The Ecstasy of Khan


After a lot of consideration, conversations with the venerable @AMASH and a case of premature journalling, I have come to the conclusion to keep a journal here, even if for no other reason than to have a before and after snapshot.

Let me start with a little disclaimer:
I am running EoG AND Khan together, back to back, around 20+ hours a day. I feel I know myself well enough and I can take it under my current conditions. But you will notice there are some side-effects that make my experience harder than it should be.

This is a tricky combination, running both multi-stage programs, and generally recommended against. I’m doing partly to test my limits, and in part to fill up the remainder of the year and start a new program in January (Alchemist?)

For now, I will continue to run stages 1 for the rest of the month. As for how I will divide the rest of the stages of both programs out over the remaining 5 months is still open for debate. My best idea so far is continuing stages 1 through August, stages 2 in September, 3 in October, and 4 in November and December. I appreciate any suggestions.

For those familiar with my prose, you’ll know this will be a bit of an interactive journal. I make fun of things, including myself, and will share off-topic comments and questions that are in my head.

Finally, you should know that this won’t be the lost journal of Don Juan. Right now, my focus is on myself and my career. As much as I miss the company of women, they simply aren’t a priority yet. Should I trip over any though, all bets are off.

Although Khan has definite sexual elements, I expect the combination of Khan’s social and wealth aspects and EoG will mostly overshadow these. We’ll see.

End of disclaimer.

My goals, as I stated are to get my life back on track. I used to work a lot of projects. It’s what I’m good at, I’m a strategist, an architect, so I can build entire IT infrastructures in my head.

But at the end of last year, after some unpleasant experiences at assignments due to my radical honesty and sometimes confrontational form of communication, I came to the realization I was sick and tired of commuting all over the country from assignment to assignment, never getting to know anybody. So I gave my notice and have been between jobs since early this year, figuring out where to go next.

That explains why I’m so ridiculously active on this forum at all hours. And why I get enough rest to run both these programs together.

My first goal is to find a new source of income, and I hope that on the way there, I will figure out more about myself, what I’m supposed to do and where I’m going. I will take as many social opportunities as I can find on the way and will meet everybody, women or otherwise, with a smile. Que sera, sera.

The story so far.

I bought both programs on the 7th and started listening from that moment forward. I listen to ultrasonics on headphones whenever I’m behind the computer, masked when I’m on the road and asleep.

After the first few days, as you can read from the accidental journal I linked to at the start of this post, I started feeling a very strong need to change pretty much everything about my life. If I didn’t, I got hit with a mild sensation of depression as a result of disappointing myself. That sensation has since balanced out a bit, fortunately. I still feel the need, but not so much disappointment as before.

One thing that always happens to me when I start subs is that my sleep rhythm goes strange (usually I sleep deeper and longer) and my sex drive all but goes away. The latter being a challenge, since I have the libido of a teenager. I’ve always concluded that somehow the sexual energy is being used for something else and the sleep is used to work on stuff.

This time, it’s somewhat different. I actually sleep less, waking up after several hours. For the past few days, I’ve just stayed in bed and told myself to sleep for a few more hours, usually coming up around 9 hours.

As for the sex drive, @dorfmeister linked to a post about male multiple orgasms (I’d call it MMO, but that would attract gamers who have no time for sex, alone or otherwise). I was familiar with Mantak Chia’s work on the topic. Essentially it talks about how to reach the edge of orgasm and then draw the energy away into the spinal column, keeping the energy inside rather than spending it.

Why in the world would I mention this to a bunch of guys? Well, I was very surprised to learn that since starting these subs I have a new ability. I can control my erection by intent alone and it takes about two seconds to draw the energy away. I have NEVER been that much in control, and now somehow I am. If this stays, I look forward to experiment with a lucky lady in the future.

Okay, enough of that uncomfortable topic. Moving on.

After relentless coaching by someone I would like to consider a friend, I went against my instincts yesterday and volunteered at a charity BBQ for 1000 of the less fortunate people in the region. There were no girls to be seen, but I ended up being uncharacteristically social, almost getting two firemen to start line-dancing, and making more than one old ladies’ day.

The best part for me was not so much how comfortable I felt being among all those people and just helping out, doing something good for the community, but that I ended up with the organizer of the charity to discuss more volunteer work. This man has a professional network that reaches into the government, 700 volunteers and he likes me. I see possible income-generating possibilities in my future. If nothing else, I can fill the gap in my resume with volunteer work.

As a matter of fact, I will be meeting with him tomorrow to talk about how I can make myself useful. And he’s invited me to come fishing with him and a bunch of guys next Wednesday, even though I told him I didn’t know the first thing about fishing.

So I’d consider that improvement.

When it comes to my dreams, I have little to report. I rarely remember them, and when I do they tend to be ideas for fiction books I wish to one day write.

That’s about it for now, methinks. Thanks for reading!

And now for something completely different:
Funniest thing I learned on this trip so far: the word buffalo.


I think I dreamed about doing some kind of workshop building toys together. Weird. Made me feel uncomfortable, like I was constantly being judged by the others for how well I did. I cut the dream off and woke up.

With Alchemist now firmly on the path, I find myself contemplating the whole left-hand and right-hand idea and where I stand on it. That could really mess up my dreams.

I went to the volunteer center and spoke to the guy. Indicated I would love the idea of finding a job through his network so I could combine it with the volunteer work. Fixed a couple of cell phones while I was there. Maybe I’ll go back tomorrow. It’s difficult to chat people up since most of the ones there are from middle-eastern cultures and there’s a definite language barrier.

I don’t expect a lot more to report today besides a sudden urge to do more spring cleaning, so I’ll leave it here.

And now for something completely different:
Did you know there are a grand total of 16 distinctive BJ techniques? In order to create the perfect artificial BJ machine, a group of people stripped down 1145 pron videos to only the oral parts, resulting in a whopping 8333 minutes of pure oral sex performed on men (it’s great when you get to do the work you love, isn’t it?) The resulting 6270467 frames were then parsed by a machine learning algorithm, which was able to divide all the movements into 16 distinctive techniques. Don’t believe me? Here they are:

Imagine the top of the graph is the tip and the bottom is a deep throat. Apparently, women do prefer the higher parts (assuming hand movements were not taken into consideration here).

Makes you wonder if all women have these techniques in their genes or if they are taught without realizing there’s only 16.

The resulting machine incorporates 9 of these techniques, plus a surprise-me feature that randomly switches between them. And an edging feature (a glorified pause-button).

Not that I know anything about any of this stuff of course, real men only use women to masturbate. A “friend” told me all this.

In other news, still no cure for cancer.


Today started out quite well. I’m sleeping better now, 9 hours last night.

When I went to visit the volunteer center they asked me for my phone number since there was a contractor that might be interested in hiring me for a project he’s running. We’ll have to see where that goes.

I also had a good long healthy walk, I just felt like relaxing for a bit. Been so pre-occupied with making every moment count it was great to just take a walk, following my feet.

It used to be that I radiated this aura of wanting my space. I could sit down in a bus and nobody would sit down next to me (except that one annoying old lady that simply didn’t care). It has its advantages.

But now it seems I draw people in like moths to a flame. People keep coming to me for help. Really makes me wish SubClub had a way to teach me languages like Neo learned Kung Fu, since 6 out of 10 people doesn’t speak either of the two languages I do. I spent 10 minutes trying to explain to two Polish gentlemen their debit card had been rejected.

Unfortunately, disaster struck in the evening when the NAS that I store my scanned personal documents and finances on had a critical breakdown (during my relaxing walk no less, adding insult to injury). The data is not lost, but the operating system likely is. Meaning I’ll be spending the rest of the night fixing it and will have to go to that fishing trip without catching any sleep at all. That’ll be fun, I’ll have to do my best not to drop overboard. Either that, or cancel through email. But after reminding them that I haven’t woken up before 9am in months, they may consider it an excuse for oversleeping.

I’ll scratch it up to a lesson in making periodic backups. Let’s just make it through tomorrow.

