super Beneficial?


How would it go running them both hand in hand?


Well, after 4 days I feel the urge to:

  • exercise far beyond my limits
  • eat healthier
  • declutter my house
  • rework all my personal finances
  • reconsider all my expenses
  • discover my life’s purpose
  • send out emails to get answers to every question I’ve ever thought about concerning products I’ve always wanted to try but put on my Someday list
  • go to a 1000-people BBQ come Saturday.

Two days ago I slept for 12 hours, yesterday I slept for 3. I sleep so deep I wake up with my head completely blank instead of a dream (which in my case is a welcome relief).

So, for me at least, the experience is smooth yet every moment I spend in a state of rest puts me on edge and gives me a feeling of disappointing myself.

You tell me if that’s considered super-beneficial. It’s effective, that’s for sure. :smile:

PS. Oh, and I spontaneously asked a friend and fellow IT guy what he thought about starting an IT company together. :slight_smile:

PPS And offered to do volunteer work for the neighborhood center, as well as donate to their charity.

PPPS Maybe it’s because I’m running them 23 hours a day… on headphones.

The Ecstasy of Khan

Interesting. On masked? At what volume? Doesn’t your brain need to rest?


Masked while I sleep. And carefully calibrated Ultras during the day.

I spent too much time on the forum yesterday, so I couldn’t get my workout in. Turns out I couldn’t fall asleep until I did, so I ended up doing my workout past midnight. Halfway through I was seeing spots and collapsed, shaking all over my body. But at least I could finally sleep.

And so I did. For 3 hours. Again. I just stayed in bed to fall back asleep. This time I did dream. Unfortunately, I dreamed everybody including all my neighbors were having sex except me. Considering how awful that made me feel, I’d rather go back to my previous dream. Guess my subconscious is concluding I do better with the stick than the carrot.

OMG, I’m journalling after all! :slight_smile:

Fine, fine, I’ll start one. Just don’t expect a lot of approaching as long as all those urges listed above are crowding my mind.

Normally, one’s brain would need rest, yes (maybe that’s why I’m sleeping only 3 hours, it’s getting too crowded in there). But normally, one wouldn’t be pushed to overtrain either. The subs are designed to work with you, like a partnership. Keep that in mind.

My brain just works differently. It can take a lot. Really, a lot. The only way to not get distracted by random thoughts is to do two or three things at the same time at 2x or higher speed.

And although I feel a drive to do all the things on the above list, I can’t actually do all of them in the time I have, so I end up doing half of them (and feeling disappointed). Which may explain why I’m also feeling the sudden urge to change productivity & time-management methods. Go figure.

To get back to the topic rather than turn this into a journal, running them together is mostly an experiment for me. I was theorizing so much about it on other threads prior to EoG’s release, I just had to try. From the list of urges I’m getting, you can guess which ones are coming from Khan and which are coming from EoG. That tells me they aren’t blocking each other at least. Right now, I’m still getting 8+ hours a day of exposure to each, which is maybe why they work as a stack.

I’m figuring out some way to fill the rest of the year, so I can start a serious sub-practice in January. Hence the experiment. With 5 months left, I will have to stack at least one more stage, which one I don’t know yet.

I continue to believe there is a benefit to at very least run Khan ST1 before starting EoG. In my opinion, a lot about wealth building takes the qualities of an alpha male, and Khan ST1 will clear some of the stuff away that’s preventing you from having those qualities. As a result, EoG could be more effective. That said, I would advocate against running them stacked as I’m doing. Dedicate the first month to Khan ST1, then start EoG. That’s probably wiser.

I believe it can work, but only if you can take it. They are both pretty big subs. Which means you need a lot of exposure. Which takes a lot out of you. And for most people, Khan ST1 is devastating. Haven’t seen such reports on EoG ST1 yet.

I may be getting away with it (to some degree, since I don’t have time to take action on everything), but it may be that they would be more effective when used separately. Plus, right now I have the freedom to let it all happen, since I’m re-evaluating my career choices.

Do not consider me the template for what would happen to others. For that, we’d need more vict… volunteers. :slight_smile:


Are you running both ST1 of khan and ST1 of EoG?


Yes, I am.

Wow, that reply was so short I almost wasn’t allowed to post it. New record!


Well that is pretty awesome to hear man, reading what experiences you have had so far i might have to try that out

How much do you listen to both each day? Do you split listening up evenly?


Yes, they’re complicated enough already without thinking about stacks and loops.

I just created a playlist with both tracks and put it on repeat. When I’m behind the computer I use the ultras either with upbeat music or an audiobook in the foreground on headphones (at around -55dB). When I move around, I switch to my phone on masked tracks and earbuds (at a high enough volume that it block out the environment but I can still hear people if I focus). I try to switch only at the end/start of the tracks. If I can’t I press pause.

I stop listening only during bathroom breaks and while exercising. Considering stopping it during meditation although I’m curious to know if subliminals affect the random thoughts that pop up.

Tomorrow would be an exception. If I do go to that BBQ, I obviously can’t be wearing earphones all the time. Who knows, maybe the break will do me good and the social animal will explode out of me, even though I’ll be spending most of my time behind the BBQ volunteering.

I may add some True Social in the mornings once it drops. Considering getting Dreams, mainly in hopes it’ll help me remember my dreams.

There’s my usual long answer. Phew! I was acting so far out of character I figured something was wrong with me.

Honest Review of Khan

Would you mind expanding on this point of “calibrated” ultras. What do you do to calibrate the audio?


By calibrating I mean the process of making sure the ultrasonics are at a volume that won’t hurt me, since I’m using them on headphones/earbuds (which is recommended against since you can’t hear them).

The process is well enough explained in the General Instructions that came with your purchase. It’s the top download link. You know, the one everybody skips so they can get to the MP3’s instead (like a EULA)? :slight_smile:

I extremely rarely change the volume of my computer and use a dedicated audio-player for the subs, one that can display the volume of the ultrasonic range while they are playing. So all I have to do is keep an eye on the player now and then to see if the volume changed. So far no surprises.


I assume the player works like Frequensee? Also wouldn’t the volume be consistent as the subs are well crafted?


What audio player do you use?


I use foobar2000 for the subs, VLC for everything else. One of its default visualizers is called Spectrum. For ultrasonics it shows two bars at the right, bobbing up and down at about -45 to -40dB. Combine that with the PC’s volume of 55% and the end result - in my case - is around -50dB in FrequenSee. Which, judging by the masked track at the same volume settings, is somewhere at normal speech level, maybe slightly louder. But not at the loud voice one would use in a busy club, more like the volume someone has during a presentation, projecting their voice across the room.

And @inbaknon, yes, the sub’s volume is consistent across the track and from the looks of it, also between the different programs. I do this to make certain the tracks as a whole are played at a safe yet effective level.

But, as helpful as I’d like to be, this topic is not about volume settings, but about the possible use of Khan & EoG together. Let’s get back on topic please.