Which earphones or earbuds do you use?


My earphones just stopped working, so I am looking for a new pair because I can’t use headphones for a long period of time .
Which earphones or earbuds do you guys use any suggestions, I don’t want to invest too much in earphones?


Final Audio f7200, I used Heaven VI by the same brand before.


Do the quality of headphones or earphones matter?


To a degree, yes. If the sound signature is colored, or if the IEM is not tuned properly, it will decrease the sound quality.


I hear you…but those cheap ones should also do the job…


There are cheap ones that are really undervalued and provide good sound, then there’s cheap ones that sound like crap. You have to listen to it to be sure.


What’s your budget ?


@mecharc Around 30$.


I used to use the Sony MDR-XB450 before I switched to my new ones.

I ran khan on it.


@macharc thanks for suggestion


@mecharc I checked it out but it’s a headphone. I already have headphones .I want to a pair of earbuds.


I’ve been using Creative Outlier Gold and so far pretty happy with them


oops my bad. please forgive me


Hifiman RE400 waterline. So small I also sleep with them…


@mecharc it’s ok no worries. By the way which ones are you currently using?


Audio Technica ATHM50X


Have you been able to narrow down?


Can everyone just take a moment to appreciate how THICK these bad boys are? Not good for subliminal listening though, they’re dont have a flat response.


In my local Amazon store I see them used for just 715 euro. Nice.


For those looking to change their set up,

consider these triple driver IEMs for USD $79.99.