And now for something completely different (I really need the distraction):

About a week ago I was having a talk with a lady friend and she asked me what the soundtrack of my life was. Think about it. If your life had a soundtrack like movies, what would be playing most of the time?

For me, I realized that due to having lost my rhythm with the unemployment the soundtrack that had been playing a lot was what you’d expect from end credits of hero movies or RPG games. You know, sadness mixed with hope. You have but to type “epic music” in YouTube to have an idea.

But since starting on the subs, it’s like I’m getting a purpose back. A forward motion. And so I’m back to the more vocal Chillstep sounds. Gentle, but with a bit of a beat to signify the forward motion. Maybe some Trap or Dubstep during the busier moments.

I like it, and not just because the background pictures on the YouTube videos look a lot more attractive than wizards fighting dragons.

So, what’s the soundtrack of YOUR life?


So yesterday got really messed up thanks to that NAS. It’s remarkable how easy something unexpected can mess up your groove for a whole day. I spent until 0300 to get the OS back up and running, fell asleep at my desk and missed the boat. Literally. :slight_smile:

I had a bit of a headache and did some simple stuff around the house, annoyed at the amazing weather that I could have enjoyed on the water. Afterwards, I felt like sleeping without subs this time, so no 20+ hours for me this day.

Today was better. I got my hands on True Social and was finally able to hear the girl speak. So far, I kinda like it. Have to listen to it a few more times before I make up my mind about it though.

I listened to it on the way to the volunteer center (I felt I should at least apologize for not making the fishing trip). I think I spent most of the trip with a big smile on my face, due to the images that popped up in my mind while listening.

Don’t know if it made me more social. I do love how easy it feels to converse with people nowadays though. I used to feel a bit anxious, but now I just go at it with zero expectations and the conversation flows much better.

The amazing guy running the center forgave me immediately and I spent some time helping out a Greek electrician with his laptop. Apparently one of his “friends” had upgraded his Windows and he lost every setting and every piece of software on it. Don’t you just love helpful friends like that?

Afterwards, he was very vocal about how fortunate the center was to have me as a volunteer. My ego was sufficiently stroked and I felt recovered from yesterday’s misfortune.

Another thing that made me proud as a peacock was Saint calling his current stack “The Ecstasy of Khan.” :slight_smile:

I’m glad the programs are helping me overcome my social challenges. I feel a sense of curiosity at where this will go and who my eventual group of friends and lovers will become. For EoG, I’m guessing it will be what Napoleon Hill calls a Mastermind group of role models. And for Khan, I’ll be content with the Victoria’s Secret Angels. When they’re not too busy.

And now for something completely different:
True Social has a little line about one’s relationship to the universe. It made me think of the Hitchhiker Guide’s Total Perspective Vortex. If you’ve never read the Hitchhiker’s Guide trilogy, all 5 books (don’t try to explain that, it’ll just lead to a headache), I can really recommend it. The way the author explains Star Trek science in a completely logical way resulting in total stupidity is amazing. Try the link above, it’s already an indication. If you need more, here’s an instruction on how to fly and a much more energy efficient cloaking field.

Anyways, while True Social was playing, I felt like Zaphod coming out of the TPV device, the most important man in the universe. Must have explained the smile.


So it’s been a couple of days since my last post. I’ve been experiencing the same phenomenon that some other people have had of not getting tired until early morning and then sleeping in. Combined with the local hot temperatures it’s been causing me to have a couple of slow starts. So I don’t have a whole lot to report.

One thing I did notice is that I’ve been becoming more enthused about the idea of going down to the Chamber of Commerce and registering as a one-Khan business. The idea of being employed is getting less interesting.

I’ve also had an amazing dream yesterday. A whole new story I’ve never had before. It’s a story I’ve dubbed the Brotherhood of Custodians. If a sub inspired it, it’s definitely Khan. If anybody knows of good resources to learn how to write fiction better, please do tell, because these dream-chronicles of mine would definitely make it to the bestseller list. And please let there be more dream recall in Alchemist (not that I can start it while I’m running this).

