Which part of the world you live


Just a general post wondering where you lot from, im form south wales in the UK in a small town in bridged, be nice to know :slight_smile:


London in the united kingdom


Good ol’ United States. I travel around the country a lot, though. Don’t really have a place I consider “home” at the moment.


Florida, and yes its as bad as they say it is.


a small city in south China…


I’m from India lol


From *******.


I am from the uk but just landed in the ukraine :slight_smile:


Originally from Sydney, then lived in London, now living in New York.


Lol Florida aint that bad, it could be way worse depending where you live. I live in west palm beach, and its not that bad just expensive.


Ottawa, Canada :slightly_smiling_face:


Moscow, Russia. Eh, right: bears, vodka and one of the most beautiful girls in the world :slight_smile:


Only one? You guys must fight a lot. :wink:


I’m in Miami so everything is unnecessarily expensive lol. But other than that and the bullshit laws. It’s iiiight lol


:smile::):joy: okey, two


I’m from India


@afc22 doesn’t want anybody to know he’s from my region anymore. Now I feel like the kid that gets picked last at dodgeball.


Finally someone with whom I can take turns


Hahahha do you mean with “my region” the same country, or one of the surrounding ones?

I deleted the post just for some more privacy. I try to post as little information as possible that people could use to link me to this account.

Edit: After googling I see that region in English is an other word for continent, so I have my answer.


And that’s exactly why I’m not telling you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides, if people know where I live, I get to deal with all the paparazzi and groupies for being so awesome. Who wants that, right?

PS The only place where I’ve seen region being defined as a continent is on DVD and BluRays. Usually it either means geographically close-by or culturally similar. Where you’re from, it’s the first. So the question is, was I trying to be smart and actually considering your area’s interpretation of the word, meaning I might be closer than you think? :wink:

PPS Thanks, Astronaut. That one was funny and unexpected. More high school dreams? :slight_smile: