Subliminal duration


I wanted to ask how long should I run a subliminal for as I have been researching this on the forums and I have heard different things from 3 months to 6 months to even a year, I ask this as eventually I would like to move on to different subs that tackle other goals in my life which is why I wanted to know how long until I have received all the results a subliminal has to offer.

Secondly I wanted to know that once I switch subs after running it for a set duration do the results stay in permanently or do I need to run it again or say like one loop a day in order to keep reinforcing to my subconscious that yes this still exists and needs to be applied

Will Results Eventually Go Back to NULL, once i stop listening?

Sadly, the answer really is, “as long as it takes”. Yeah, I hate that answer, too.

But, we just heard from Saint that he’s been listening to Emporor for over a year and STILL coming up with the occasional block or issue. And it’s going to be different for everyone.

You and I seem to be similar in that we want more than what just a single major sub track can do.

For me, I want to improve my work habits and productivity so I’m finally making abundant and consistent money. (Ascended Mogul)

But, I also want to clear out any emotional baggage that might be holding me back. (Rebirth / Regeneration)

But, I also want to get in great physical shape. (Spartan)

And even though making money is my bigger priority, I’m not willing to ignore my physical health while that happens.

So, when Spartan comes out, I’ll be adding that to my listening schedule.

Right now, I do a morning session of Ascension New Dawn and Beyond Limitless. During the day, it’s Ascended Mogul on a loop – though I sometimes change up between ultrasonic and masked. Before bed I’ve just started doing Regeneration and Elixir.

It may take longer for all the effects to integrate, but I feel I’ll be more balanced along the way. So, I’m willing to let it take a bit longer.

But, that’s really just guessing on my part.


exactly I want to accomplish all, hence every sub sounds tempting to me, but reading the forums and based on what I was thinking I think this is my main bet, run it for atleast 6 months, then if I see good enough results switch to something else that I wanna improve, then if anything needs more improvement come back,once I feel I am happy enough with the results stop the sub until I feel like I want more, I could also add more subs but this will always be my limit (self decided, maybe could go higher maybe Lower is better but I feel this is ideal even if it takes longer) 2 major programmes and 2 stacks, as for supercharger I don’t know how exactly do they work so I will have to wait until saint or fire answers if they do that does supercharges effect sub ingraining time or can u run it separately without any problems, as for me I feel inner help is more important for me than anything else and can build a good foundation so no matter how tempting I still stick to regen,rebirth,LD and elixir primal also helps a bit in inner development so it also stays even though it might be more of a game oriented sub


Again, you have to change the way you look at using subliminals. It’s like going to the gym. You stop going, you stop getting stronger and you get fatter. Same thing with subliminals. You run it for as long as you want, you switch subliminals depending on your needs. There’s no “hard rules.” If you want to run Spartan because you want to boost your physicality, run it and hit the gym. After three months, re-evaluate.

Trying to make the subliminals “permanent” is an exercise in futility. You will ALWAYS have SOMETHING influencing your subconscious mind, whether it’s your stack or society itself. Self-development is a lifelong process, that’s why it’s best to use the set and forget method. Just play your stack and go about your life, noting the changes you experience. I personally operate in 6 month blocks. Every 6 months, I evaluate where I am and decide what subliminals I want to use next.

Will Results Eventually Go Back to NULL, once i stop listening?