I also finally got around to reading Saint’s journal. It reads a bit like the company’s internal newsletter. You know, the one a company sends to its employees, but not its customers. Reading him mention Detroit and Heavy Rain brought back some memories. I’ve rarely been as forget-to-sleep engaged as Detroit caused me to be. If you don’t have it but you still want a taste, YouTube has lots of Let’s Plays and probably even a movie-type cut of it. It’s not like playing it yourself, but it’s still incredible.

The part about Saint’s adventures in movieland made me think how his scifi would be on Dust. If you don’t know it, it’s a YouTube channel that releases SciFi shorts a couple times a week by indie producers. Some really good ones in there. And some lesser ones. There’s one video that’s kinda boring but spoke to me as a dark twist on the power of the subconscious.

Anyways, the volunteer center is on holiday now. I chose a great time to volunteer my services. Took home a few laptops to fix for them. It felt pretty good doing something simple. At my level in IT it’s usually these grand things we do, it’s nice to do something simple with an immediate result. With any luck, I will get that call from the contractor soon. I’ll also get in touch with some of the people on LinkedIn I used to work with. One of them moved to my town recently, it’ll be good to see him.

I also had the opportunity to do some more True Social. I find that it’s still a lot easier to do the imagination part when I’m passive, rather than moving about. I think there’s a few things that the voice actress could have done to make it stronger and I really didn’t like hearing the word attempt. But overall, I like it and I’ll make it a habit to listen to it more often. Perhaps with Libertine Remastered in there as soon as I figure out which I should run first, considering they both probably create an aura. Which one should lead, sexy aura or social aura?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Libertine Remastered. Now with THX™ Certificed moaning in Dolby Atmos™! More realistic than the girl in bed next to you! Buy. It. Now. :wink:

That’s about it I think. Like I said, not much news. In 8 paragraphs.

Thanks for sticking with me!

And now for something completely different:
In one of the many dev threads I parsed on this forum someone mentioned that a sub author claimed to have found a way to travel through time but wouldn’t do so because it was too dangerous.

Did you know there’s a movie from 1980 called Somewhere in Time that sort of does this? In the movie they call it hypnosis I believe, but essentially he has to convince his subconscious that he is living in the past by dressing the part and a constant repetition of statements about it being a past year. Then suddenly he wakes up in the past. What would happen if you were able to completely convince your subconscious that you were in fact living in a different time? How powerful can manifestations really get?

There are some claims that it’s actually possible to use remote viewing into a different time, you can look up a video I posted in the Alchemist thread where they claim to have done this. If you could view any moment in time, what would your first destination be? September 2001? Early 1st century Judea? The future? Don’t answer here, I don’t want to open up that can of worms. But think about it…


MasterClass dot Com has great online courses on writing fiction.


So the high temperatures combined with almost no breeze made me very slow the past few days. I have difficulty functioning in higher temperatures, maybe it’s because my brain is always on overdrive.

Still, I’ve made some inquiries into what it would take to start my own business and have gathered some materials and courses that should help me to discover more about me and to recognize if I’m on the right path.

I’m also considering doing a bit of a fast, the next paragraph explaining one of the reasons. The others being that fasting brings the body temperature down and since I’ve anchored eating to TV and vice versa, it would stop me from watching TV and give me nothing but time to be productive.

Today was dentist day. I spent 170 EUR to be in complete agony for at least the rest of the day. That dental hygienist is very good at her job. Still, a dominatrix would have been cheaper for an hour and I might possibly have gotten lucky.

I do sincerely hope the pain goes away though, I can’t even fall asleep. And my replies to your posts may just have a slight edge to them. Although I have managed a single emoji today, which is one more compared to yesterday.

Anyway, I’m trying not to think too much, so I’ll leave it here.

And now for something completely different:
The other day I was trying to come up with a post that would give me that “Like a boss” feeling. In the end, I wasn’t entirely satisfied.

It did however remind me of something (you’d better get used to it dear reader, I’m a veritable fountain of completely random information).

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Electronic Arts. Well know for its aggressive monetization policies and copy/paste customer service. However, just like when you’re first starting out in the noble art of seduction, even they hit the jackpot every now and then.

