Why do people moan and complain?

To those who feel like they are entitled to money, women, lots of sex etc. Well i am here to tell you that that you deserve nothing and you must work hard for it. I am tired of people complaining to SC “ohhh this dont work” “i am not rich yet the sub does not work”.

Please stop being a mamma boy and hoping that things will come to you if you just sit there in your appartment. Do you really think Cersei Lannister from game of thrones is going to knock on your door and offer to suck your knob ? sorry but it ain’t going to happen…perhaps in your wet dreams.

Now i want you all to watch this inspirational video


Now you have watched this video stop this mamma boy behaviour.

Even more inspiring how i recall Saint got stuck in the Sahara desert in his car and somehow survived and made it back to LA. Don’t remember the exact details but their you go.

@RVconsultant @DarkPhilosopher i rest my case.


Sonora Desert I think :smiley: but I agree. I’ve been trying to not only adhere to the Stoic idea of focusing only on what I can control, I’m also working on determining how I can level up to bring even more stuff under my control.

I think that’s where Stoicism rubbed me wrong at first, is I thought it was just saying “Don’t worry about shit you can’t do anything about”.

Well, I will do what I can to make my Circle of Competence larger and larger.




I wonder the same thing, especially when I see people complaining about not bedding “9s and 10s”… my question there is… are YOU the kind of person that quality of girl would want to sleep with??

it’s (sadly) a typical attitude, “I want it, therefore I obviously deserve it”… a close cousin to the much worse “I believe it, so it must be true”…


@BLACKICE you are spot on thankyou !!


Back when I was single and dating, I kept attracting the wrong kinds of girls. One day I was away on a business trip and was listening to a podcast… Art of Charm or something similar to that one, and I heard a line that really stood out… I’m paraphrasing a bit, but it was something like “In order to get the girl of your dreams, you need to first become the man of hers.”


It does come down to status and status is an cumulation of various factors. Hypergamy states that a woman will only date up never below her social status. So yeah yes you have to become the man of her dreams.


I do appreciate the perspective of focusing on what is going right, and being thankful for what we might overlook.

However, please keep negative labeling off the forum. We need to get back to focusing on results and experiences.


@RVconsultant has made some good points we must adhere to forum rules and use this community to grow in a positive way. Whether its OldChap becoming a millionare, Saint crossing the Sahara desert, Black Adder breaking connections with his family. These require a specific strenght, that strenght is action !!!.

I have seen many people make amazing changes and still continue to be with us today like @JCast, @Azriel. @friday. @Meng123 All great men !!.



Thank you! You aren’t so bad, either :wink:

All the love to you! :green_heart:


Thank you.I still have a long way to go.Youve made a lot more amazing changes than me both on the money and women front :wink:

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This is bullshit. Few people are naturally selected to be fit to who they become.

Michael Phelps cannot be replicated. No matter how hard an aspiring athlete train theres a non existent chance he can ever reach Phelps level (Phelps compete with the best of the best swimmer in other nations).

Same as to Michael Jordan. Kobe and Lebron and other highly skillful players will never reach what legacy Jordan created, no matter how hard they train (most elite athletes spend millions to their body).

6’3+ Goodlooking Guys get hot girls you dreamt of, effortlessly, if you ever do any approaching or any first move to a woman, you’re mostly average at best. Good-looking guys get approached. they practically put little to no effort in dating.

See those rothschild,vanderbilt,Rockefeller etc… descendants? One day they come out from their mothers womb and their worth is atleast 500 mill, While you do all sort type of shit and you know to yourself, you’ll never reach the quarter of the wealth they had.

Bill Gates children never put any actual labor to their 10 million share of the divorce money.

See those elite models who was now worth 100 million because of their appearance?

You either born to it or you don’t.

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So you already have revealed your limiting beliefs . I can never get a hot girl because i am not good looking enough or i cannot become a great skillful player because their are others out there who are genetically gifted.

Stop comparing yourself with others ok ?


Limiting beliefs? No, its reality thats it. Obviously yes.

You cannot, it is ingrained in our nature to imagine what others possess and what we don’t have.

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: you killing me action man

Action is everything !!! AAA Autonomic Action Acceleration !!

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Why are you here then? If you don’t believe you can achieve greatness?

I also read a lot of jealousy out of your post towards these rids kids.

Learn to let go of that and see your mindset improve.


Before Michael Phelps, there must’ve been someone who seemed unbeatable, and 20 years from now, current world records would also have been surpassed. And none of them will make it effortlessly, like those supposed Goodlooking Guys.

Success and a good life are much easier today than they ever were in history.
Eg: There are 1000s of people with Millions of followers on some social media platform, who now make more money than their father ever did.

Just because a handful of people won the genetic lottery, or because the #1s in any field are too far ahead to beat, does not mean we can’t get most of almost everything we desire.

You’re either going to make it happen, or you can sit and complain, while a billion people around the world upgrade their living standards radically within a generation.

And they won’t even need the secret SC shortcut. :kissing_heart:


all of these people have 2 things in common

A -they are human

B - and they believed that they can achieve their dreams deeply believed

god made you limitless the only limits are the ones you lock yourself with

every human has a purpose a unique one to his soul no other human has the exact same, , find this purpose and you shall find greatness

even if you find it, if you dont do the work nothing will change

lebron or kobe or martin luther king, or daft punk (which i think theyre the greatest human musicians ever that ever had lived so beautiful of a message sharing it through music) which i aspire to be a musician with such a loving message like their’s , but i know for sure if i dont put my ass to work and get out of this comfort zone, nothing will change

follow your message and purpose and you shall find the infinite love and greatness follow your feelings!