Why Emperor makes us "Anti Social"

I think I finally understood why Emperor makes some of us “Anti Social”

It doesn’t. The reason you have your mouth shut on Emperor is because you might make a fool out of yourself because your social abilities aren’t as developed with Emperor’s flavor, yet. You need more time. You need to have an intuitive understanding on how and when to speak and also the why concerning that.

On Emperor, I would be with my friend but I would say zero. Until I finally figured out how to speak in a dignified way that suits me. Such that I know, I will never speak out of turn or say too much. Ever.

Word play is everything in court. You need to control the room. In a way that suits you.

All those that say “Because Emperor pushes you towards money making”… not quite. Only if you desire it. Emperor also has strong social aspects, you know. An Emperor has people to rule, Machiavellian nobles to put in place. If anything… Emperors are more social than daredevils…

A lot of us speak, out of blind altruism. Emperor teaches you, that there is no need for that.


Or just that the people you socialize with are not even worth socializing and you need to hit up people that will be worth your time.


How have you seen this quality of Emperor expressed in virtual mediums of communication, like here on the forum?

Same difference, or…

I mean, other than Eloquence & a higher sense of status (not replying to unnecessary things), I have not noticed shit.

But for me personally, I see that people get triggered really easily, because I don’t abide by their own preconceived notions of what I might be. I think I’ve had the most people tryna jump on my dick in this entire forum. Purely because of the dominant aura I was exuding.

But that kind of became… either diluted OR normalized. I have no fucking idea. That hyperfocus and controlled aggression sort of dissipated.

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Interesting. Will watch out for that going forward.

You said some things in your first post that got me thinking…

This is right out of the 48 Laws of Power. Forget which one it is that says “say less than required” or something like that, but that’s basically what you’re saying. Like you ran Power Can Corrupt, or it’s just a natural shift into a more elevated frame through Emperor.

Noticing that right now through participating in more discussions that interest me. Wasn’t expecting this kind of effect as I’m more introverted than not.

Time to create a new label to replace the “Anti-social” one.

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That’s why I stayed away from Emperor. I didn’t want the anti-social thing. But the masses already tend to think of me as anti-social when it’s not that at all. It’s the don’t speak for the sake of speaking thing and being more thought out and eloquent. Over my years I’ve gotten the kind of reputation of when he speaks people should listen kind of thing but that has gotten a lot of hate because I guess I don’t know how to navigate the power and have boundaries.

Emperors are Emperors and the masses are the masses. They do things differently and get different results and experiences.

After reading this post I’m now intrigued by The Emperor. When I was a kid I used to read books on presidents and leaders and I guess kind of internalized a lot of that. But when it came to being amongst people it was like they did everything the opposite of what I’d internalized from my reading. All those values seemed to make one almost an outcast among most people. Of course I didn’t know how to handle that and I could always see through people and their games and I guess intellectualized myself out of having, being, doing, what I really wanted in life. Thank God for Sub club.

So that’s where Emperor would be great for me I think. It would reprogram some beliefs that kind of messed me up in the sense that I never realized my full potential and yet still don’t want to be just one of the masses but maybe not an Emperor of anything but my own life and world.

The “anti social” effect has been repeated so many times (you can do a search here and find tons of references) it’s liable to give the wrong impression at first glance.

It’s definitely not what I’m experiencing after a few days…just the opposite actually.

I relate with you alot. Yes. It can get kind of lonely, or should I say… weird.

Yes. Its saying more with less. People are not used to this concept, which is why they denote it as being anti social. When in fact, you’re very social. Just in a different, more powerful way.

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Agreed. Looking back, I didn’t feel antisocial per se. I didn’t like gossip or nonsense like that and I turned inward if I felt unpleasant; I didn’t wish to connect with people, but only because I felt it’s my cross to bear.

It’s a very dignified title, and very strong internally. I remember when I was starting out and you mentioned I was looking for quiet confidence. You were exactly right.

I’ve made several new relationships while on Emperor, and I felt good inside, baring the recon.


That’s what I’ve found as well. I am just naturally averse to gossip and “pop” talk as there’s no substance there at least not to my liking. It’s not even about feeling better than them. In my perspective it’s respectful to leave people alone and yet because many have it the other way around generally people tend to be into wasting time rather than doing those things that would bring the results.

I haven’t used Emperor but am definitely intrigued for the first time after this thread. Also that might be why it’s so great. I got swayed by the common, popular opinion in forfeit of checking with my own internal guidance system and really seeing that this is a great sub that would probably benefit me greatly.

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Ya’ll are overthinking this. Emperor doesn’t have any scripting to cause anyone to be “anti-social.” Simply put, Emperor urges you to become so heavily focused on whatever goal you’re attempting to achieve that you simply have no desire to engage in small talk. And most interactions consists of 80% small talk, 20% (or less) deep conversation. If you’re “losing friends” on Emperor, they probably were never really friends in the first place – just someone you were engaging with for entertainment. There are many people who run Emperor that went the exact opposite of what we’ve come to expect from it and became hypersocial, so long as that sociability benefitted their goals.

While it’s fun to speculate, I have access to the script, and I assure you that Emperor is NOT inherently anti-social. It’s designed to focus all your energy and efforts toward your external and internal goals. That can cause you to APPEAR anti-social.


The way I see it, it doesn’t make you anti-social. It makes you more discerning in who you choose to interact with


I’ve been running Emperor for one month and I became more open to social interactions and more carefree in social context. It seems some social blockages have been loosen. I guess those blockages were rooted in social anxiety I suffered from as a kid, teenager and young adult.


I’ve literally stated, clearly, that the “anti socialness” is to be attributed to becoming a more powerful man. lol.

This might sound insane but Emperor Qv2 is actually making me more social than Khan so far lol


Ohh, I just read this. Why do you believe this is?

Did you move away from your Wanted/Ascension/Sex Mastery custom, or are you playing it with Emperor?

Are you running it by itself or in a stack?

As I’ve been wondering if maybe the perfect addition to WANTED might be emperor, however I’m a bit concerned about getting back to the lone wolf vibe where I actually avoided being around people, even my gf, just to focus on things, but if qv2 can make it more balanced, then I’m more than happy to add it back.