When they came out with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 in 2007, a reviewer posted a video on YouTube showing Tiger walking on water to make a shot. He made fun of it and called it the Jesus Shot.

EA saw this as the ultimate opportunity to market Tiger Woods 09, so a year later responded with a video that immediately went viral. I still consider it one of the best comebacks I’ve seen.


So I haven’t written anything in a while. Neither has Shakespeare, another prolific writer just like me. :wink:

Truth is, I’ve been feeling very off lately. I’ve become extremely lethargic. All results have stopped and although I still have a wish to change the drive to do anything is completely disappeared (I use the word wish on purpose here, it’s like a weak hope). Hence the lack of participation on the forum. I’m off-balance. Maybe the dentist-visit was a catalyst, maybe it was something else.

I’ve been thinking. When trying to describe how the experience feels, the image that came to mind is reading a book that is below my level, trying to drudge my way through anyway. That, combined with the fact that my subconscious seems to find ways to spend away from the subs leads me to consider that maybe it is time for me to move to stage 2 of the subliminals. I’ve never considered using my internal experience as a guideline like @AMASH does, since I never needed to. But maybe this is my indicator. I think I’m going to try stage 2 starting tomorrow. See what happens.

I had two notable dreams last week that deserve mentioning. The first was a bit depressing. I was in my own version of a Long March. It was more post-apocalyptic, a trek to a new homeland. All about perseverence and being strong enough to weather adversity.

The second dream was absolutely beautiful. I’ve dubbed it The Artiste’s Lament and consider it a great short story if I ever go beyond the outline. Without revealing too much, basically it takes place in a Victorian style era where a witch-hunter has captured an artist’s creative spark to give himself immortality while imprisoning the artist forever. The artist manages to escape and goes on the run. It ends on a sad but positive note where the artist finally dies, becoming part of his own art.

I definitely slept in for that one.

During my period of inactivity I managed to play the game Observation. It was amazing, the whole experience is like a sci-fi thriller. I detect strong influences of 2001 - A Space Odyssey. Although in this game, the player is the on-board A.I. assisting the sole human survivor, which gives it a really unique perspective. It was truly epic. I highly recommend it to fans of the genre. There’s no fighting in it, it’s just story-based with some minor puzzles, all atmosphere. And it’s comfortably short. If you do think you’ll try it, obviously you shouldn’t read the Plot-section of the wikipedia page, that would ruin the experience.

Anyway, going to set things up to start stage 2 tomorrow and see what happens.

Thanks for reading, guys!

And now for something completely different...

Randall Monroe, the author of the ever awesome XKCD webcomic has a section on the site called “What If?”

On it, he answers serious and sometimes difficult scientific questions using his own comic, making it funny and understandable.

When asked what his most notable question is, he refers to a question about how many punch cards it would take to store all of Google’s data. The question prompted him to an extensive investigation into Google’s data-capacity and power usage. On that journey, he concluded that Google used about 258 megawatts of power, that they are the largest consumer of hard drives (and backup tapes) on the planet and in the time it takes for Google to display your search results, another drive will have failed and been replaced, and that their total data-storage ranges in the 10+ exabytes.

He attempted to get the information from Google, but they refused to tell him anything, not even where all their data-centers were located. He made note of it, saying that the best way to find Google’s manned data-centers was to ask Domino’s Pizza.

He then tells of Google’s response. For those of you that don’t know, Google loves elaborate pranks. You can look up their April Fools contributions going back years, it’s awesome. They create whole websites for them, which you can still find in their archives. The one I still remember was 2008’s Custom Time, where you could pre-date an email. Tell your boss you sent them an email yesterday, then proceed to send the email with yesterday’s date.

And in this case, they were not to be outdone by a comic artist. A while after he had made his conclusions known, he received a package from Google. In it was a stack of punch cards. After painstakingly analyzing the punch cards, they turned out to be equations, which led to more equations and so on a few levels deep, until it finally came down to two words: “No comment.”

