What is the Zero Point Universe? How Can It Help Me?

Note: Some of this is from another post on my journal, but fleshed out with new information.

The Zero Point Universe is a collection of immersive, interconnected narratives and experiences that will synergize with your subliminal audio stack.

The idea first came about when we realized that the more we post on a subliminal’s product page, the better results everyone seemed to get. On the customer side, it seems that the more they understand about the subliminal, the more they can watch for and when they see those things happening, it greatly enhances their overall results.

The issue is, as our titles began to evolve into subliminal experiences, writing objectives and providing the type of information that would really fuel those results became harder to do. So, we came up with an idea: By creating stories, music, games (hence why I began to study game design) and other interactive experiences, you get to live out the idea of the subliminal title in a different and more conscious manner. It’s one thing to list a bunch of objectives. It’s another thing for you to actually enter the mind of a character built upon a title – like John Wingliss or The Revelator.

How can you best use these experiences? For example, those of you with high flow factor will run a title like Wanted Black and immediately sense the suggestions and choose to go along with them. What about an individual who doesn’t quite related to Wanted Black’s vibe of being chased? What kind of attitude should they consider adopting to better see the effects (through their own interpretation of course)?

Well, listen to John Wingliss’s theme song: Subliminal Club - John Wingliss (Official Theme) - YouTube

How does the track make you feel? What is your natural, organic response to it? Let that feeling resonate with you and build your own persona, with Wanted Black helping to boost that. When we create that track, we started with a simple question: What are the qualities of John Wingliss that we wanted to incorporate into the track? We took the idea of silence, mystery, power – among others – and infused that into the track itself.

Same thing with the BDLM and R.I.C.H. themes. As I stated on the dance party thread, in regards to the R.I.C.H theme:

When it comes to wealth, that’s what actually binds us together here, right? Most of us – myself included – are pursuing more money in a society that seems built to extract every penny we have. We all struggle against this, and we’re all working together to create the perfect tool to help us succeed. Through your reports and feedback, we continue to iterate and improve our programs and the cycle repeats.

Does this mean that Wanted Black has scripting to urge you to fall for a woman like Wingliss in the has? No, of course not. But the intention here is to illustrate that even the Wanted man has a desire to find that person that can make them feel whole in ways they never knew. But in the mean time, he will enjoy the life of a libertine – wallowing in earthly pleasures and being an overall badass.

These characters, experiences and the titles they represent are a reflection of what we see being discussed here on the forum, plus our own creative touch that transforms them into tools for inner change. They are creative expressions of your struggles, your desires, your wishes. Your journals, your comments and your feedback are crucial to not only evolving these characters, but also the titles they represent.

And in addition to all that…

… It’s just really cool. And as with most things in the subliminal market these days: You saw it here first.




The story format definitely gets the brain clicking. I can’t guarantee I wouldn’t drop $50K on a cigar.

I’ll get back to you in that once I’ve got $50K I COULD drop on a cigar.


I like cigars, but the day I pay fifty grand for a roll of leaves that I plan to set on fire is the day I’ve officially lost it. :wink:


I think the same way for now. Which is why I can’t really judge that mindset.

And I’d rather have the “ooh I have $50K burning a hole in my pocket” problem than the “man I just need $5 more to pay rent” problem.


True that.


With this quote I know that the game design mastery x sub is safe in your hands, also hoping you guys go ham in it creation.

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Makes me “feel” as if I was an ember that changes the intensity of its glow at will…

I wonder if those tracks could be used as masks for subliminals.


Stories I believe have been used since ancient times to inspire and change humanity. Great initiative!


I think I mentioned a while ago that stories generally stick better in people’s minds.
It’s the newest thing everywhere in online business.

Definitely a good decision to take this route!


can we get fantasy stories perhaps? Like big demons from Diablo or orcs from wow. Just an idea.