What happened with Andrew Tate?

I didn’t know nothing of this man till a few days ago except that some guys here praised the man as an alpha role model.

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Andrew and his brother got arrested by Romania Police because they were trafficking people.

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Aye, on top of that with forming an organized crime group and rape. Those were the charges.

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I’m wondering if he really was trafficking people or if the people in power become so scared that this is their way of dealing with it. I don’t agree with him on many points, but he is spot-on when it comes to the elite and how they control most people.


I think he has been taken down just like Kevin Trudeau has been, because his message was bothering the elite and starting to wake up a lot of men. Who will be next? Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan? He was also very outspoken on the Ballenciaga pedo marketing scandal.



He was just released, bullshit charges as usual.


All in all this is probably why SC has not gone mainstream,

I would be totally devastated if something happened to @SaintSovereign & @Fire, like the Tate brothers.

Hope people stay on good behaviour on here and don’t accuse them of adding occult shit into the subs.

You really walk thin lines these days.


They tried it with Rogan and Peterson. The problem is that they are a bit more “laid-back” so to speak about their topics. Also way more mature than Tate of course when it comes to materialism, family, and purpose. Tate is an easier target because of his actions and the way he made money.

I still like the guy tho. I think he’s the extreme version of masculinity. In this overly feminine and soft world, it makes sense that he became so popular.


Nothing. Just a normal day in his life.


The real question is…

What does the G in Top G stand for?







I have grown to really like the Tate brothers. The first time I heard of him a year ago, I didn’t understand why he talks the way he did. But I listened to him for many months, learning about his viewpoints especially about the feminization of men.

A background in the redpill (especially from Rollo Tomassi and Richard Cooper, and to some extent from Jordan Peterson) had woken me up from the matrix. I realized why boys were treated as defective girls and why the advice is always about “being in touch with your feelings” and shaming tactics like “toxic masculinity” were being used to create weak men. Because it is when men are weak that those in power are able to control society.

When the men go back home after a hard day’s work and have to then get no peace of mind in his castle, and has to sleep on the couch in his own house he has paid for with his own money, where will he get the strength to defy the evil forces of this world? His masculinity and standards are treated as fragile and insecure. His disagreements are always called misogynistic and treated with contempt.

And when the Tate brothers educate men to take back their power, we have allegations thrown against Andrew. The first time they did that after offending a man whose girlfriend willing went to Tate’s home, he was released since he committed no crime. This time after offending Greta Thunberg, there was an arrest again and again he was released.

These charges of grape and trafficking have been disproved a hundred times especially when women who have actually met him have come forward to always say good things about Andrew Tate unlike the situation in Hollywood.

Those who don’t know about Andrew Tate, I encourage you to go through his long interviews like the ones he did with Valuetainment, EntrepreneurInCars and JustPearlyThings. He brings back Traditional Masculinity and lot of us men need to hear his message.


I laughed way too hard about this comment

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Uh, source? As of 20 minutes ago, he’s still under arrest.

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Unpopular Opinion Alert

There is no massive conspiracy to take down Andrew Tate. He was being investigated by the police in the UK years before he went to Romania and became famous. Police in Romania have been tracking him since April. The police there needed proof he’s still in Romania to raid him and he so happened to have gave them the evidence on social media when he showed the pizza box on Twitter. The idea that Greta Thunberg got insulted and “the elite” sent the police after him is just a massive stretch. It just so happened to be incredibly ironic that his attempt at a comeback lead to his arrest.

To offer another perspective here. I personally think he’s a guy who tries to act alpha and showcase a hedonistic lifestyle in order to get young impressionable men to give him money. The charges are of no surprise to me. From what videos I’ve seen of him and his recent incident with Greta, honestly he seems really thin-skinned and spiteful. I don’t think an alpha would act the way he did when insulted by a 19-year old, setting up a fancy set to smoke a cigar and eat pizza with a fancy robe on. Seems incredibly rehearsed and try hard if you ask me :man_shrugging:


Google *Andrew Tate released" and you will find a couple of articles a few hours old reporting on this.

He also made that crazy course where you get girls to fall in love with you and webcam them out.

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Neither the Romanian authorities nor the brothers themselves have come forward announcing any kind of release.

When I did search for it, all the news articles implies he’s still under arrest for at least 24 hours. So I don’t believe he has been released, if he did there would be an announcement from the police and from the brothers themselves.


Perhaps an unpopular opinion in this particular thread, but a very popular and mainstream opinion to have that’s being echoed by virtually every established media corporation in the West.


This might be true. Will wait a few more hours to confirm.

He has been detained by police in Romania before and released. Maybe it will be the same this time too.

Time will tell.

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The Deep state plus he’s a freemason