Why discomfort while running subs is a good thing

Emperor + LBFH is a seriously awesome stack right there, great choice.

Right now it may seem tough or scary, but I assure you that it’s temporary.

Most people panic and run away from those feelings, not realizing that they are the KEY to everything.

Anytime you level up as a person or level up in any area of your life, you always experience those temporary feelings of discomfort/fear.

It’s because you’re getting out of your comfort zone and you (like everyone) have an emotional need for control and predictability.

This applies to anytime you do something new.
When you first started driving, it was probably tough and scary at first.
When you got your first job and didn’t know what was going on, it was probably tough and scary at first.

Those feelings of “this is tough and scary” is literally the entrance that leads towards all of your goals and it’s always temporary.

90% of people run away when they encounter those feelings, which is why they don’t get anywhere in life. They want to avoid the fear of uncertainity, new experiences, facing negative feelings, etc and my favorite - losing the ability to blame others for their own failure.

After a while of running LBFH + Emperor, you will lose a lot of those fears and become a total badass with no regard for comfort zone. You’ll develop true courage within yourself and feel like you can do anything. Whereas people avoid those entrances, you might even begin to hunger for them… leveling up like a madman and leaving everyone in the dust.

Suddenly the world will be in the palm of your hand and while everyone is wasting time and energy into things that have no getback… You’ll just be casually creating your own reality and reaching all of your goals like a badass.

Stuff like what you’re experiencing is going to be common for people that use these subs, so I’ve made this thread to help them better understand what’s happening.

The key is understanding that those feelings are not only temporary, but on the other side of them is what you desire.

If one truly wants to level up in their life, then it’s important to understand this.
One’s desire to move forward through those feelings is also an indicator of how much they really want, what they say or think they want.

Thanks for the alley-oop @subliminalguy lol
You’re the man, keep growing :raised_hands:


Thank you for making this thread Luther. I could absolutely relate with and agree with your words here

You’re so right about that. When those feelings arrived, I did feel insecure, and it was a childhood fear thinking “will people accept me?” At the SAME time, I felt a strong desire to go with it. I really DO want to grow up.

And I’ve faced this discomfort plenty of times on various SC subs, so I knew also that it’d pass.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time avoiding it too, fearing the unknown. However, running both subs together allows both the raw power (Emperor) to work well with the grease (LBFH), and it suddenly seemed very possible.

Umph… check. Since running LBFH, I suddenly became aware of this copout of mine, but on a personal level. I saw my fear and anger while blaming others actually hurting me, avoiding me, and effectively dodging that “scary” thing called growth. Plus, the pragmatic Emperor asks “why the hell are you doing THAT? Nothing changes!”

i just finished my loops, ready for any possible discomfort this morning. And true to your words, I want this. I truly do. This is deep-seated and personal now.

Again, thank you for posting this. Feeling on fire this morning!