What your opinion on looks?

Ever since I competed in my first mens physique show last year, I realized how good looking on the looks scale (8% body fat, 5’10 similar looks to Greg O Gallagher apparently) I was able to become. For context, prior to that year I was around 20%, pretty chubby and was still growing in height. What I noticed is my results in dating that year and the year after I competed where so different that if anything it changed my life completely in my social life.

With this said, what’s your guys opinion on looks in the dating market?


i think looks matter if the girl is attractive

but more often than not ive realized it can intimidate a girl and it will require you to really lower your value to make her feel comfortable.,

They matter. Humans are weird and complex and tbh they don’t seem to know why we do what we do. So it makes things easier to be good looking, like way, way easier. It’s not the only thing that works though.

Glad you seem to be feeling good about yourself!

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in my experience looks is 60-65% your face and 35-40% height.

as far as Looks vs Game/Social skills

in my experience the best looking girls require more game/social skills.

i do NOT care how good looking you are, it is highly unlikely you can get a legit 9 or 10 looks girl with looks alone; these girls require significant game/social skills

this has been my experience.


They definitely matter a lot.

Everyone wants what is more attractive.

Preferences are somewhat subjective however and somewhat shaped by life-experiences, etc.

This may sound harsh but the more brainless a person is, the more they’ll be controlled by surface attractiveness. Actually nothing wrong with that. It’s genuinely pleasurable to experience beautiful things.


Looks do matter however food for thought this guy was born with a neuromuscular disease yet look at his girlfriend

Man married yet he was born without arms or legs


Its harsh but I agree with you 100%


I feel like the following is pretty universal for both men and women in both straight and gay relationships. Of course, it is more skewed toward straight men.

Good looks, no skill

If your good looking, it’s a hook. People will notice you and notice that you’re good-looking, but it’s only a hook that will start the initial attraction. The hook alone is simply not enough when the second you open your mouth, you start word vomiting and unintentionally acting like a…idk, a weirdo.

Worse still, if you are good-looking but have no personality, social skills, back-bone, confidence, etc, it makes you a potential target for predatory partners that smell your weakness and will swoop in and wreck your life. All the while, you’re too naive and pretty to realize that you’re being mercilessly manipulated by someone far more cunning than yourself.

So being good-looking will get you attention, sure, but if you don’t have a good personality, social skills, and other internal qualities (or external qualities like money that make people overlook your glaring flaws), the best you are likely to get is preyed upon. You’re very unlikely to get who you actually want when you want them.

Even if you have other external qualities like money, good luck being happy in the long run. Relationships of any kind require social and emotional skills. Good-looking, rich, and lacking in social skills is a recipe for being manipulated by everybody you meet.

If you don’t believe me, spend some time researching the lives of fashion models–male and female. Many of them are physically beautiful but completely socially deficient, they are often physically, financially, and emotionally taken advantage of, and many of them fall into deep, deep suffering because of their lack of internal skills. Many become addicted to drugs. Many are abused. Many are actually poor because they don’t/didn’t know how to assert themselves and get the money they deserved.

No Looks, amazing skill

You’re set. Sure, you might not be able to attract the most beautiful people in the world, but you’ll never suffer in love or friendships. You’ll be alright.

No looks, no skill

Not going to end well for you. If you’re physically and emotionally unattractive, there…Well, what good could possibly come of this combination? The good news is, you can always become a more emotionally and physically attractive person, always.

Looks and Skill

Be prepared to be the bane of every other man or woman’s existence. If you’re physically and emotionally beautiful, the games are over, you’ve won. Go home, you’re making the rest of us look bad.


Good looks are a visual hook, nothing more. This is not to say that good looks aren’t extraordinarily powerful, they are, but they will not and cannot solve every problem.


And there’s also the skill component of looks.

The way he or she moves.

And the way he or she frames, curates, and enhances the basic equipment that nature provided.


I’ve never been a bodybuilder, and even when I was a scrawny little vegan I never got close to 8% BF, as any weight I lost was actually muscle lol.

As far as looks, I once asked some friends which celeb(s) they thought I looked like, and after some deliberation, they came up with an interesting description… “Joshua Jackson, with some Matthew Perry mixed in”. That is to say… not Brad Pitt. lol. As a test, I used the ReFace app to put my face onto a clip of Chandler, and… nobody I showed it to noticed it wasn’t Chandler. lol.

I guess my personality is ok though, as except for a girl I dated for a couple of years in college (long story there), I’ve exclusively dated girls that I considered WAY out of my league… especially the one I married. Usually quite a bit younger too; when I met my (now) wife, she was 29 (I was 34) and she was the oldest girl I’d ever dated. The one I was seeing before her (aka Irene, for those who’ve seen my story), had just turned 25, by comparison.

NOT any brag in any sense of the word btw; every single one of the relationships before I met my wife CRASHED AND BURNED. lol.

EDIT: One other thing to add… the best advice I can give is to find someone you like, who is attractive, rather than find someone who is attractive, that you like. :wink: (there IS a difference, in the sort order…)


100%. I’m sure I’m not the only one here who has found themselves attracted to someone unattractive (physically) because of there “just being something about them.” That grace or whatever you wanna call it is a serious x factor.


Physical looks for men is 60-65% your face + 35-40% your height.

Also, for men muscle is incredibly overrated and great height (6 foot 4 and taller) is underrated.

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How tall are you if you don’t mind me asking? @MadaraUchiha


I see that your bit taller than last time, have you been running wanted?

Yeah but like a month ago (Last time I ran it was when I was at Punta Canada). Currently doing my stark custom since my social skills and work are my priority plus since I realized that my looks aren’t the issue to attracting girls but my social skills are which my stark custom is perfectly helping me with.


Im just under 6 foot 1 which is why i only rate myself an 8.5 despite having a legit male model face.

In my experience only men taller then 6 foot 3 can be 9+ in looks.

Again, great height is very underrated and muscle is extremely overrated.

Notice that i did not even include muscle as a factor in my % of what makes up male looks.

I’ll have to agree with you on that front, at least in regard to my own life experiences. On the point of musculature, I will say that while I don’t believe it to be a staple, it definitely increases the perception people have when they see you.

Muscle does help some men but not the way prople think.

Muscle is actually more on the side of game/social skilss/psychology/etc…

Basically muscle helps mostly if it makes you more confident/assertive/dominant/etc. .

That has been my experience.


fully agree with @MadaraUchiha

If you are small you can wear shoes or inlay to make you taller though. It doesn’t matter to girls if you cheat.