If you want to read the original page, here it is


Glad to see you’re learning to listen to and trust the signs your subconscious might communicate to you using your emotions! :slight_smile:


How many hours of listening would you say you’re at for each ST1?


Did you move already to ST2 of Khan and EoG?

And how is your experience so far @DarkPhilosopher?


Right, my experience. I have been feeling a bit apprehensive to write it, since I’ve been completely messed up, in an entirely different way. Let me explain…

Those observing my posts across the forum would have noticed that at the end of the Stage 1 experience I also became a bit less jovial and friendly. After switching to Stage 2, I almost immediately started feeling hopeful again, the fog lifted. It took about two to three days for my posts to clear up.

However, as I was setting my goals and getting ready to get moving again, I got hit by a little side-effect of an increased sex drive. Now for most guys that would be welcome. For me, however, not so much. I naturally have the sex drive you often see in those cheesy R-rated college movies. I now have the sex drive of a teenage boy. Sex all I can think about. I’m a walking advertisement for Viagra. If they were using the Energizer Bunny as their mascot.

As a result, I can’t perform anything that is either too complex or takes too long. I’ll get completely distracted and go off track.

You can imagine how much fun it was to do the remote viewing exercise for Alchemist when Saint asked me to. In High School, I used to have an art teacher that told us never to ask him what our art looked like, because his answer would always be it looked like woman’s breasts. He was a great man.

Now imagine me doing a remote viewing exercise, trying to clear my head while every 10 seconds I see X-rated content flash by.

I also stopped being able to recall any dreams. My days are mostly spent daydreaming or taking short naps because I felt a sudden need to jump in the bed and afterwards felt strangely depleted. My circadian rhythm has all but disappeared.

As “fun” as the ride is for me (and occasional company), I’m waiting for some equilibrium now. I have to trust that the programming will take hold even if I can’t take as much action as I want and I may have to stay on this stage a bit longer. Maybe Alchemist’s As Above is going to help me put some of that sexual energy to better use.

On the plus side, while out and about recently, I noticed I care a lot less what people think of me. I get more looks, make eye-contact (with a devious smile) and I walk with a lot of swagger. People more often move out of my path when they see me coming. I also feel content about myself, while logically my life is a mess right now. I’m not stressing, although given my circumstances, a little stress might be a good thing.

For obvious reasons, my goals are shifting away from financial independence and towards women. I might even be guilty of checking out a competitor’s product that is like Sex Mastery X but works on the part of getting to the sex instead of the actual act of sex. Might be. :wink:

Anyways, there’s your update. It’s definitely not what I expected, but I’m glad I can at least see that the subs are doing something to me.

@HappyHero I suppose at 20+ hours a day for about a month, divided between two subs, that would make it between 200 and 250 hours per sub. Which is not entirely unsurprising, I’ve spent over a decade working on the things holding me back already. I might stack Stages 1 & 4 together when I finally do get to 4.

If you’ve all made it this far, please do check out the section below. I know I can post a lot of trivia, but this time it’s worth it, I promise. If you really don’t like the read, skip to the two YT links at the bottom.

And now for something completely different...

Last time, I was describing my second dream about the artist. I said it was Victorian style. Afterwards I got to thinking and the picture that came closest to mind was old Russia, actually.

To show you, I want to share a commercial with you. This, as far as I’m concerned, is a must-watch. This commercial is so beautiful, so amazing, it spawned a documentary and a making-of. As well as a sequel. That’s how awesome it is. Even Saint, our resident producer, should watch it for both the cinematic and score.

So, it is called L’Odyssée de Cartier and depicts the history of the jewelry giant as seen though their panther (which was once a jewelry-embedded watch and has since spawned a collection). The whole thing is like how you would imagine a lucid dream to be, and I invite you to dim the lights and watch it full screen.

Finally, before I link it, two more things. First, right after the panther breaks through the ceiling, he runs through Russia the way it was in my aforementioned dream. And soon after that, he runs though giant rings. These rings were actually a 1970’s collection of bracelets called Love Bracelets that would lock around someone’s wrist while another held the key. Although it sort of promotes the idea of ownership, it was nonetheless an amazing Valentine’s Day gift to that special lady. And guess what? They still have them. Women make you prove your love with a ring, now you can make them prove theirs by wearing a bracelet. :slight_smile:

So without further ado and no more mincing of words, here it is: L’Odyssée de Cartier.

