Listening Duration Once Goals Are Achieved


I tried searching for this question as the title says but nothing’s come up. I know that we should be listening to subs for up to 16 hours a day on ‘Set and Forget’ or earbuds or multiple stations around the house. Also it might take months or years to reach the mental conditioning to achieve our goals.

So once we have achieved whatever we set out to achieve… do we still listen to the same number of hours? Or do we reduce it to one loop of the main program per day / alternate days?

Will Results Eventually Go Back to NULL, once i stop listening?

Honestly, there’s no simple answer to this. All depends on your susceptibility to societal influence and your goals at that time. Personally, I treat subliminal use the same way I treat going to the gym. If I want to remain mentally healthy and focused, I’ll probably always run the subliminal that’s best aligned with my current goals. Permanence is something that a lot of people and producers strive for, but the fact of the matter is, a human being is dynamic – you’ll always be changing as you progress through life. There’s no way to turn you into a “static” being, and I’m not sure if you’d even want to.

Will Results Eventually Go Back to NULL, once i stop listening?
Better and Better: Alexander's Journal

I figure once you have a good set-up that just keeps repeating the subs it is easy to just let them play pretty much permanently, switching the playlist around as different needs come to the fore. I know that in my home I have had subliminals from various vendors running continuously since 2012. I am liking what I have going now so I am sticking with Subliminal Club products for the foreseeable future.


Unrelated to my original question above, I won’t have speakers playing subs around the house because I don’t want to expose my wife and children to Primal or Ascension Lite. So I use ear buds in the house for hours and it’s getting on my wife’s nerves.

For a few nights I played subs with a speaker next to to my bed. Wife complained she had trouble sleeping and also dreams of seemingly unrelated events. Now I sleep with ear buds. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would say once you achieved your goals you set out to do . Make new ones so you don’t get complacent and lazy. In life you always want to be working and striving towards some goal. Because if you don’t eventually you will get lazy and complacent, and your life will probably hit a wall. But that doesn’t mean you cant enjoy you breaking through your goals. I have heard that so many times in different audio books I have listened to. And also keep listening to the subs so you keep manifesting results and not plateauing.


Brilliantly said. Nothing to add. Thats exactly why I think most other producers fail in delivering design goals: polymorphicity and dynamicity of psyche are not appreciated as they should. The only “static” person is dead person.