What to say after the approach

To reason I have approach anxiety and I don’t approach women is because I know that after the approach I just won’t have anything to say, what can I talk about after the approach?

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Why do you want to approach?

What I find the easiest to do is approach and when they look my way, I slightly smile and say “hey” or “hello”. And watch to see their reaction.

If they smile and reply positively, I ask them “how’s it going?” or something similarly simple. The trick is to feel relaxed and not make a big deal out of it.

Initially of course we might feel a bit nervous but when you practice approaching a lot of women, you will get used to it. You could also socialise with men to make it natural to then walk up to a woman since women also like men who are social.

If when you approach her and she doesn’t look interested, spend a bit of time talking to her. If she still doesn’t change her vibe, say something like “alright, I have to go. Have a great day” and walk away to talk to someone else.

An important lesson I learnt about approaching women is that it is just socialising. It isn’t something entirely different but since we don’t have practice in it, we become overly conscious about it. Like when we are first learning to drive and we get confused but later it becomes automatic when we have been on the road for a fair amount of time.


To get laid, maybe a serious relationship

Yes but I learnt that you need to polarize women, show interest from the beginning.

So basically coming up to her and give a compliment which shows to her that you are attracted, like for example “I think you are very beautiful” and most of the time it will be very obvious if she is into you or not because you showed interest.

But after I give her the compliment I don’t know what to say how to keep the convo going.

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You need to be definitive.

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Yes it’s a good advice but I don’t know what to say lmao

Whatever you want

Give yourself the freedom to talk about anything you want.

Forget the goal to have sex and do whatever you like.

If you reached a place of relaxation around women then it’s time for you to be adventurous

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Does ascension helps that?

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Primal Seduction would or Wanted

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Frankly, it is a subject that requires some study since it involves arousal and when you talk to a woman to date her, it takes some time for you to understand things.

For example, lets say you are an attractive man and a woman who looks at you is immediately impressed. Then you don’t need to do much to take her home since she will show you a lot of signs like tossing her hair and looking at you intently or biting her lips.

Or maybe you are more like a person who has verbal game where you tease her or make her laugh, that is a different game.

Or you are famous in which case they will jump you.

Things like that. I suggest reading up on this from more experienced dating coaches. I think there is a book called Models by Mark Manson which will help with that (read some other books too). Along with running a title like Primal Seduction or Sex & Seduction and meeting women.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a topic that can be answered quickly but if you put a few months into it (just like learning to drive) you will be able to master it.

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^ & a day game book called The London Daygame Model: Tom Torero or any daygame related books


Start with the intention to socialize first before thinking of getting laid or relationships.


Oh yes. Anything by Tom Torrero the Blacksheep Bandit. Rest in Peace to him :pray:


Ok thanks everyone for the advices, I will get the book, I will approach for the sake of approaching and socializing first and I hope it won’t be as awkward as my mind plays it.

Also I won’t run primal seduction because currently I run ascension and true sell because money is more important to me right now, but hopefully ascension will grant me the confidence and true sell will help me sell my self to females.


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“Hey, I saw you over there. I had to come talk to you” And then you compliment her. Something along these lines. You don’t ask questions, you make assumptions. These are the basics.

You’ll learn these from almost all daygame books.


Definitely good choices for dating too. Ascension and True Sell both have scripting for romance so you can’t go wrong there.


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Well yeah that’s the approach, my question was “what do I say after that”?

Because most ppl I ask just tell me “i just talk shit” or “I jus talk about anything” or “say random stuff”

Thanks bro

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you make assumptions. ← About her. She wears glasses → I call you like to read → She says “No she doesnt” → You say something else but escalate it

Edit: I forgot to add. It will depend on time and place on how the conversation will flow.

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