Of course, Maison Cartier has to go with the times, so here is the sequel, equally stunning and completely surreal: Shape Your Time.

I recommend some of the other videos on the last channel as well, the director has a certain style. The BMW one is nice.


Stay with it man.

But don’t expect balance in your sex drive and everything else until ST4.

Khan, until ST4, made my libido out of control. But I was approaching women and getting sex, so that balanced it. Only ST4 would have allowed me to control it without girls’ “help”.


Oh, women don’t help me here, unless they can go all day. I tried. Most of them wear out after the fifth time in a row. :wink:

Funny thing is that up until now my experience on subs, even the sexually oriented ones, has been that my sex drive goes away, as if my subconscious is re-tasking the energy towards improvement. Which for the most part happened on ST1. It surprised me that I gained such great control of my climax on ST1. But I could function just fine.

Now, I might as well join a sex addiction anonymous group, although my sexy aura would likely get me and a lucky fellow participant in trouble. And it still wouldn’t fix the inability to focus.

Actually, I think I’m almost at the point where it is calming down. It may be better in a week. Still, another month without career success is frustrating.


Khan ST2 here and i am insanely horny aswell but i am listening Sex Mastery and Libertine aswell. I had sex over 7 times in 3 days and i am masturbating more than twice every day this week. I didnt have anything similar in ST1 if i remember correctly but i increased the volume i am listening the ultrasonic by 1-2 clicks in ST2. In think and grow rich, author wrote something among the lines of successful men put their sexual drive into productivity. It is a long time i read the book but the point was that you have manipulate your sexual drive into having a healthy sex life and energy into business. I understand it can be distracting, it is for me but you can try to tame this energy


The transmutation of sexual energy into something else, Napoleon Hill devotes a chapter to it I believe. Often the domain of men that have mastered multiple orgasms, they can pull the energy from the groin up the spine. It is why I’m so curious about the Alchemist’s superchargers.

It is said that some famous leaders like Winston Churchill actually masturbated to the point right before climax every day, causing a very powerful masculine aura and drive. That’s how you win a world war, people! Masturbation. :slight_smile:


@DarkPhilosopher did you get The Alchemist?

And did you start using it, or staying on Khan and EoG ST1?

Main Dev. Thread - Alchemist

Do you feel different as a person since you’ve started this stack, @DarkPhilosopher?


And @DarkPhilosopher, you know Khan is very powerful.

Stacking both Khan and EoG, do you feel you’re benefiting from both, or that Khan is overtaking the whole stack?

I noticed you talked a lot about high sexual drive and sexual energy, but nothing related to money, wealth ideas, entrepreneurial drive, etc.


Alright already, I’m comin’. :wink:

So, remember how on ST1 after about a month I got really lethargic and rude? Well, somewhere last week I did indeed balance out my sex drive and normalized my state. Even though my exposure of the ST2’s has been markedly less compared to ST1. And then near the end of last week there were a few days where I got super-confrontational. It’s like I was looking for a fight everywhere I went. Not just that, but I started making mistakes where I normally never would. Almost as if I was losing my mental equilibrium. I can honestly say I did not like myself at that point.

So, being normalized yet once again rude (to an extreme this time), I talked it over with AMASH and Saint and figured I should move to ST3. If I missed anything in ST2, it’ll likely come back in ST4, which I may run for several months (during which I may start stacking some things onto it like Alchemist). I don’t like having less exposure than I normally would, but I feel that I’ve spent a lot of time working on my beliefs and attitudes both where it concerns money and women, so maybe I really didn’t need all that much new programming.

Yesterday was a transition as I had to replace the tracks on my various devices and last night as I slept I officially started on ST3. As before when I started a new program, I feel refreshed, but not much else at this time. I’m considering sprinkling Iron Throne into the stack here and there, the idea or three action-provoking goal-getting subs appeals to me. But since IT supports Khan, part of me wants to add Ascended Mogul (which I don’t have) on top of EoG.

