Will Results Eventually Go Back to NULL, once i stop listening?


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Requesting to share experience Post “Getting Sufficient Exposure of a particular Sub and then completly stop listening to that sub”

What i would like to know is, will the results be permanent or will they fade away if we don’t to listen to the particular stack regulary after a sufficiently long period of regular Exposure, maybe 6 months of regular exposure to one stack.


great question im interested to know aswell.


The way I see it, think of listening to subs as listening to your teacher in school. The more you listen, the more you learn new things. As long as you apply what you learn, you wouldn’t forget them. So let’s say you use SM. The more you listen, the better in bed you get. But that doesn’t mean that as soon as you stop listening, you stop being good in bed. You only stop being good, when you stop having sex over a long period.
Take algebra for example. You may be good in math, maybe get straight A’s in school. But when you graduate, and stop doing math equations, do you think you can do better than a student who’s still taking those classes?


But what about the cases of internal mindset shifts, which cannot always be demonstrated but are still very important?


Same thing I guess. As long as you maintain the same level of confidence, and/or dominance (at least for alpha mindsets), it shouldn’t go away. The only way to loose it is to stop consciously, or something bad happens that you subconsciously shift away from your previous mindset. But that has to be very traumatic to be abrupt.




Depends on the person. For me, results that affect my mindset fade away when I stop listening to the sub. e.g motivation, self-esteem, etc.


@Simon - I am also guessing that once you do a couple of major programs over a period of time (by themselves or maximum 2 or 3 together) then when you have fully incorporated them into the subconscious mind, then you can stack more of the said done programs together to keep getting consistent results (like consistent gymming does).

For example, I did Khan multistage by itself. After that, I did sex mastery and Ultimate artist together. After that I did Godlike Masculinity and Primal Seduction and Emperor togther. At the end of all that I can run Khan ST4, Sex Mastery, Ultimate Artist, Godlike Masculinity, Primal Seduction and Emperor altogether since we had already imprinted them into our subconscious and now we need to just maintain them. Or we can run them individually before an event. Like running just Sex Mastery before hitting the sheets with someone


I figure one makes subs a lifelong project and discipline


I think the best option which i will follow is listening to them daily for a few years at least to totally rewire my brain as you need to remember we have years and years of unlearning to change ! 6 months will be a temporary jolt in thise patterns but no means permanent change as you will likely find after stop listening drfiting back into okd mindsets etc


Great question. So let’s say that you start noticing results after listening for a couple months. Suppose your working on building assertiveness. You notice that certain situations you have assertive attitude and approach. For example say your always a pushover. You notice that when you go to the store and the cashier rings up the wrong price for your items your subconscious mind pushes you to dispute the price, so you do. In this situation your assertive. You go to work and your boss tells you that he needs you to come in to work on your next day off. You say yes sir and cancel your plans you had with your girl. So now your partially assertive but not in it’s totality. You’ve got a few things your assertive in but more things that your not. You’ve been a pushover your whole life since a kid. If you stop now what’s more dominant will take over after a little while and overpower the less dominant things. This was me!

I would say to not stop until you have 100% completely transformed every aspect of what you are trying to change. Then continue to listen every so often to refresh your mindset. If you do it like that then “no” you will not go back to your old ways. But I highly doubt 6 months of listening is even enough in most situations.