What does your ZP loops pattern looks like?

  • As instructed Day 1: 1-2 loops o Day 2: Rest o Day 3: 1-2 loops o Day 4: Rest
  • 2 Times a week at odd/same days.
  • 3 Times a week at odd/same days.
  • 4 Times a week at odd/same days.
  • 5+

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Hello. It’s been a solid while since ZPs were out. I started out with them as instructed except I was doing 4 ZPs. So two each every other day which worked great until the eventual feedback. I then changed to only 2 ZPs. Day 1 Primal seduction, day 2 rest, day 3 Libertine and so on. I’m doing the same with Emperor and Rebirth. I tried 2 loops of each every other day instead of 1 each but it wasn’t optimal.

Since then that has been my go to but I’m curious what everyone else is doing. What worked for you, what didn’t work for you and so on. Also for the people using one or two ZPs. Do you use two loops each time or just one at different days?


Apart from the very early phase of ZP period when I was listening to a solo sub, I don’t run two loops of one sub; it didn’t bring me anything.

Nowadays I go for one full loop on day 1, rest day, one 3 mins loop on day 3, rest day, and repeat. Even then I sometimes take extra rest days or early washout if I feel like it. The bottom line is I follow Saint’s advice on rather going downward on listening time than upward to give my mind rooms or space to “breathe”.


6 days on, 1 day off.

3-4 subs a day


Lately I’ve been going with the model of low exposure/high consistency. So 3 min loops every other day. It helps keep me stable as too many rest days in a row bring out bad recon in me. And longer loops cause me to require more rest days and have a tendency to overload me.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the days I use my titles. I skip weekends. I use each (with the exception of Ascension Chamber) mostly around the 3 minute mark.


So many people using different amounts, different listening schedules, etc etc

I think it drastically confuses people lol


You are a monster.


Its particularly intresting that 3 min can be used as a psuedo loop. I might try including it

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I listened for 3 to 5 minutes but after I got better overall sleep I changed to 15 minutes every other day at least I am trying to.
But sometimes I take two rest days if it is needed.


I have started 3 subs a listening day and have had good results, even after listening the only thing I deal with it tiredness, but caffeine alleviates that. Next day I feel really good though.

Been thinking about doing 1 day listen 2 off 1 day listen 3 off. Once I am done with school I do wanna experiment further.

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Damn 6 days on that sounds nuts lol… is that at 15 minute per loop or do you do less?

I run my customs 5-7 mins per loop once every other day plus a regular sub. So that is 4 subs every other day lol

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Always full loops :wink:


So 3-4 subs… which customs and subs are you running? I am assuming you are keeping with ME as 1 of those

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I listen to my custom along with Ascension chamber once a week and two other subs with rest day in between them. Somedays I listen to 5mins of my custom or the other subs whenever I’m passing through recon


I’m not sure what there would be to be confused about.

If people are doing what works for them, after having tried the general recommended listening schedule first, then I see no reason for confusion.

Most people still listen in the 15 min mark. I personally have had no trouble running 15 minutes with any title for the most part; the reason I started with the 3’s is because I used to run mostly customs. While I process and execute the script in a great way, I noticed ‘build-up’ cerebrally, particularly in certain combinations. On the same day, Saint said they might be changing the recommendations because they noticed benefits to less listening time.

So I dropped down to 7 just to see. Completely fixed the long-term ‘script processing’ pressure.

So, I noticed 3 minutes going around. I tried that and have not seen a decrease in any results since. I have stuck with it only because it’s a personal discipline thing; if my brain is telling me I need more, but my results are saying otherwise, listening to the urge is kinda foolish.



I do 3 times a week. It is Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays with full loops and low volume.

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First I have been listening with quite a loud volume thanks to MadaraUchira, rest in peace to him.
After some time I realized it is no Bueno so since then only low volume.

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To ensure you see this for data purposes:

@SaintSovereign @Fire

I was doing 3 days a week with weekends off and 15 minutes listening per sub until last week.RECON! I was fine for months. Now I will cut my listening to 7 minutes to see how that goes.

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