Maybe now people will start doing small talk with me again. As much as I enjoyed the sudden cessation of all contact initiated by others while on ST2, it was starting to creep me out. Turns out, I actually miss it when my friends invite me to go skating or just WhatsApp me about something completely irrelevant.

I could use people’s suggestions when it comes to superchargers that could help boost my development. Definitely looking forward to Mind’s Eye, my visualization practice could use some work.

To be continued…

Now for AMASH’s questions. Thank you for your continued interest.

I don’t feel that different, really, but there are likely a lot of subtle transitions that I wouldn’t notice. I went into this with an open attitude and am just accepting whatever happens as natural. There may be some things though.

Over the past month I have lost my taste for snacks like chips and candy, even freshly baked bread doesn’t appeal that much anymore. Which forces me to either prepare complete meals for myself or to fast for a day and lose some weight. Since I watch TV when eating, it is also increasing my productivity, since I’m doing more non-recreational stuff.

I’ve noticed that I’m taking a different, less-rigid approach to training. I’ve always trained in bursts, starting an over-the-top exercise regimen which wore me out and ended me in an exercise hiatus for the next month. Recently, I’ve been considering a less demanding program that would be easier to maintain. Combined with less eating and more protein shakes, I am likely going to see some beneficial effects.

I think I’m beginning to let go of things that don’t matter anymore. Recently, I’ve been cleaning out stuff from my house that I haven’t used in years and with everything I see I ask myself if it serves a purpose or if I should just give or throw it away. Slowly but steadily, it seems I am clearing out my environment to make place for new things. A part of me thinks that this attitude would not have been as evident if I hadn’t been listening to the subs.

Is it possible to separate the effects of Khan & EoG? I’m going to be a bit like AMASH and claim to know which modules are part of which stage, without actually being able to know any such thing. :wink:

It is important to know, as I stated above, that I have a really healthy belief system. I have been reframing my beliefs for over a decade, pretty much only ever use positive self-dialogue and between studying the seduction arts as well as the ins and outs of how a monetary economy works I believe I need very little mental shifts when it comes to money and women. For me, the largest change is to get out of my head and into my life.

But it is one of the two reasons why I believe I haven’t seen a great deal of changes in my life yet. The other being that I simply haven’t been out much. Most of the experience has been in solitude. Which likely means there haven’t been that many opportunities to manifest external changes.

Now I think that the ST1’s do mainly the deconstruction of things that would stop the further stages from working. Which I didn’t have. So the ST1 changes would have given me some new ideas and eureka-moments, but the ground-work was already present.

The ST2’s do re-programming. In the case of Khan, that would be things like telling you that nobody but yourself can determine your worth. In the case of EoG, that would be things like telling you that you are deserving of financial abundance. These things I know. So ST2 also wouldn’t need to do a whole lot.

Now the rudeness and confrontational phase at the end puzzles me. It is possible that although I’m am assertive enough to hold my ground, I may actually be too polite for a leader. I tend to be quite understanding and accepting of other people’s crap as long as it doesn’t affect my life. But perhaps this phase is temporarily flipping me to the other extreme as a sort of wake-up call. One can’t go through life without ever pissing somebody off. Not even the most experienced politician. Maybe sometimes I do need to push the boundaries of my assertiveness and step of the line ever so slightly, in order to claim what I deserve rather than just expect it to come to me in a universe of abundance.

Finally, I did notice that recently I have been imagining doing more elevator-pitches and job interviews, running the conversations and my answers through my head. Maybe that’s EoG? I have no idea. As we go into ST3 & 4 I expect the changes will shift from internal to external, at which point it will likely become easier to discern which program causes which changes. The volunteer center is back from holiday as well, so I’ll be spending more time there.

I do believe, however, that there is a decent overlap between the two. So it may not be as easy to discern between them. I might end up the leader of a popular fashion magazine with one of the models for a secretary. :slight_smile: